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GeeksMint is a popular website that focuses on providing information on a wide range of content covering various categories, including Linux distributions, software applications, programming, system administration, internet, security, privacy, WordPress, lifestyle, AI tools, entertainment, and more. Our goal is to cater to the diverse interests of our audience and keep them informed across a spectrum of topics.

Additionally, we also cover topics related to privacy and security, providing insights and recommendations on privacy-focused software, encryption tools, VPNs, product reviews, and more.

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GeeksMint is a tech-centric hub founded in 2023 by Ravi Saive and co-founded by Anusha Saive. With a passion for technology and a vision to create a platform that caters to the diverse interests of tech enthusiasts.

Ravi and Anusha
Ravi and Anusha

Presently, we take pride in being a reliable source for organizations and individuals across the globe.


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Geeksmint’s team consists of professionals who closely work with our editorial staff to bring you the latest and most exciting content in the world of technology.

Divine Okoi | Sr. Writer

Divine Okoi is a cybersecurity postgrad with a passion for the open-source community. With 700+ articles covering different topics in IT, you can always trust him to inform you about the coolest tech. Read more »

Winnie Ondara | Writer

Winnie is a Linux enthusiast and a passionate tech writer specializing in Linux and DevOps topics. She enjoys staying up-to-date with the latest technologies in the Linux ecosystem and experimenting with new tools provided by the FOSS community.

Tejal Sushit | Writer

Tejal is an experienced B2B SaaS content writer and content SEO expert for eCommerce and marketing, specializing in web hosting, AI & ML, cloud and cybersecurity, SEO, and digital marketing. She holds a B.E degree in EXTC Engineering and loves to learn about the latest marketing trends.

Neville Ondara | Writer

Neville is a skilled company development manager who also excels as a proficient Linux administrator. He takes pride in having a combination of the two skills and is aware of how much technology can motivate organizations to reach their goals. Read more »

Winnie Achieng | Writer

Winnie is a passionate computer geek and data analyst with a flair for creating technical content. As a dedicated Linux enthusiast, she thrives in the world of open-source technology, where innovation and problem-solving drive her work. Read more »

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