OTA-12 Update Activates Biometric Authentication on The Meizu Pro 5

Biometric Sensors have become a norm in the smartphone industry in recent times in mostly midrange to flagship devices. These sensors allow only authorized users access to the content on the device.

Ever since Canonical announced the arrival of its very own Linux-based mobile operating system, the free and open source software company knew that it has a lot of ground to cover if it is looking to be a viable competitor in a market dominated by Apple and Google.

But if you ask me, Canonical has been doing a wonderful job in bringing some of the most advanced technologies to its own mobile platform and a perfect example is the wireless display feature added to both the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition and first Ubuntu tablet BQ Aquaris M10.

Ubuntu-TouchYesterday, the company rolled the long anticipated OTA-12 update which will reach across all supported device as a phase out update within the next 24 hours.

“Good news! OTA-12 passed final testing and will be released tomorrow around UTC morning. We will, of course, proceed with phased updates as always, with the update appearing on all user devices in ~20 hours since the release,” says Łukasz Zemczak, Canonical Foundations. “Big thanks to everyone working on this milestone!”

Canonical previously stated that this OTA-update will be more about bug fixes than adding new features but according to what we were able to gather from the release notes, some new interesting features are coming to the Ubuntu Touch Mobile Operating system and notable among the Biometric Authentication feature for Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition.

Ubuntu-Touch OTA12

Other additions include a complete MPRIS support for playlists, better improvements to Convergence, a new Libertine Scope for devices that supports Ubuntu Convergence, displaying the X apps that are installed, animated mouse cursors, on-screen keyboard support for X apps, and support for maximising windows both horizontally and vertically. The Messaging app has received support for forwarding messages.

The core apps were also improved with the new OTA-12 update including the Oxide video player, which is now at version 1.15, and the Web Browser, which has gained touch-selection improvements, zoom support.

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