12 Best Blog & Domain Name Generators for Your Brand

Running out of ideas for your site’s domain name? You have to ensure that your domain name is short, sweet, memorable, relevant, and brandable. That’s a lot of adjectives!

It’s easy to be overwhelmed in the pursuit of a perfect domain name that perfectly sums up your digital business. You may even face a creative block in the process, especially with around 33,000 new domain registrations every day.

Luckily, there are many tools available in the market that were created to assist you in this exact situation.

In this blog, we will recommend you best blog or domain name generators. We will dissect their capabilities, highlight their key features, and assist you in making an informed choice on which domain name generator to choose. The best thing is that they all are free!

1. Panabee

Panabee is much more than just a domain name generator. It also offers a simple way to generate names for your app, business, website, social media, and brand. About 50% of Panabee’s users are international, which means you can find country-specific extensions like “co.uk“, “.in” and “com.au” on this site.

The tool is known for suggesting abstract names. Based on the two keywords you provide, the tool will combine, rearrange, or omit letters to generate names derived from syllables, suffixes, abbreviations, and the latest trends.

You just need to enter a couple of words or a domain name in the search box, like ‘Pastry cake,’ and hit enter to search for the results.

This will generate a list of domain name suggestions based on the different domain name extensions, merged syllables, spelled backward, dropped words, and more.

What makes this tool unique is that if the domain name is available, it shows an option “Buy now,” and if it isn’t, it provides an option to see other options.

Key Features:

  • The tool allows you to set rules to generate domain names related to your idea.
  • Panabee leverages powerful AI algorithms to offer you creative and unique domain name suggestions.
  • You can also get domain extensions like .ai, .fr,.store, etc., which are used by new-age businesses.
Panabee - Domain and Business Name Generator
Panabee – Domain and Business Name Generator

2. Namemesh

Use Namemesh to brainstorm creative ideas for your domain name. While Namemesh doesn’t offer the best user experience due to its banner ads, it is still a very straightforward tool.

All you need to do is simply add relevant keywords to generate a domain name, select a suitable domain extension from .net, .org, or .com, and enter and see what Namemesh cooks up.

For instance, if you are a fashion blogger, one possible keyword to enter for your domain name could be fashion, and the tool generates a bunch of options with the available domain extensions with their prices, as shown in the image below.

You can easily save your favorite domain names and check their availability. The site shows you a list of popular TLDs (top-level domains) and domain name prices from popular registrars.

Do note that the majority of domain names generated by Namemesh have the following extensions: “.com“, “.net“, and “.org

Key Features:

  • Namemesh organizes suggestions into categories like Common, Similar, New, SEO, Short, and Fun, making it easy to search for the options you like.
  • Users can customize search parameters, such as domain length and extension, to refine results.
  • The tool performs a comprehensive search of name trends and ranks them accordingly to offer you the most relevant suggestions.
NameMesh - Domain Name Generator
NameMesh – Domain Name Generator

3. LeanDomainSearch

LeanDomainSearch is another free domain name generator that offers unlimited searches and availability checks and shows hundreds of domain names.

While testing this site, we couldn’t help but notice the bland site design and user interface of LeanDomainSearch.

Furthermore, it has limited customized search options. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that LeanDomainSearch has a powerful name-suggestion engine.

You simply need to search for the domain availability in the search box. This makes the tool generate a list of available domains, highlighting in bold the extra words it adds to the domain name to make it more relevant and unique and adding the available domain extensions besides each domain name.

Once you click on the domain extension beside the domain name you wish to select, you can register the domain name on WordPress and purchase it for your blog or website. Thus, this tool makes the process of searching and signing up for relevant domain names much easier and quicker.

Key Features:

  • LeanDomainSearch quickly checks the availability of domain names in real time. It even highlights the unavailable names.
  • Users can add prefixes or suffixes to their primary keyword, allowing for more creative and brandable suggestions.
  • The tool enables users to sort results alphabetically or by popularity.
Lean Domain Search
Lean Domain Search

4. SpinXO

SpinXO is a comprehensive name-generator tool that considers various aspects of your brand identity. Right away, we noticed that the site takes a more personalized approach to suggest domain names.

For instance, it asks for your website’s name or nickname and other descriptions like important words, hobbies, things you like, etc, to generate unique, personalized, and relevant domain names close to your brand.

When I filled out the fields to generate a domain name for a fashion-related website, these were the results it generated. With this tool, you can also check name availability for social media handles so your branding remains consistent across channels.

Key Features:

  • SpinXO allows users to input personal details like hobbies and nicknames to generate domain suggestions tailored to individual preferences.
  • From wordplays linking to errors, Spinxo gets inventive with name generation.
  • You can keep clicking on “SPIN” until you find the domain names you like. Each SPIN will suggest different sets of names.
SpinXO - Username Generator
SpinXO – Username Generator

5. Wordoid

If you are looking for unique and brandable words, Wordoid should be your go-to option as it focuses on inventing such domain names.

Even though the site can be a bit confusing to navigate at first, we highly recommend you try it and see the results yourself. The sheer amount of quality options you get in a domain name search is impressive.

It requires you to sign in to the website before using the tool. On the left-hand side of the screen, you simply need to choose the preferred language, the domain name quality level, enter your domain name beginning, ending, or containing letter, length, and the registration and hosting provider, and the tool will generate available domain names for you.

However, one disadvantage of this tool is that it doesn’t take into account the aspect of personalization, generating very random and common domain names.

Key Features:

  • Wordoid generates names based on linguistic patterns, creating names that sound natural in multiple languages.
  • Users can specify the length, quality, and language of the suggested domain names.
  • The tool prioritizes names that are easy to remember and pronounce, thereby enhancing your brand recall.
Wordoid - Short and Catchy Business Names
Wordoid – Short and Catchy Business Names

6. Looka

This tool was primarily designed to generate logo ideas; however, over the years, the site has expanded its services, and now, Looka is regarded as one of the best domain name generators. In fact, Looka is like your all-in-one branding agency that inspires your online name as well as your visual identity.

To generate your business names, you just need to enter a relevant keyword or your industry and click on the generate button. You can also select and adjust the length of your domain name.

It generates a bunch of innovative and edgy domain names with compound names and multiword names to give your domain name more descriptive, modern, and elegant.

Key Features:

  • Looka suggests different types of names, including a list of creative terms you can select to get your creative ideas flowing.
  • With Looka, you can easily explore logo ideas for the domain names you love.
  • The tool offers comprehensive brand identity packages, including business card designs, social media kits, email signature designs, and a lot more.
Looka - Business Name Generator
Looka – Business Name Generator

7. Instant Domains

Instant Domains is a dynamic domain name generator designed to provide users with quick and relevant suggestions. The site encourages you to add words related to your idea.

These words can be your brand name, niche, or location. This personalized input ensures that the suggestions are closely aligned with your vision.

For instance, as soon as you start typing a relevant keyword, like “hosting” it generates a list of domain suggestions with the available domain extensions and their availability.

Key Feature:

  • You can refine the results with the dynamic search features, which allows you to experiment with new words, synonyms, and combinations for fresh ideas.
  • Instant Domains also lets you participate in domain auctions where you can directly bid on or buy a domain owned by another person.
  • The site has a sleek, easy-to-navigate user interface. Most sites on this list aren’t even on par with Instant Domain when it comes to offering a top-notch user experience.
Instant Domains
Instant Domains

8. Nameboy

Since 1999, Nameboy has been on the top. It leverages AI algorithms to suggest domain names that will be suitable for your business.

You can also use Nameboy to come up with names for your startup, charity, software, and other ventures. All you need to do is simply enter a relevant keyword and click on the “‘Submit” button. Powered by Bluehost, the tool generates a bunch of domain names with the available domain name extensions and prices.

On the downside, the site design is rather simple. One may even say that their website is stuck in the early 2000s. Also, you can’t get customized search options from Nameboy.

Key Features:

  • Nameboy allows users to input two keywords, generating suggestions that seamlessly blend both elements.
  • Nameboy provides tips and trends for naming your business, helping users make informed choices.
  • The tool gives you the option to check domain availability with Bluehost.
Nameboy - Free Domain Name Generator
Nameboy – Free Domain Name Generator

9. Bust A Name

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Bust a Name might have an old-school look, but it’s a powerful domain name generator with advanced features that allow you to take precise control over the naming process.

You have the option to shorten or elongate your preferred domain name by specified characters. On top of that, you have the option to make your domain sound “less natural” “very natural” or “somewhat natural“.

All you need to do is enter the phrase with which you want your domain name to start or end, choose the level of natural character length, and hit the “Go” button.

Key Features:

  • Explore the availability of your preferred domains with the added convenience of a dedicated domain search feature.
  • Users can add custom word endings, enhancing the brand-ability of generated suggestions.
  • The tool notifies you about domain availability and ensures that you register the chosen name.
Bust a Name
Bust a Name

10. 123finder

123finder is a comprehensive domain name generator that not only suggests names but also provides additional information and tools for domain management.

We found that 123Finder is one of the rare tools that allows flexible use of hyphens in the keywords. Users can also filter suggestions based on their preferred domain extensions, ensuring a tailored approach.

For instance, when I entered keywords like “hosting server” it gave me the option to generate domain names with words related to, containing, starting, or ending with the added phrases. You can also choose the character limit and the domain extensions and click on the “Search” button.

Key Features:

  • The tool offers SEO analysis for suggested domain names, helping users choose names with better search engine visibility.
  • 123finder includes tools for domain registration, DNS management, and WHOIS lookup.
  • The site doesn’t bombard you with domain name suggestions. Instead, it narrows down the search results by hiding the names that have already been taken.

11. DomainTyper

DomainTyper is a domain name generator that provides instant feedback on the availability of suggested names. Claiming to be one of the fastest domain name generators, it supports over 1700+ top-level domain extensions and displays the latest prices from various domain registrars.

If you are not happy with the suggestions, you can scroll down and click on the button “Load a lot more” to generate more options.

Simply enter the domain you’re searching for, and it enlists a bunch of domain names with different combinations. For example, when I entered the keyphrase cake shop, it generated the following results.

Key Features:

  • You can easily compare the pricing of domain names among various domain registrars.
  • Your every domain name search is secured with an SSL connection. This means your search will not be saved, cached, or monitored.
  • You can check your new name on different social networks and popular sites to make sure it is unique.
Domain Typer
Domain Typer

12. Domain Wheel

DomainWheel is another AI-powered domain name generator. Similar to others, it suggests names based on the provided keywords. Most sites will ask what you want in your domain name. However, sometimes, knowing what you don’t want is equally important.

That’s why DomainWheel gives you the option to exclude domain extensions that you want to avoid. To generate domain names with this tool, simply enter the relevant keyword, like “cakeshop” and choose the domain extensions and character count, and the tool generates domain names with the filtered-out domain extensions and character length.

Key Features:

  • If you weren’t satisfied with the initial search results, you could explore Sounds Like, Rhymes With, and Random Suggestions for more options.
  • You can filter search results as per their domain extensions with this feature.
  • Most sites on the list allow you to search domain names with one or at max two keywords. With DomainWheel, you can search with 9 keywords.
Domain Wheel
Domain Wheel

Choose a domain name generator based on your needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize creativity, SEO optimization, or integrated design options, the tools outlined in this guide offer a diverse range of features to suit every requirement.

Take the time to explore these options, experiment with different tools, and ultimately discover the perfect domain name for your online venture.

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