Cloud9- A Cloud-Based Dev Environment for Web Projects

Many web developers I know prefer using Linux-based distros for their work for a variety of reasons. Many users will argue that Linux OSes don’t particularly have an edge over Mac or Windows PCs but with time, such arguments seem to be going extinct owing to the trend of coding in the cloud.

Cloud-based IDEs are becoming more popular (especially in developed countries) and it’s about time we started paying them some attention.

Today, we introduce to you a freemium cloud service for developers who appreciate not having to keep their project files on their local machines
and it goes by the name of CLoud9.

Cloud9 is an online development environment for building web projects. It features a modern cloud-based IDE with class A support for a plethora of languages, an Ubuntu workspace, version control, and a debugger.

With Cloud9, you can build and test WordPress, Django and Rails websites in over 300 browser/OS combinations without worrying about
the struggle of handling all the thousands of code lines in the editor or the thousands of projects files in your workspace.

It thrives by shifting away responsibilities like machine setups and resource management and leaving you with just what you need to get up and running
with your project.

Features in Cloud9

  • Freemium service: available for free for Individuals, and 3 premium packages.
  • A powerful cloud-based IDE.
  • An Ubuntu workspace: use an environment that is intuitive to navigate and probably more familiar.
  • Collaborative development: code in pairs remotely.
  • Version control: integrate GitHub and BitBucket into your project as you collaborate with teams; even on open source projects.
  • Support for 40+ languages including JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Go, PHP, etc.
  • Run applications in the cloud.
  • A comprehensive online documentation.
  • An online community and forum to help you with any issues you encounter along the way.

At the moment, Cloud9 will not allow you to build web apps with subdomains nor will it allow you SSH into it.

These are the only two downsides that are worth mentioning and I am positive that the project managers and developers will add both features sooner or later.


Cloud9 is free to use forever with free public workspace, 1 private workspace, and awesome community support. The premium packages are available at $19 (Individual) and $29 (Teams) per user respectively, and the Education package is available at $1 per teacher.

The premium packages include:

  • Dedicated email support: enjoy 1 on 1 conversations with members of the Cloud9 dev team.
  • Better speed and an all-around performance improvement: due to dedicated SSD disks and additional CPU cycles
  • Private workspaces: keep all your project code in the cloud and out of the public eye without worry of security bridges
  • SSH workspaces: host your own workspace on Cloud9 with access to all the RAM, CPU, and disk space available to you

Find out the service that suits your needs and the rest of its premium features on the websites Pricing page.

If you’re looking for a reliable cloud IDE then try Cloud9 and don’t forget to return to tell us about your experience with it.

Do you have other Cloud IDEs or interesting apps you would like to suggest? Feel free to share your mind in the section below.

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