An Awesome List of Apps & Resources for elementary OS

It is barely up to a day since I put up a positive review of elementary OS which is well deserved because it has come a long way from what it was 2 years ago when FossMint checked it out.

The good news I’ve got for you today is that the developers have published a page on GitHub that contains “curated list of awesome applications, tools and shiny things for elementary OS”.

They are grouped into categories for easy selection, are all open source, and clicking on the green tick icons will direct you to the app on elementary OS’s AppCenter.

The resource links include guides, community shortcuts, documentation, etc.



  • Cozy – A modern audio book player
  • eRadio – A minimalist radio player
  • Metronome – A simple click
  • Melody – A music player to play local music files, online radios and Audio CD’s
  • Tranqil – Enjoy chilling sounds of nature
  • Vocal – A modern Podcast Client


  • Cipher – Encode and decode text
  • Clipped – Manage your clipboard without any hassle
  • Desktop Folder – Bring your desktop back to life
  • Lottery – Determine who will be the winner
  • Monitor – Manage and monitor your system’s processes and resources
  • Wammer – Jam your WiFi network like a pro
  • Webpin – Pin your favorite websites to your desktop


  • Relay – A bespoke IRC client for elementary OS




  • Color Picker – Increase your productivity with this intuitive Color Picker
  • Lookbook – Browse and locate system icons
  • Swatches – Store various colors in one place




  • Ciano – An easy-to-use multimedia file converter
  • Foto – A simple image viewer and album manager
  • Image Optimizer – A simple image optimizer for elementary OS


  • Agenda – A simple, slick, speedy, no-nonsense task manager
  • Footnote – A beautiful, swift, and simple elementary-styled note-taking app
  • Go For It – A stylish to-do list with a built-in productivity timer
  • Hourglass – An elementary OS-styled clock app
  • MarkMyWords – A clutter-free markdown editor
  • Notes Up – A Markdown notes editor & manager
  • Spice-up – For creating beautiful presentations
  • Palaura – A verbose dictionary
  • Planner – An intuitive tool for tasks and project management
  • Pushy – A Pushbullet client for elementary OS
  • Quilter – A clutter-free writing app
  • Stickies – A simple sticky notes app
  • Tomato – An elementary OS-designed Pomodoro app
  • Writer – elementary OS’ own word processor



  • Birdie – A beautiful speedy Twitter client designed for elementary OS



  • Coin – An applet for tracking the virtual currencies in real-world currency value
  • Eidete – A simple app for screencasts
  • Eddy – A simple Debian package installer for elementary OS
  • Elements – A periodic table of all the elements in the universe!
  • Exchange – A nifty currency converter
  • Lottery – Can you predict who will be the winner?
  • Meteo – Monitor weather forecasts complete with data and maps
  • NaSC – Solve math questions like a normal person
  • Nutty – Get essential information concerning your network and related aspects
  • Taxi – A specialised FTP client for elementary OS
  • Translator – An efficient language translator for elementary OS
  • Web Watcher – Know when your websites are misbehaving


  • elementaryPlus – elementaryPlus is a community maintained addition to elementary OS’s default icon theme
  • elementary X – Original elementary theme with some tweaks and OS X window controls
  • Uratau Icons – Icons to stylize third-party icons with the elementary appearance

Application Development


Third party


Official Resources


Configuration guides

There you have it!

Have you got other resourceful links to add to the list? Your contributions are welcome in the comments section below.

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