Fotoxx – A Photo Editor and Collection Manager for Linux

Fotoxx is an open source image editing and collection manager robust and powerful enough for professional use.

With a focus on editing images taken with a digital camera, it is excellent at managing large photo collections while packing alongside a thumbnail browser, image search using any meta data and (partial) file names, support for batch operations, RAW file import, and a comprehensive set of edit functions including crop, red-eye removal, among other operations.

Features in Fotoxx

  • Add watermarks to images.
  • Combine multiple images together.
  • Supports several image formats including JPEG, PNG, HDR, and TIFF.
  • Supports conversion of image colors to black and white.
  • Option to straighten curves in images.
  • Option to remove chromatic aberration.
  • Edit pixels individually.
  • Supports panorama images.
  • Supports conversion between color profiles.
  • Edit brightness in independent image areas.
  • Edit image haze and color intensity.
  • Supports HDF Focus.

With all the features in Fotoxx, it is not difficult to see how its main goal is to satisfy professional photographers while surviving as a fast and intuitive software.

If you are a photo editing buff then you should take a look at the seemingly unending features wrapped up in Fotoxx as listed on its official website.

The Fotoxx team have both a short and long overview in which they mention the operations the app is capable of. I will just quote the short overview below:

Navigate a large image collection using a thumbnail browser, click on an image to view or edit. A rich set of edit and retouch functions is available. Import RAW files and edit with deep color. Save revised images as JPEG, PNG (8/16 bits), or TIFF (8/16).

Select an object or area within an image (freehand draw, follow edges, select matching tones…), apply edit functions, copy and paste, resize, blend, warp, etc. without using layers.

Edit functions have fast feedback using the full image. Edit image metadata (tags, geotags, dates, ratings, captions…). Search images using any combination of metadata and file and folder names or partial names.

Click on a marked map location to view all photos from that location.

Batch functions are available to rename, add/revise metadata, copy/move, resize, convert format.

Fotoxx uses your image files wherever they are and maintains a separate index for fast searching. Fotoxx is standards compliant and can be used with other photo programs (no lock-in)…

Feel free to check out the long overview on its website.

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If you will rather add its PPA than install it via .deb package then enter the following in a new terminal window:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install fotoxx

How well do you think Fotoxx performs in comparison to the more famous photo editors like Digikam? Perhaps you have a different photo editor that you’re happy with. Drop your comments and suggestions in the discussion section below.

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