15 Best AI Tools to Enhance, Upscale, and Restore Photos

An AI image enhancer is any software that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to improve the quality of a given picture.

Such tools use machine learning algorithms to dynamically adjust the color, noise levels, sharpness, resolution, and any other aspects that may influence the quality of the image.

The result is that an AI photo enhancer will transform an ordinary photo into a visually appealing and professional-looking image. While seasoned photo editors can achieve this manually, an AI photo editor makes the process simple and less time-consuming.

Notable examples of such tools include Adobe Photoshop, Fotor, and Lensa, among many others.

AI image enhancers work by analyzing the content of your photo and intelligently applying various techniques to improve its quality. They are often incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to simply upload your image and let the AI work its magic.

1. Fotor

For all the good reasons, Fotor is an online photo editing and graphic design platform that offers a wide range of tools and features to enhance and manipulate images.

It provides users with various editing options such as adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness, as well as advanced features like filters, effects, and overlays.

Fotor - Photo Editor
Fotor – Photo Editor

With over 6 million happy users globally, Fotor is a perfect choice for individuals and business of all sizes.

Key Features of Fotor:

  • Can upscale your images by up to 200%
  • A good tool for enhancing the sharpness of blurry images
  • Get rid of image noise conveniently
  • You can adjust image colors for greater clarity
  • Can repair tears or any form of damage in old pics

Fotor has a free plan with essential editing capabilities. The paid plan comes with extra features.

2. Remini

The next tool in our countdown is Remini, an AI photo enhancer that specializes in transforming on old and blurry images into stunning, high-quality masterpieces.

Remini - AI Photo Enhancer
Remini – AI Photo Enhancer

Irrespective of your skill level as an editor or designer, Remini elevates your content to a professional level.

Besides restoring photos, this AI software will restore your video clips and enhance their quality in a remarkable manner.

Key Features of Remini:

  • Easily remove backgrounds from your photos and give them a cleaner look
  • Enhances the facial details on portraits
  • Removes motion blur and camera shakes with unbeatable ease
  • Can eliminate grain and noise in photos for more appealing results
  • Enhance tones and create more natural images

Remini offers both freemium and premium plans.

3. Let’s Enhance

Like the name suggests, Let’s Enhance is another AI photo enhancer that you may consider if the first two options do not meet your needs.

This tool focusses on upscaling images and will increase the resolution of your image without any impact on the photo quality. You can count on this software to transform your pictures to HD, 4K, 8K, or more superior resolutions without any issues.

Let's Enhance - Image Enhancer and Upscaler
Let’s Enhance – Image Enhancer and Upscaler

Key Features of Let’s Enhance:

  • The Smart Enhance feature allows you to correct everything with a single clip
  • Ideal for enhancing smartphone images or low-light shots
  • Features a text-to-image generator for turning words into images
  • Can automatically detect faces and enhance facial features in portraits

Let’s Enhance free version offers up to 10 credits. You can purchase more credits when you exhaust your free credits.

4. Clipdrop by Stability.ai

Stability.ai is popular for creating result-oriented AI-powered solutions for various tasks. They do not come short with Clipdrop, their photo enhancer.

With a global userbase that goes far beyond the 100 million mark, this software is as popular as it is effective.

Clipdrop by Stability.ai
Clipdrop by Stability.ai

Clipdrop leverages an all-in-one approach that goes beyond enhancing images. You will find it useful for editing images to upscale their resolutions, remove backgrounds, or create artistic variations to your liking.

Key Features of Clipdrop by Stability.ai:

  • Integrates with Stable Diffusion to create stunning images
  • Its inpainting capability ensures that you can use AI to fill in any missing parts of an image
  • You can transfer artistic styles from one image to another
  • Automatically remove characters or defects from a picture
  • Can generate images from texts in real-time

While there exists a freemium service, the pro service starts at $9.00 per month with more advanced features.

5. Adobe Photoshop

Ideally, Adobe Photoshop is a popular software that needs no introduction. Over the years, it has been a darling for artists, designers, and photographers who intend to make their visual content more stunning.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop

And now with AI, this platform can now edit images to incredible heights. This tool now comes handy in creating digital illustrations and editing photos in an incredible manner.

Key Features of Adobe Photoshop:

  • Generative AI models for adding elements and expanding photos.
  • Neural Filters for intelligent photo enhancements.
  • Preserve Details 2.0 for resizing images without distortion.
  • Advanced tools for background selection.

Adobe Photoshop offers a free trial. However, pro plans come from as low as $22.99/month.

6. Lensa

If you are looking for an AI enhancer that values portability, Lensa is certainly your software of choice.

With intuitive apps for both Android and iOS devices, Lensa ensures that you can enhance your images on the go, and from anywhere.

Lensa - Photo Editor
Lensa – Photo Editor

This software also stands out for its exceptional combination of photo enhancing and AI avatar creation capabilities. And while you will find it useful for enhancing all types of pictures, its true strength lies in its ability to transform your selfies into amazing masterpieces.

Key Features of Lensa:

  • Quickly improves selfie portraits by refining facial imperfections
  • Easily blur out the background to highlight the subject
  • Enhance eyes by adding contrast and adjusting eyebrow thickness
  • Adds a unique lens effect to make the subject stand out
  • Allows for automatic adjustments for quick editing
  • Customize color intensity and sharpness for desired effects

7. Topaz Photo AI

It is impossible to talk about photo enhancers without mentioning Topaz Photo AI, an industry leader when it comes to image correction.

This tool prioritizes quality over everything else, and will utilize AI algorithms to deliver professional-grade enhancements in a breeze.

Topaz Photo AI
Topaz Photo AI

Unlike platforms that will leave some AI editing footprints on your image, Topaz ensures that your photo looks very natural.

Key Features of Topaz Photo AI:

  • Removes unwanted grain and noise from your image
  • Can significantly help to increase the resolution of your photos
  • You can sharpen specific areas while maintaining the details
  • Comes as a plugin or standalone software
  • Preserves text in your images

Topaz comes at a one-time price of $199. You can also make monthly subscriptions if you find that suitable for your needs.

8. PhotoApp

PhotoApp, an impressive AI photo enhancer, has garnered acclaim for its topnotch technology and brilliant image quality improvements.

It leverages artificial intelligence to unblur, restore, and enhance your photos to your liking. PhotoApp empowers you to elevate your visual content effortlessly irrespective of your professional or technical background.


Key Features of PhotoApp:

  • Enhances your pictures to super-realistic standards
  • Can boost your image resolutions by over 1000%
  • Can help add color to your black and white family images
  • Can instantly remove unwanted objects from a picture
  • offers both freemium and premium plans.

9. Luminar Neo

Develped by Skylum, Luminar Neo is another intuitive software that you may consider for your photo-editing functions. This highly advanced software stands out for its versatility and ease of use as you can effortlessly use it to edit your pictures even without any prior editing or design skills.

Luminar Neo uses smart computer technology to make editing photos easier. It can do things like make colors and details better, get rid of fuzziness, and even swap out the sky in your pictures.

Luminar Neo
Luminar Neo

You can use Luminar Neo with RAW files, which are high-quality image files straight from your camera. This gives you more freedom to tweak your photos.

With layers, you can edit different sections of your picture separately. This gives you more options to make your photos look just right.

Luminar Neo isn’t free, but you can test it out first with a free trial before deciding if you want to buy it.

It features a diverse range of advanced features is renown for precise and creative edits.

10. CyberLink PhotoDirector

Anyone looking for an AI tool that goes beyond photo enhancing capabilities should consider CyberLink’s PhotoDirector. Featuring advanced AI capabilities and machine learning technologies, PhotoDirector offers a feature-reach platform for manipulating pictures.

PhotoDirector is a photo editing app you can use on your phone or computer and is a great for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or a pro.


Its vast array of editing tools will enable you to easily perform tasks such as object removal and background removal on pictures that you intend to enhance, thereby improving the quality of your pictures.

Key Features of PhotoDirector:

  • Customize retouching options for detailed edits
  • It’s easy to use with a simple layout
  • Allows you to bring photos to life with animation effects
  • It includes a collage maker which allows to create collages with photos.
  • Adjust tones, saturation, and white balance for accurate and vibrant colors
  • Sharpen blurry photos caused by camera shake
  • Dramatically transform the mood of your photos
  • There’s a free version with basic stuff, or you can pay for all the cool features

11. DxO PureRAW

DxO PureRAW isn’t a one-click photo enhancer for everyone like most of the tools already reviewed.

However, if you are the kind of photographer who shoot RAW and prioritize exceptional image quality from the start, DxO PureRAW’s pre-processing power and DeepPRIME technology will be a valuable tool for maximizing the potential of your photos.


Its powerful processing capabilities is ideal for RAW files captured from different cameras and lenses. The software utilizes advanced algorithms, such as DeepPRIME and the new DeepPRIME XD2, to reduce noise in your photos, especially those taken at high ISO settings.

Key Features of DxO PureRAW:

  • Enhances image sharpness and detail
  • The software boasts a vast library with corrections for over 90,000 camera-lens combinations
  • Includes industry-leading lens profiles for precise corrections
  • Integrates smoothly with Adobe Lightroom Classic as a plugin
  • Provides a smart workflow with real-time previews
  • Can convert raw data into useable images
  • Charges a one-time fee of $119.00.
  • DxO PureRAW is a paid software program with different licensing options

12. Pixlr

The next tool on our countdown is Pixlr, a reputable software that works both as a photo editor and a design software.

Like you will find out, Pixlr brings versatility to your web browser, smartphone, or PC by incorporating an array of design and creative photo editing capabilities.

Pixlr - AI Image Generator
Pixlr – AI Image Generator

It integrates AI and ML technologies to enhance your pictures and spice them up with unbeatable creativity and professionalism. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a seasoned professional, Pixlr empowers your artistic expression with its intuitive tools.

Key Features of Pixlr:

  • One-click background removal
  • Transform faces for fun or creative purpose
  • Upscale images while maintaining quality
  • Enhance image clarity and precision.

Pixlr is available for free but comes with optional advanced features.

13. HitPaw Photo Enhancer

If you are a novice looking for a tool that is easy to use, HitPaw takes the lead. This AI-powered photo editing tool features an incredibly simple interface, making it a suitable pick for people of all technical backgrounds.

With just a few clicks, you can deliver amazing results from your not-so-good pictures.

HitPaw - AI Photo Enhancer
HitPaw – AI Photo Enhancer

The HitPaw photo enhancer is accessible on desktops like Windows and Mac, as well as on Android devices through its mobile app.

Key Features of HitPaw Photo Enhancer:

  • Provides a quick one-click solution for enhancing image clarity, quality, and color
  • Enhance facial features in portraits with subtle skin smoothing
  • Remove unwanted noise and grain from low-light photos
  • Allows batch processing which saves time
  • Enhances landscape images with AI sharpening technology
  • Improves anime images for a more vibrant look
  • Batch processing helps in enhancing multiple photos simultaneously, saving your time and effort.
  • You can effortlessly compare your original and improved photos to see the changes.

HitPaw offers a paid version where you get access to all the features. However, if you want to try it out first, there’s also a free trial available

14. VanceAI

VanceAI is a comprehensive Online photo editing platform that fits the all-round photo enhancer tag. It offers wide range of AI tools for various photo editing task.

This includes image enhancer (improving quality, color, and detail), upscaler (increasing resolution), sharpener, Denoiser, noise reduction, background removal and generation, and even artistic effects like creating cartoons.

Through its user-friendly web interface, it allows you to access from any device with a web browser. No software installation is required for this online version.

VanceAI - AI Photo Enhancement
VanceAI – AI Photo Enhancement

VanceAI provides downloadable software for Windows and Mac computers for those who prefer using offline editing or handling larger batches of photos.

It leverages advanced AI models to guarantee precise and natural image enhancements that will ensure that your image quality hits new heights.

VanceAI offers a comprehensive range of AI tools for various photo editing tasks. These include image enhancement (improving quality, color, and detail), upscaling (increasing resolution), sharpening, noise reduction, background removal and generation, and even artistic effects like creating cartoons.

Key Features of VanceAI:

  • Utilizes DCNN for smart analysis and fast processing of images
  • Quickly removes backgrounds from images with high accuracy
  • Transforms images into creative styles like cartoon, sketch, anime, and more
  • Allows for batch processing to speed workflow and increase productivity
  • Effortlessly isolate your subject and create clean cut-outs

VanceAI offers free plan that allows a limited number of edits per month, while paid plans provide higher processing quotas and additional features.

15. Remove.bg

While all the previous tools we reviewed are considerably jacks of all trades, we bring you software that has a single point of focus which is removing the background.

Remove.bg is an online tool focuses only on removing backgrounds from images, and using AI it automatically detects the foreground subject and separates it from the background, making it with unmatched precision and speed.

Remove.bg - Remove Background From Image
Remove.bg – Remove Background From Image

It is known for its smooth and effective background removal feature, saving you from manual editing. That makes it super useful for designers, marketers, photographers, and anyone who wants fast and professional image editing.

Key Features of Remove.bg:

  • Ensures accurate isolation of subjects, objects, or animals from backgrounds
  • Enhances image quality by providing clean, professional-grade images ready for use
  • Easy-to-use platform with no software installation required

The Remove.bg free plan might suffice for casual users, but paid plans offer higher resolution downloads and more features for frequent users.


AI photo enhancers have emerged as indispensable tools for both amateurs and professionals. As we get into 2024, it’s clear that these intelligent algorithms have revolutionized image editing. From noise reduction to generative transformations, they’ve elevated our visual storytelling.

With a variety of tools available, you can now revitalize old memories, enhance the quality of your digital photos, and even explore creative artistic edits – all powered by artificial intelligence.

Whether you prioritize user-friendliness, professional-grade results, or a specific feature set, there’s an AI photo enhancer waiting to unlock the hidden potential within your images.

So, experiment, explore, and unleash the magic of AI to bring your photos to life!

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