19 Best Websites to Download Free Audiobooks in 2024

Finding cost-effective and varied content has often challenged readers, especially those who like audiobooks. Many face challenges such as limited funds or an absence of titles in their local libraries. These issues can be resolved with the help of free audiobooks.

Audiobooks have experienced a notable growth in popularity over the past few years. With audiobooks, multitasking is possible, you can listen while doing household tasks, cooking, or driving.

It is easy to incorporate reading into a hectic lifestyle because of this flexibility. For those who have vision problems or other issues that make reading print books difficult, audiobooks are the ideal option.

Audiobooks feature an extensive collection of genres, from fiction and non-fiction to mysteries and fantasy. There’s something for everyone.

Note: The rights of authors and other creators are safeguarded by copyright laws. When you download an audiobook, you’re accessing someone else’s work. Unauthorized dissemination or downloading of copyrighted content violates the rights of the creator and can lead to legal consequences.

In addition, free audiobooks are readily accessible online, making them available to a wide audience. Audiobooks also improve comprehension, vocabulary, and listening abilities.

They’re a fantastic educational tool for scholars, language learners, and anyone looking to expand their knowledge.

If you’re on the hunt for free audiobooks, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ve compiled some of the best platforms where you can legally download audiobooks without spending a dime.

1. Digitalbook.io

Digitalbook.io is an all-in-one platform that provides over 100,000 free public domain Kindle, ePUB, and audiobooks. You can access this extensive library from any device, be it an eReader, desktop computer, or mobile device.

With Digitalbook.io, you can look up your favorite titles or discover new reads, stream audiobooks directly from the website, enjoy books in podcast format, and download audiobooks to listen to offline.

Whether you’re into classics, fantasy, romance, or sci-fi, Digitalbook.io has something for you.

Digitalbook.io - Free Audiobooks and eBooks
Digitalbook.io – Free Audiobooks and eBooks

Available On: Android

2. LibriVox

LibriVox is a fantastic platform that features a curated selection of public-domain audiobooks. The audiobooks in LibriVox are read by committed volunteers who contribute their time and passion.

If you’re interested, you can join this global community of book lovers and become a volunteer reader yourself.

LibriVox catalog covers a wide range of genres, authors, and languages. You can browse by author, title, genre/subject, or subject to discover the latest audiobook releases.

Whether you’re into historical essays, ghost stories, or animal tales, LibriVox has something for you. In addition, you can download the audiobooks to your device for offline listening or stream them directly from the site.

LibriVox - Free Public Domain Audiobooks
LibriVox – Free Public Domain Audiobooks

Available On: Android and iOS

3. OverDrive

OverDrive is a comprehensive platform that allows users to access digital content from their public library or university for free.

With your library card, you can access a wide selection of audiobooks. Regardless of your reading preferences—thriller mysteries, heartwarming romances, or thought-provoking nonfiction—OverDrive offers a sizable selection.

Libby is the latest library reading app offered by OverDrive, which is loved by millions of readers worldwide.

You can access ebooks, audiobooks, periodicals, and more from your local library using this easy-to-use app.

In addition, you get to enjoy a customized reading experience across devices. OverDrive also allows you to download the audiobooks for offline listening.

OverDrive - Ebooks and Audiobooks Libraries
OverDrive – Ebooks and Audiobooks Libraries

Available On: Android and iOS

4. Loyal Books

Loyal Books is an amazing platform that offers access to more than 7,000 free audiobooks and ebooks in various languages and genres. Numerous genres are covered in this vast collection, such as science fiction, romance, mystery, and classic literature.

Loyal Books has an intuitive interface, making it easy to explore, find books, and also download audiobooks to your device for offline listening.

Loyal Books promotes participation in the community, as an enthusiast reader you can rate the audiobooks, exchange your opinions with other readers, and leave reviews.

Besides that, Loyal Books offers a mobile app available on iPads and iPhones. You can browse, search, and listen to audiobooks while on the go with this app.

Loyal Books - Free Audio Books and eBook Downloads
Loyal Books – Free Audio Books and eBook Downloads

Available On: Android and iOS

5. Storynory

Storynory is a fantastic platform that provides free audiobooks for kids. Since its launch in November 2005, Storynory has been consistently publishing a new audio narrative each week.

Storynory features amazing fairytales that transfer listeners to the world of fantasy and also dive into the works of classic authors through Storynory.

You’ll find stories and poems from literary giants, providing a rich literary experience for children. In addition, you can explore myths and legends from various cultures around the world.

Storynory isn’t just about stories; it also offers educational poems and music. Whether it’s learning about culture, science, or language, Storynory has something for you.

Storynory - Audio Stories for Kids
Storynory – Audio Stories for Kids

Available On: Android and iOS

6. Chirp

Chirp is a U.S.-based audiobook retail service designed to assist listeners in finding quality audiobooks at discounted prices instead of a subscription model. It serves as both a sales distribution and audiobook platform.

Through Chirp, you have the opportunity to buy audiobooks directly, regardless of whether they’re discounted. The platform enables you to compile audiobooks on your wishlist and alerts you to time-limited promotions

They often feature deals and promotions on a variety of titles across different genres. If you’re interested in exploring audiobooks on Chirp, you can visit their website or download their app to browse their selection and see if they have any titles that interest you.

Chirp - A Better Way to Audiobook
Chirp – A Better Way to Audiobook

Available On: Android and iOS

7. Google Play

You can purchase and enjoy a variety of audiobooks on Google Play. It offers an extensive selection of audiobooks, such as romance, sci-fi, thrillers, business titles, and more.

You can select from millions of renowned ebooks, audiobooks, comics, and manga, and buy them as they go without requiring a subscription. In addition, the platform provides users with individualized recommendations to help them choose their next favorite audiobook.

After purchasing, you can download the audiobooks to your devices for offline listening. You can also find free audiobooks on Google Play, including audiobooks in the public domain like plays, poetry, and short tales.

Audiobooks on Google Play
Audiobooks on Google Play

Available On: Android and iOS

8. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a comprehensive platform that hosts a wide selection of free and borrowable materials, including books, movies, and music. You can access these resources online without any cost, The archive holds more than 44 million print materials and includes more than 15 million audio files.

Internet Archive also offers an extensive selection of audiobooks, including classic novels, science fiction, and poetry recordings. You can access these audiobooks in various formats, such as MP3 and M4B, and in multiple languages.

Internet Archive - Download Audiobooks
Internet Archive
– Download Audiobooks

9. Free Classic Audio Books

Free Classic AudioBooks is a fantastic platform that offers a rich collection of free audiobooks, primarily focusing on classic literature. The website provides indexed audiobooks categorized by the author’s last names, making it easy to navigate specific works.

You’ll find classic titles from popular authors such as Mark Twain, Jane Austen, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The downloads are available in two formats:

  • MP3: Suitable for general use on various devices.
  • M4B (iPod audiobook format): Specifically designed for iTunes and iPods.

In addition to individual audiobooks, Free Classic AudioBooks offers convenient collections:

  • 200 classic audiobooks on one USB stick: A compilation of timeless literary works.
  • 600 classic audio short tales on one USB stick: Perfect for short story enthusiasts.
  • 7 complete audio language courses in MP3: Ideal for language learners
Free Classic Audiobook
Free Classic Audiobook

10. Light Up Your Brain

Light Up Your Brain is a fantastic platform designed for kids. It offers interesting audio stories for kids in preschool and early elementary school. These stories are for educational and entertaining purposes, and even older kids seem to like them.

The stories are usually short, making them perfect for young listeners. In addition to the stories, Light Up Your Brain provides a great deal of high-quality coloring pages that kids can download for free and use for coloring or even as clip art.

It also has brain-teaser games that help kids improve their cognitive abilities. Whether your child enjoys playing games, listening to thrilling stories, or likes art, Light Up Your Brain has something for your kids.

Light Up Your Brain
Light Up Your Brain

11. LearnOutLoud

LearnOutLoud is another fantastic platform that provides a wide range of educational and self-improvement audio and video content.

It offers more than 50,000 educational audiobooks, podcasts, and videos. Whether you’re interested in widening your knowledge, learning a new skill, or simply enjoying explicit content, this platform has something for you.

LearnOutLoud provides free educational resources to meet your needs. It offers more than 10,000 free titles in its Free Audio and Video Directory. There are talks, interviews, speeches, films, audiobooks, and more available. You have access to a wealth of important information.

Furthermore, LearnOutLoud often features special promotions, discounts, and free content to help users discover new materials and save on their purchases. Whether you’re interested in expanding your knowledge, improving your skills, or simply enjoying a good audiobook, LearnOutLoud provides a valuable resource for lifelong learners.

Learn Out Loud - AudioBooks Download
Learn Out Loud – AudioBooks Download

12. Audible

Audible is an amazing resource for audiobooks, originals, and podcasts. there are more than 70,000 audiobooks available on Audible in a variety of genres, languages, and formats.

There is something for everyone, regardless of your interests—romance, thrillers, biographies, or self-improvement. You can also listen to samples, pre-order upcoming releases, and even try it out for free with a 30-day trial.

Audible provides groundbreaking productions developed by A-list celebrities and emerging talent. These exclusive originals cover a broad spectrum of subjects, ranging from compelling narratives to provocative ideas.

You can immerse yourself in thousands of featured titles without worrying about restrictions and also there is no listening time limit when using Audible.

Audible - Download Free Audiobooks
Audible – Download Free Audiobooks

Available On: Android and iOS

13. Open Culture

Open Culture is a fantastic resource for free audiobooks. It provides a collection of over 1,000 free audio books, mostly classics.

You can download these great pieces of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry to your MP3 player or computer. Whether you’re a fan of timeless novels or you’re interested in exploring poems, Open Culture provides a wide selection of literature.

While not all titles are available for direct download, you can still access them through MP3 streaming on the platform. So even if you don’t want to download the files, you can listen to these audiobooks online.

Open Culture also offers free movies and language lessons, making it a treasure trove for those who are eager to learn and have fun.

Open Culture - Download Free Audiobooks
Open Culture – Download Free Audiobooks

14. Hoopla

hoopla is a comprehensive platform that provides access to digital content. Since its inception in 2010, it has become a popular choice for users seeking digital content.

You can borrow and enjoy audiobooks, ebooks, comics, music, and even movies – all for free with a valid library card on Hoopla. Beyond audiobooks, you can also explore graphic novels and comics, stream movies and TV series, listen to your favorite tunes, and stay up-to-date with magazines.

You can use hoopla on various devices, such as your PC, phone, tablet, and even your TV. All you need is your library card! You can stream most of the titles or download them to your device for offline listening.

Hoopla - Streaming Audiobooks
Hoopla – Streaming Audiobooks

Available On: Android and iOS

15. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is an all-in-one digital library that offers more than 70,000 free eBooks in both ePub and Kindle formats. Since its inception in 1971, it has become a gold mine of literary works and a vast collection of literary classics, timeless novels, historical books, and more are available on Project Gutenberg.

Thousands of committed volunteers meticulously proofread these eBooks and audiobooks to ensure the quality is met. Their passion for literature drives this valuable project.

Access to Project Gutenberg is completely free! There’s no need to register or pay any fees, just dive into the world of literature.

The collection can be sorted by author, title, topic, language, and other criteria. Whether you’re looking for a specific book or just want to explore, Project Gutenberg streamlines the process.

You can still listen to computer-generated and human-read audio versions of famous literature, even though Project Gutenberg is no longer adding new audiobooks.

These audiobooks are freely accessible and fall within the public domain in the US, enabling effortless playback on various devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Project Gutenberg - Download Audiobooks
Project Gutenberg – Download Audiobooks

Available On: Android

16. ThoughtAudio

If you are an active fan of audiobooks, especially if you value classic literary and intellectual works, ThoughtAudio is a fantastic resource you can leverage.

Classic literature and philosophy works produced professionally are available for free download on ThoughtAudio. The catalog features a curated selection of timeless works that span various genres and themes.

ThoughtAudio provides access to outstanding novels, short stories, and poems from renowned authors such as Henry, Edgar, Fitzgerald, and more. Besides that, you can dive into philosophical essays, and thought-provoking works by thinkers such as Plato, Nietzsche, and Bertrand Russell.

ThoughtAudio’s goal is to enable everyone to access their free audiobooks, regardless of location or internet speed.

ThoughtAudio – The Gift of Knowledge
ThoughtAudio – The Gift of Knowledge

17. Scribl

If you are a dedicated author, you can self-publish your works on Scribl and set your own rates for your readers. As a reader, you can explore new books and discover indie authors.

When you buy an audiobook on Scribl, you also get an ebook for free (or vice versa). Scribl gives you the flexibility of listening during your daily activities and reading at night.

With Scribl, you can purchase independently published books and audiobooks at crowdsourced prices. Aside from that, Scribl makes it easy to transition between reading and listening.

Scribl - Home of CrowdPriced Audiobooks
Scribl – Home of CrowdPriced Audiobooks

Available On: Android and iOS

18. AudioFile SYNC

AudioFile SYNC is a summer audiobook program designed specifically for teenagers. SYNC offers two audiobooks paired with a theme every week for a total of fourteen weeks during the summer.

This program aims to inspire young readers to delve into the world of audiobooks and uncover engrossing narratives and is completely free for participants. Every year, the program runs from April to August.

With support from AudioFile Magazine and the Sora app from OverDrive, SYNC provides a wide range of titles and allows participants to get weekly alerts when new audiobooks are released.

Romance, fantasy, historical fiction, and biography are just a few of the genres that are featured in the audiobooks. SYNC’s audiobooks are accessible worldwide and every week, the titles change on Thursday at midnight Eastern Time.

AudioFile Magazine - Audiobook Sync
AudioFile Magazine – Audiobook Sync

19. Spotify

Spotify is a renowned music service that provides access to millions of songs and podcasts, Beyond music, Spotify also offers a delightful selection of audiobooks for your listening pleasure.

With a premium plan, you can enjoy 15 hours of monthly audiobook listening. There are a ton of interesting stories there to explore. You can also access over 200,000 audiobook titles in Spotify’s subscriber collection.

From sci-fi adventures to steamy romances, you’ll find something that suits your taste. You can seamlessly switch between your favorite songs, podcasts, and now audiobooks—all in one place.

Spotify - Spotify - Get Lost in Great Stories
Spotify – Spotify – Get Lost in Great Stories

While some of these platforms are completely free and offer access to audiobooks that are available in the public domain, others require a subscription to access them ( eg., Audible).

Others, such as Hoopla, require you to have a library card from your local library. With these platforms, you will never run out of audiobooks.

In addition, these platforms offer legal and free audiobooks, making them ideal for book lovers on a budget.

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