The Long Awaited Fedora 24 has been released!

After postponing its release for several times just to fix bugs plus many other issues of concern, today, developers of Fedora Linux distribution have finally released  Fedora 24. As announced by Matthew Miller, the Fedora project leader on the Fedora magazine website, he had this to say:

The Fedora Project has embarked on a great journey… redefining what an operating system should be for users and developers. Such innovation does not come overnight, and Fedora 24 is one big step on the road to the next generation of Linux distributions. But that does not mean that Fedora 24 is some “interim” release; there are great new features for Fedora users to deploy in their production environments right now!

As anticipated, there are several changes and improvements in Fedora 24 under workstation, server, cloud, spins and labs and ARM. More information is provided in the announcement, therefore read it for details about the new features and improvements plus so much more.

But this being a general release, many users are expected to get bugs or even missing features but to download it, i will provide some download links for workstation, server and cloud below:

Workstation: Download Fedora 24 Linux Workstation
Server: Download Fedora 24 Linux Server
Cloud: Download Fedora 24 Linux Cloud

Are you a Fedora fan, then it is time for you to download now and try the latest edition of Fedora, and share your experience with other users and the Fedora developers in case you encounter any bugs or missing features.

A Computer Science graduate who is most enthusiastic about Linux and FOSS. Aaron has been using Linux for over two years now and loves to share his ideas and knowledge he's acquired with other Linux users around the world.

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