9 Top Free Music Streaming Apps for iOS and Android

The era of manually creating playlists on your device or collecting DVDs for music enjoyment has passed. Music streaming has become the norm, with numerous apps providing music streaming services, you have access to millions of songs and the freedom to select what interests you most.

With the advent of the best free music streaming apps for iOS and Android, music lovers can now explore a world of music without the need for physical albums or downloads.

These apps leverage streaming technology to deliver seamless playback. It comes with unbeatable convenience as you can now enjoy your favorite tracks instantly as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

On the other hand, it has opened up new avenues for artists and producers to reach a larger audience, at very minimal costs. Besides, artists now have a direct connection to their fans.

This article reviews the best free music streaming apps for Android and iOS. We will treat you to the best choices available so that you can make an informed decision as you pursue to enjoy your favorite music.

Limitations to Free Music Streaming Apps

While free music streaming apps offer a myriad of advantages, there are some demerits that are associated with using them.

Notable limitations include:

  • Disruptive Ads: Using music streaming apps on the free plan is always occasioned by commercial breaks. The app will from time to time bombard you with ads in between songs, disrupting the flow of your listening experience.
  • Limited Features: Some platforms may not treat you to advanced features like sound quality, song skips, and offline listening if you opt for the free plan.
  • Geographic Restrictions: You may not access some content or platforms from certain regions.
  • Data Consumption: While you may not need to directly subscribe to the free app, streaming music over mobile data can consume a significant amount of data.
  • Limited Library: Free plans may have a limited number of songs or tracks while keeping exclusive content to premium subscribers.

Trends and Statistics on Online Music Streaming Services

The following trends will determine the future of online streaming.

  • Global streaming revenue hit 19.9% in 2019.
  • In 2020, over 80% of US online users subscribed to more than a single streaming platform.
  • The popularity of some streaming services will increase by up to 29.4% between 2020 to 2027.
  • As more people get access to the internet in developing countries, even more people might start using music streaming services.
  • In 2023, the global music streaming market grew to $17.5 billion, increasing by more than 10%
  • More than 600 million people worldwide pay for music streaming subscriptions. While some people use free versions

Best Music Streaming Apps for Android and iOS

Here are some of the Music streaming apps available for Android and iPhone.

1. YouTube Music

We start off this review with YouTube Music, a strong contender in the free music streaming app arena. With over 50 million users globally, this platform stands out for its unbeatable music library and personal recommendations that will match the needs of every music enthusiast.

YouTube Music integrates seamlessly with YouTube to allow you to add any song available on YouTube to your Music playlist. This app is your destination to unparalleled access to both official audio tracks and user-generated content, including covers, remixes, and live performances.

Features Highlight of YouTube Music:

  • Background play with screen off
  • Limited skips within playlists and radio stations
  • Ads between songs
  • Quick access to favorite songs and related music videos
  • New Releases section for the latest music releases
  • Charts section for top songs worldwide
YouTube Music
YouTube Music

YouTube Music offers a free and ad-supported tier similar to other services. You can listen to music and podcasts but with interruptions and limited control.

Where as the premium features unlock several benefits such as ad-free listening, Listening to music while using other apps on your phone, save your favorite songs and podcasts for offline listening.

Available On: Android and iOS

2. Spotify

With a cumulative user base of more than 430 million active users globally, Spotify is another incredible choice if you are looking for the best free music streaming app for Android and iOS.

It’s a free-to-use music giant that offers a compelling mix of features even without a premium subscription.

This platform stands out for its vast collection of music and podcasts. Its free tier provides users with access to a wide range of music, while its premium subscription offers additional benefits such as ad-free listening, offline downloads, and unlimited skips.


Moreover, Spotify’s curated playlists, algorithm-based recommendations, and collaborative playlists make it easy for users to discover new music and share their favorite tracks with friends.

Feature Highlights of Spotify:

  • Limited skips within playlists and radio stations
  • Seamlessly switch from one device to the next
  • User-friendly interface
  • Custom playlists creation
  • It boasts over 80 million collections of music across all genres.
  • Using algorithms the app recommends music based on your listening habits.

Available On: Android and iOS

3. SoundCloud

If you are looking for something more unique, SoundCloud would make an exemplary pick. This platform focuses on supporting independent artists, emerging talent, and the hidden gems of underground talent.

It is a perfect app for up-and-coming artists to share their work and interact with their fans. And for listeners, you will be appalled by the diversity of the genres that you will find on the platform.

SoundCloud - Stream and Listen to Music
SoundCloud – Stream and Listen to Music

Besides mainstream tracks, you can also find and listen to hip-hop, electronic, indie, and experimental music. This ensures that fans of various preferences can have something to listen to and this explains why the app has over 175 million loyal fans.

Feature Highlights of SoundCloud:

  • Follow your favorite artists and receive updates on new releases
  • Explore curated playlists and collections
  • Save tracks and playlists for offline listening
  • Access exclusive tracks, remixes, and unreleased music
  • Tune into live streams and broadcasts from artists, DJs, and music enthusiasts

Available On: Android and iOS

4. TuneIn

While TuneIn might not be the first app that springs to mind for music streaming, it deserves a spot on the list for its unique range of audio offerings.

It offers access to a wide range of music content, including live radio. Thus, you can listen to live radio from around the world.

TuneIn - Free Internet Radio
TuneIn – Free Internet Radio

Boasting over 70 million monthly active users, TuneIn goes beyond just music, providing a one-stop shop for all your audio needs. It provides a unique experience for those interested in traditional radio formats, along with access to a wide range of content beyond music.

Feature Highlights of TuneIn:

  • Access to over 100,000 AM/FM radio stations globally
  • Live news coverage and sports content
  • Podcasts from various genres
  • Local and genre-specific radio stations
  • Option to stream online or offline episodes

Available On: Android and iOS

5. Pandora

Pandora, a pioneer in the personalized radio streaming space, boasts over 80 million active users and remains a popular choice for free music discovery.

Launched in 2000, it utilizes the Music Genome Project to analyze songs based on various attributes such as melody, rhythm, and lyrics, allowing it to recommend similar tracks tailored to individual preferences

Ideally, Pandora is all about creating personalized radio stations based on your musical preferences. Yes! You can create your own radio stations.

Simply seed a station with a song, favorite artist, or genre, and Pandora crafts a station that plays similar music, helping you discover new favorites alongside familiar tunes.


Similar to other streaming services, Pandora offers a free tier with limited features like ad interruptions and no control over song skipping.

Pandora Plus subscription ($4.99/month) offers ad-free listening and unlimited skips and the Pandora premium subscription ($9.99/month) adds on-demand playback, offline listening, and higher-quality audio.

Key Features of Pandora:

  • Curated playlists for different moods and activities
  • High-quality audio streaming
  • Easy-to-use interface with intuitive navigation
  • Offline listening with a premium subscription

Available On: Android and iOS

6. iHeartRadio

Tap into the vast world of live radio, iHeartRadio offers access to over 1,500 live radio stations worldwide, encompassing music, news, sports, talk shows, and more.

Listen to thousands of live radio stations, tune in to podcasts, and stream unlimited music playlists, all in one app. You can catch your favorite local stations or explore stations from different cities to discover new voices and content.


With over 130 million registered users, iHeartRadio is a powerhouse in the free music streaming world. Besides, you can delve into a massive library of podcasts to keep you informed and entertained.

Key Features of iHeartRadio:

  • Extensive library of podcasts covering various topics
  • Personalized music playlists and recommendations
  • Integration with smart home devices and in-car entertainment systems
  • Offline listening capabilities with a premium subscription

Available On: Android and iOS

7. LiveOne

LiveOne (formerly Slacker Radio) is a Los Angeles-based platform that caters to music lovers who crave a blend of free streaming radio, on-demand content, and exclusive live experiences.

LiveOne offers a wide range of curated radio stations across various genres, including expertly crafted selections by DJs and music lovers.

LiveOne - Stream Music
LiveOne – Stream Music

Discover podcasts and music to keep yourself entertained, but LiveOne truly stands out for its emphasis on live events. Access exclusive live streams of concerts, music festivals, and comedy shows directly through the app

Key Features of LiveOne:

  • Personalized listening experience with custom filters and controls
  • Access to podcasts and video content
  • Ability to create custom playlists
  • Limited skips within stations
  • Explore a library of podcasts

Available On: Android and iOS

8. Amazon Music Free (With Prime)

If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, Amazon Music Free with Prime is a fantastic built-in option for free music streaming on Android and iOS devices. It seamlessly integrates with your Prime membership, offering a good range of features at no additional cost.

No need for a separate subscription – Amazon Music Free comes bundled with your Prime membership, making it a valuable perk you’re already paying for.

Amazon Music
Amazon Music

While it may not as extensive as the paid tier, Amazon Music Free offers a sizeable library of millions of songs across various genres. You’ll find popular hits, artist deep cuts, and curated playlists to explore.

Key Features of Amazon Music Free:

  • Ad-free streaming of songs, albums, and podcasts for Amazon Prime members
  • On-demand listening experience
  • Offline listening capabilities
  • Integration with Amazon devices for seamless playback

Available On: Android and iOS

9. Deezer

We end this review with Deezer, an app that goes beyond just offering a library of songs to excel at music discovery through personalized recommendations and curated content.

Boasting over 16 million active users worldwide, this Android and iOS app is a strong contender in the free music streaming app arena.

Deezer - Music Streaming App
Deezer – Music Streaming App

Deezer’s strength lies in its smart algorithms. The “Flow” feature personalizes your listening experience by creating an endless stream of music based on your listening habits, likes, and dislikes.

It’s like having a virtual DJ who constantly tailors music to your preferences.

Key Features of Deezer:

  • Massive music catalog with personalized recommendations
  • Offline listening by downloading songs
  • Flow feature for personalized mixes
  • SongCatcher for identifying songs
  • Clean and easy-to-use layout
  • Support for MP3 uploads and downloads
  • HiFi sound quality at 1,411 kbps
  • Compatibility with various devices like Google Nest, Amazon Alexa, and Wear OS

Available On: Android and iOS


The world of free music streaming is vast and exciting. From genre-specific giants to personalized radio experiences, there’s a free app to cater to almost every musical taste and listening style.

Each platform offers a unique blend of features, music libraries, and functionalities, allowing you to discover new music, create playlists, and enjoy your favorite tunes on the go.

However, remember that free tiers come with limitations. Prepare to encounter ad interruptions, limited control over song selection, and restricted offline listening.

If these limitations become dealbreakers, upgrading to a premium subscription might be the answer.

Premium plans typically unlock on-demand song selection, unlimited skips, higher audio quality, and the ability to download music for offline enjoyment – a lifesaver when you have limited data or no internet connection. Ultimately, the best free music streaming app depends on your individual needs and preferences.

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