At GeeksMint, our vision is to create as much awareness as we can about GNU/Linux, related platforms as well as other Open Source projects. Ads are our primary means of generating the required revenue that keeps our publications going.

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Donations so far:

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16-Sep-2019 United States Pau Hana $10.00 USD
06-Sep-2019 United States Sten Solberg $10.00 USD
02-Sep-2019 United States U.S. Webshark $10.00 USD
01-Sep-2019 United States Scott Moore $5.00 USD
10-Aug-2019 United States Bunker Minis $5.00 USD
19-July-2019 United States Michael Lawrence $25.00 USD
29-June-2019 United States Daniel Cardin $50.00 USD
13-June-2019 United States A M Heynsbroek $10.00 USD
07-June-2019 United States Larry Johnson $50.00 USD
10-May-2019 United States David Venters $10.00 USD
12-April-2019 United States A Wajih $10.00 USD
13-March-2019 United States Juan Alvarez $5.00 USD
28-Feb-2019 United States Charles Blair $25.00 USD
16-Feb-2019 United States Ken Gaither $5.00 USD
04-Feb-2019 United States Carlo ROATTA $18.00 USD
01-Feb-2019 United States Noral Baughman $15.00 USD
31-Jan-2019 United States JASON BADON $15.00 USD
29-Jan-2019 United States Larry Johnson $20.00 USD
05-Jan-2019 United States R Kooten $5.00 USD
30-Dec-2018 United States Earnest Redwood $5.00 USD
08-Nov-2018 United States Ferdinand Iffland $3.00 USD
24-Oct-2018 United States James Stroud $10.00 USD
11-Oct-2018 United States Eric Johnson $15.00 USD
03-Oct-2018 Norway Cecilia Rockwell $20.00 USD
07-Sep-2018 United States Yasar Sekercioglu $5.00 USD
06-Sep-2018 United States Sandra LaBelle $5.00 USD
01-Sep-2018 Croatia Goran Širola $10.00 USD
31-Aug-2018 United States Athichart T $2.00 USD
26-Aug-2018 United States John Sumsion $3.00 USD
25-Aug-2018 United States Edward Matthews $10.00 USD
14-Aug-2018 United States Larry Johnson $100.00 USD
13-Aug-2018 United States James Duberg $20.00 USD
12-Aug-2018 China Jian Yuyang $1.00 USD
29-Jul-2018 United States Luc Berger $5.00 USD

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