An Elegant Simple Weather Indicator for Linux

Simple Weather Indicator is the simplest weather indicator app you can use on Unity and Gnome desktops (among others).

It is an Open Source indicator app written in Python and it implements Eris, a free Open Source Weather API to fetch the current weather condition of designated regions.

Main Features in Simple Weather Indicator

  • Classic and beautiful
  • Configuration options: You can enable automatic location detection; location visibility; SI unit for temperature;
  • Easily customizable: You can alter humidity level, weather cloudiness, weather visibility, weather pressure, and wind speed.
  • Free with a GPL v3.0 license
  • Implements Open Source Eris Weather API
Simple Weather Indicator
Simple Weather Indicator

Install Simple Weather Indicator in Linux

There are three ways you can install Simple Weather Indicator in Linux and they are: via PPA, Debian package file and source code.

On Ubuntu

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kasra-mp/ubuntu-indicator-weather
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install indicator-weather

On Debian

If you are using a Debian distribution, you can download .deb package and install it using this command:

$ sudo dpkg -i indicator-weather_Version_all.deb

Source Code Installation

For other Linux distributions, you will need to install via Source code so follow installation instructions as shown below.

First download the latest .tar.gz package and unpack it to any desire location and run the indicator.


Now, if you want to make the indicator to start automatically at system startup, you need to add indicator-weather file to the system startup script as per your desktop/window manager.

We think Simple Weather Indicator is a cool and handy application; what do you think? Are you a consistent user or you wouldn’t give it a try at all because you’ve got an alternative. Tell us in the comments section.

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3 thoughts on “An Elegant Simple Weather Indicator for Linux”

  1. If you are going to review something, it might be an idea to actually say what it does rather than just bung up a single picture and expect everybody to work it out for themselves ;^/

  2. OK, I’ll bite: What does this do that dozens of already existing weather indicators for Linux already do, just nicely and efficiently? After examining the screenshots the answer seems to be “nothing at all”.


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