12 Free Must-Have macOS Apps for Web Developers in 2024

Every web developer has a collection of apps that s/he can’t do without because they are reliable, convenient to use, and provide a solution to accomplishing significant tasks in their development process and workflow.

MacOS strikes a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and ease of use, making it a fantastic choice for various users This is the reason why many web developers use Macs as their work machine.

As web developers, having the appropriate tools and applications for our development workflows is crucial to maximizing productivity.

Whether you want to write code in a specific programming language, design user interfaces, or develop web applications, these Free macOS applications are valuable assets to add to your web development toolkit

Why Use macOS for Web Development?

Well, one of the primary reasons many developers prefer macOS is its stability and performance. macOS is known for its robust architecture and efficient resource management, which ensures a smooth and responsive development environment.

macOS provides a developer-friendly environment with built-in tools like Terminal and Xcode. Additionally, it supports a wide range of development frameworks and languages, making it a versatile choice for web developers.

Features to consider when selecting a macOS app for web development.

There are numerous free macOS applications that can help streamline your development process. These apps are not only powerful and reliable but also beautifully designed, making them a joy to use.

Here are some of the features to consider while selecting a macOS app for web development.

  • User Interface: An application with a clutter-free UI provides an easy learning path and can help you speed up your workflow.
  • Speed and Performance: Examine whether using large files or running numerous workloads at once affects the app’s speed and whether it performs smoothly without lagging or crashing.
  • Integrations: Choose an app that allows seamless integration with other apps.
  • User Reviews: The opinions of other developers speak louder than anything else. Check out the app’s user reviews to get an idea of its perks and limitations while it’s in action.

Best macOS Apps for Web Developers

Fortunately, there’s no need for you to surf the internet in search of these applications. In this article, we’ve handpicked free macOS apps for web developers in 2024, so you can pick the right application for your workflow and boost your overall productivity.

1. Postman

Postman is a robust API platform that streamlines the entire API lifecycle and collaboration.

With Postman API, you can perform CRUD operations on collections, environments, mocks, and more, automate API testing, and monitor endpoints for changes. Besides that, the webhooks folder allows you to trigger collection runs via API calls.

The Postman Echo, which is a learning tool and sanity checker, “echos” back what you send to it, assisting you in analyzing requests without backend logs.

In addition, the Postman Visualizer allows you to use, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to visually represent response data. You can also Import charting libraries for customizable visualizations.

Postman - macOS App for Web Developer
Postman – macOS App for Web Developers

2. TextMate

TextMate is a feature-rich, free, and open-source general-purpose GUI text editor for macOS.

With TextMate, you can easily manage multiple files in a tabbed interface, create and replay macros for repetitive tasks, and collapse as well as expand code sections for better readability.

In addition, TextMate allows you to insert predefined code snippets with ease, execute shell commands directly from the editor, and extend functionality through language-specific bundles.

TextMate - Text editor for macOS
TextMate – Text editor for macOS

3. Automator

Automator is a preinstalled app that allows macOS users to automate tasks and just like any tool, in the hands of an expert, it will work wonders. Automation tasks include anything from batch renaming files, batch cropping images, and creating thumbnails to running time-specific scripts.

Automator - Automation Assistant
Automator – Automation Assistant

4. Devdocs

Devdocs is an open-source human-friendly database of multiple API documentations organized into a minimalist-style searchable user interface.

It gives developers the avenue to locate code snippets, programming examples, and tips in a reliable and efficient manner using fuzzy matching.

DevDocs - Combines Multiple API Documentations
DevDocs – Combines Multiple API Documentation

5. Icons8

Icons8 enables you to globally add over 2800 icons directly from the icon in your menu bar. All the icons are created by a single team so their design is consistent. They are also editable vectors with support for pasting into HTML, Photoshop, Finder, Xcode, etc.

Icons8 - Plugins and native apps
Icons8 – Plugins and native apps

6. iPhone Emulator

The iPhone Emulator is an excellent alternative to testing websites and applications on physical mobile phones or tablets. It comes bundled with Xcode (free on the AppStore) but you don’t need always to run Xcode, firs launch it from your Application folder with this command:

# ln -s /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Applications/Simulator.app  ~/Applications

Suppose you need to test your websites for the mobile platform. In that case, you can either use a physical mobile phone or tablet or simply use a simulator application like the iPhone Simulator. However, to get the iPhone Simulator, you first need to install Xcode from the AppStore.

The iPhone Simulator is deeply buried within the Xcode application. So, for easy access, you can run the above command to launch it right from the Application folder.

Xcode for Mac
Xcode for Mac

7. Keka

Keka is a free open-source file archiver designed for compression and extraction into/from several formats including ziprar, tar , 7z, DMG, ISO, 7z, PAX, CAB, EXE, and ZIP.

Its features include applying password restrictions to compressed files, using AES-256 and Zip 2.0 legacy encryption specifications, splitting them into multiple parts with a customizable threshold, desktop notifications, and the option to automatically source files after extraction or compression.

My favorite feature in Keka is one doesn’t need to launch the app at all. Simply drag files and folders into the Keka icon in your dock and interact with it from context menus.

Keka -macOS file archiver
Keka -macOS file archiver

8. Koala

Koala is a GUI too for compiling SaSS, Less, Compass, and CoffeeScript into a browser-compliant format. It is open-source and available on all platforms for free with features including multilanguage support and real-time compilation.

It is designed to help web developers work with pre-processing languages more efficiently. It supports Compass Framework, CoffeeScript, Less, and Sass.

Koala automatically compiles files in the background whenever changes occur, without requiring user action. Besides that, you can set compiler options for each file.

In addition, if the compilation encounters an error, Koala shows you a pop-up error message.

Koala - a gui for Less, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript
Koala – a gui for Less, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript

9. Poedit

Poedit is a powerful intuitive translation editor for conveniently translating applications and websites into other languages using gettext (PO) -an internationalization and localization system used by most PHP, Django, and virtually anything running on Linux.

Poedit - translation editor
Poedit – translation editor

10. SourceTree

SourceTree is a free Git client that enables users to interact easily and faster with Git repositories as they visualize their work processes through its beautiful UI.

With SourceTree, you can easily view branches, changesets, and commits with a single click, as well as track progress using detailed branching diagrams.

In addition, you can also stage and discard changes by the hunk, file, or line, as well as handle project dependencies and groupings more effectively using submodules.

Sourcetree - Git GUI Client for Mac
Sourcetree – Git GUI Client for Mac

11. Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro is a responsive easy-to-use DBMS designed for working with MySQL databases. It provides users with direct access to creating, removing, importing, and filtering MySQL databases as well as running MySQL queries on remote and local servers.

With Sequel Pro, you can easily navigate and control data within your tables, enjoy an easy-to-use interface for efficient database interactions, and save as well as share your connection settings for convenience.

In addition, Sequel Pro allows you to select your preferred layout for managing multiple tasks, flawlessly connect to servers, and construct queries.

top it off, Sequel Pro uses a streamlined UI/UX native to macOS that will make you feel at home.

SequelPro - Mac database management application
SequelPro – Mac database management application

12. Sublime Text

For those looking for a fast and feature-rich text editor, consider exploring Sublime Text because it is one of the best text editors for coding. It allows you to write and edit code seamlessly.

In addition, Sublime Text supports syntax highlighting and code snippets for various languages, including PHP, HTML, Python, TypeScript, JSX, TSX, and more.

Sublime Text - Text Editing
Sublime Text – Text Editing

In this guide, we’ve explored some of the best macOS apps for web developers in 2024.

You can enhance the efficiency of your development process and the quality of your projects by integrating these applications into your daily routine and utilizing their cutting-edge features and customization options.

Why then wait? Explore how these incredible Mac productivity applications can change the way you work by exploring them now!

What are the essential applications you have developed a dependence on throughout your years of web development experience on Mac? When you add suggestions,  add supporting features, and share your experiences with us.

Remember that you can format your comments nicely in HTML.

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