Cub Linux – a mix of Chromium and Ubuntu Linux

Cub Linux(Cub comes from Chromium + Ubuntu) is a unique and elegant result of a combination of the finest properties of Chromium browser and popular Ubuntu Linux. It is a simple yet powerful, web-focused Linux distribution with modern features and components such as fast speeds, Google integration, web applications and many more from Chromium web browser and hardware compatibility, multiple mainstream applications in Ubuntu Linux.

In actual sense, Cub Linux is a rebrand of the Chromium OS project. This new Linux distribution enables its users to:

  • turn any computer into a Chromebook-like device
  • dive into the Google ecosystem
  • install conventional applications for office work, printing documents offline, handling media files, pleasure and much more
  • utilize Chromium web browser enhanced with Google and several other applications from the Chrome store
  • sync their Google account plus a lot more

At the moment, Cub Linux version 1.0 is at the release candidate stage, ready for testing by interested users out there. It is based on Ubuntu 14.04.4 running Linux 4.2. It’s available in 32-bit and 64-bit format, additionally, the 64-bit edition supports UEFI and Secure Boot installations.

In order to run Cub Linux efficiently and reliably:

  • Install 32-bit for older computers with 1GB RAM or less
  • Install 64-bit for computers with 1.5GB+ RAM
  • Install 64-bit for Windows 8/10 Secure Boot and UEFI support on Windows, Chromebooks or Macs

You can download both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Cub Linux from here. And importantly, find information to get you started such as installation guides, customization details, a few networking configurations and troubleshooting steps from the Cub Linux WiKi site.

Visit: Cub Linux Homepage

Last but not least, download Cub Linux, test it and let us know of your thoughts about this web-focused Linux distribution by getting back to us through the comment section below.