15 Best AI Headshot Generators for Professional Photos in 2024

Are you looking to build a personal brand? Whether you are a job seeker, a freelancer, or a founder, one thing remains constant: your online presence has a profound impact on your journey toward success.

Wait, don’t just take our word for it. A study reports that 70% of recruiters prefer a strong personal brand to a strong resume. Similarly, in a survey, 85% of millennials responded that they are more likely to trust someone who has a respected personal brand.

To build your brand, you have to consistently share valuable content on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

But before you act on it, a good starting point would be to ensure that your profile picture reflects your professionalism. It’s not just a picture; it’s the gateway to your brand.

According to the Headshots Inc. report, a new professional headshot led to an increase of 76% in profile competence, making the profile look 62% more influential.

But not everyone has the luxury of hiring a professional photographer!

Thanks to AI headshot generators, you can get a professional photo cost-effectively while sitting in front of your laptop.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the 15 best AI headshot generators you should consider.

1. Headshot AI

Headshot AI is a dedicated headshot generator designed to turn your ordinary portrait into a corporate headshot with just a few clicks. Whether you want to enhance your LinkedIn photo or create a stunning online profile, Headshot AI has all the tools to make it happen.

While the tool is known for its exceptional quality, occasionally, there may be an output that is blurry or different from the input image.

Headshot AI offers a package-based pricing model, starting at $23.95 for seven AI-generated headshots. If you want to generate headshots for your entire team, you can also get their group package, for which the pricing is available only on request.

Key features of Headshot AI:

  • AI-powered facial enhancements.
  • Skin smoothing and blemish removal.
  • Background removal and replacement.
  • Hairstyle and makeup adjustments.
Headshot AI
Headshot AI

2. Secta AI

Next on the list, we have an emerging player in the AI headshot generator arena, Secta AI, which combines the precision of artificial intelligence with an array of tools to improve your headshots.

With options for adjusting skin tone, hair, and clothing, Secta AI offers a personalized approach to headshot editing. Secta AI offers a one-off pricing structure for $49, which allows you to generate 300+ professional headshots.

Key features of Secta AI:

  • Central dashboard to manage all assets.
  • Image expanding and uncropping.
  • Skin tone correction.
  • Background enhancement.
Secta AI
Secta AI

3. Media.io

Media.io is a versatile headshot generator that offers a wide range of features for perfecting your profile picture.

There are various customization options at your disposal so that you can edit the images to suit your unique personality and style.

They have a cost-effective subscription-based pricing model ranging from $4.99/year to 7.99/year, which is a suitable tool for social media managers or marketers.

Key features of Media.io:

  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Advanced AI system model.
  • Multiple art styles.
  • 24/7 tech support.
Media io
Media io

4. Fotor

If you are into creating digital art, you might have already heard of Fotor, which is an impressive headshot generator that can generate headshots using both uploaded images and text prompts.

The best part about Fotor is that it has a free version with basic features. For more advanced capabilities, they have a subscription-based pricing model that starts at $3.33/month and goes up to $7.9/month, offering varying levels of access.

Key features of Fotor:

  • Realistic headshots.
  • Photo effects and filters.
  • Collage maker.
  • AI-powered beauty retouching.
Fotor - AI Headshot Generator
Fotor – AI Headshot Generator

5. Aragon

Aragon is a promising AI headshot generator that has proven its ability to enhance images. You will need to feed at least 12 images to the tool so that Aragon can craft custom AI headshots within 90 minutes.

It is trusted by organizations like Apple, Disney, Deloitte, Google, and several others.

Unfortunately, Aragon doesn’t offer a free trial. Instead, they have a first-month refund policy on their subscription plans.

You can get the basic plan for $29 per person, which offers 40 high-quality headshots. The advanced plans have more features.

Key features of Aragon:

  • Personalized AI models.
  • AES256 encryption.
  • High-quality headshots.
  • Professional retouch.
Aragon - AI Headshot Generator
Aragon – AI Headshot Generator

6. Dreamwave.ai

Dreamwave.ai is brought to you by researchers from MIT & Google Brain. Their powerful algorithm just needs 8 images to generate high-resolution headshots.

The tool is user-friendly, making it accessible for all skill levels. Their AI model is designed to work with all ethnicities, genders, and body types.

Pricing starts from $39 for 40 AI headshots. Like Aragon, Dreamwave.ai offers a 14-day refund policy in case you don’t like the output generated by the tool.

Key features of Dreamwave.ai:

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Styling options for social media platforms, About Us pages, and many more.
  • Quicker processing of images.
  • Allows animation of text.

7. StudioShot

StudioShot acts as your virtual studio and has various use case templates to generate headshots for business cards, social profiles, email signatures, pamphlets, and brochures.

The tool is best suited for corporate organizations looking to update their members’ profiles. One of the biggest drawbacks of the tool would be its long turnaround time of two days.

StudioShot only offers paid options, which start at $29.25 per person and enable you to do infinite touch-ups for your headshots.

Key features of StudioShot:

  • Touch-ups by a professional photography team.
  • Real-life photography experience.
  • Full control over virtual lighting, backdrop, camera, lens, and haircut.
  • Regularly updating and adding new features & styles.
Studioshot - AI Headshot Generator
Studioshot – AI Headshot Generator

8. ProPhotos.ai

If you want to generate a headshot in the next hour, ProPhotos.ai is the one for you. It is a professional-grade headshot generator that creates headshots in 30-45 minutes and with 5-10 casual photos.

There are comprehensive editing options to ensure that you achieve a polished and professional appearance effortlessly.

ProPhotos.ai offers different plans to meet various user needs. You can get 40 headshots at $25. You will have to opt for higher plans to get more features and headshots.

Key features of ProPhotos.ai:

  • Holiday-themed headshots for Enterprise users.
  • Accurate AI model.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Consistent Backgrounds.
ProPhotos AI Headshots
ProPhotos AI Headshots

9. AirBrush

AirBrush is another efficient and user-friendly AI headshot generator that focuses on enhancing your profile photos. The tool’s simplicity makes it accessible to users of every profession.

All you have to do is upload selfies from different angles and wait for the tool to do its magic. The service is paid only, and the cheapest plan starts at $4.99 for 5 headshots.

Key features of AirBrush:

  • Advanced algorithms.
  • Wide range of backgrounds and outfits.
  • Customizable output.
  • Eliminates skin imperfections.
AirBrush - AI Headshot Generator
AirBrush – AI Headshot Generator

10. PFPMaker

PFPMaker goes beyond photo enhancement; it creates lifelike avatars of yourself. Although it is known for creating anime versions of users, the tool is also well-equipped with the technology to create a professional profile picture.

The best part about PFPMaker is that it is free to use, no credit card is required. You can give this tool a shot and see the results yourself. Ensure that you upload a picture that has high resolution, or else the output won’t be accurate.

Key features of PFPMaker:

  • Professional templates.
  • AI Portrait Enhancer.
  • Realistic Avatars.
  • Laser Eyes Maker.

11. ProfilePicture AI

Be it professional photos or AI avatars, ProfilePicture AI has got you covered. To get a good-looking headshot, it required to upload 10 close-up images, 5 chest-ups, 3 side profiles, and 3 full-body shots.

ProfilePicture AI offers a one-time payment model starting at $6.40, providing access to 12 styles and 96 photos. You must log in with your email ID to get the pricing.

Key features of ProfilePicture AI:

  • 350+ styles for premium users.
  • Supports JPG, PNG, WebP, and HEIC.
  • Virtual Makeup Studio.
  • More control over input data.
ProfilePicture AI
ProfilePicture AI

12. Try it on AI

Try it on AI is all about allowing you to experiment and find the style that best represents you. The tool enables you to create headshots for multiple purposes, from LinkedIn profiles to modeling portfolios.

You can get 100+ headshots for a price of $17, making it one the most cost-effective tool on the list. There are other plans as well that offer more headshots and features.

For an extra $10, the tool can have your output reviewed by professional editors for extra touch-ups.

Key features of Try it on AI:

  • Accessories Galore.
  • Human touch.
  • The turnaround time is 90 minutes.
  • Extra tools to edit outputs.
Try it on AI - Headshot Generator
Try it on AI – Headshot Generator

13. HeadShotPro

HeadShotPro leverages advanced facial recognition technology to ensure the output is accurate. The tool recommends that you upload 12 close-ups and 8 upper body shots.

You can take this tool for a spin at just $29 and get 40 headshots. Higher packages offer more headshots and customization options.

Key features of HeadShotPro:

  • 4K photo size.
  • Wide range of customization choices.
  • Simple navigation.
  • Variety of poses.

14. Profile Bakery

Here is a tool that combines the artistry of professional photography with cutting-edge AI technology to create quality headshots. Profile Bakery can generate professional photos for resumes, cover letters, portrait photos, and much more.

You can get 30 pictures for just €20, so it’s a reasonable deal. If you are unhappy with the results, you can ask for a redo.

Key features of Profile Bakery:

  • 100+ Stylisation options.
  • Customizable Filters.
  • Diversified hairstyles.
  • Virtual Wardrobe.
Profile Bakery - Headshot Generator
Profile Bakery – Headshot Generator

15. Hotpot.AI

While many of the AI headshot generators leverage off-the-shelf software, Hotpot.AI has spent months developing its proprietary AI model. Their powerful algorithm only requires you to upload only 5 photos, whereas others need at least 10.

Hotpot offers several packages, starting with $10 for 40 images. The company is going to launch a $5 pack in the coming months, so do keep an eye on it.

Key features of Hotpot.AI:

  • 3D Effects
  • Artist AI selfies
  • AR filters
  • High-quality AI photos
Hotpot AI Headshot Generator
Hotpot AI Headshot Generator

A well-crafted personal brand can open doors to countless opportunities. Your online identity, bolstered by a professional headshot, is the key to making lasting impressions.

As we’ve explored the 15 best AI headshot generators, we’ve seen how technology can empower you to put your best self forward in the digital realm.

So, pick the tool you like the most and start your personal branding journey!

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