Lucidor – A Lightweight & Cross-Platform Ebook Reader

Lucidor is a cross-platform ebook reader and manager with support for catalogs in the OPDS format and the EPUB file format.

As a XULRunner application, it resembles the look and feel of the famous Firefox web browser with its tabbed layout and configuration settings panel.

As simple as it is, you can use it to convert web pages and web feeds into ebooks, update your library’s metadata from the internet, and even search for and download ebooks online.

Its customization features include scrolling options, text justifications, and the ability to lookup words by highlighting them, right-clicking and selecting “lookup word“.

Features in Lucidor

  • Lucidor is free to download and use as it is released under the GNU General Public License.
  • Cross-platform: Enjoy reading ebooks with Lucidor irrespective of whether you’re using Linux, Mac, or Windows.
  • Support for OPDS and EPUB file formats.
  • A welcome page with quick links to last read books.
  • A themeable User Interface using Firefox browser themes.
  • A customizable app window with a toggable sidebar when reading books.
  • A tabbed UI which allows for multiple books to be open at once.
  • Personal bookcases for setting aside certain books.
  • Easily browse online catalogs and update your library metadata.
  • A comprehensive user manual for beginners and pros alike.
  • Convert web pages and feeds into ebooks.
  • Search for and download ebooks online e.g. by browsing OPDS catalogs.

Extensions for Lucidor

Lucidor’s functionality can be improved on by using extensions that are freely available to download.
They include:

  • Lucifox: allows users to read and browse ebook catalogs in a web browser.
  • Luciwik: provides catalog functionality using OPDS, a standard for publishing e-book catalogs on the Internet.
  • Lucimoo EPUB: provides the ability to import materials from ebooks the Moodle book module and export books from the Moodle book module into ebooks in the EPUB format.

Keep in mind that while Lucidor uses the same themes as Firefox web browser, not all the add-ons on Firefox work perfectly and sometimes themes that work well on one platform e.g. Windows don’t work well on another platform e.g. Mac OS. So, more trial and error time might be required if you want to go all out with theme customization.

Learn more about Lucidor’s themes here.

Ultimately, if Lucidor is an ebook reader for users who barely need to do any heavy-lifting and just require a memory-friendly app to read and manage ebooks when they want to.

Oh, and before you download, make sure that you have either Firefox or XULRunner installed on your computer.

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Do you use Lucidor to read and/or manage your ebooks? What is your take on its features and functionality compared to other ebooks that you have come across over the years?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section and feel free to drop your app suggestions and opinions on the title.

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