15 Best Free Movie Download Sites for 2024

Streaming movies is a perfect mode of entertainment, and with the widespread availability and growing strength of internet connection globally, movies are still a go-to mode of entertainment.

But streaming movies often comes with its limitations. This explains why many people are asking about the best movie download sites for 2024 and beyond.

Of course, downloading movies allows you to watch your favorite content later. You can watch your downloaded movie content on the go or whenever you are out of Wi-Fi.

Once you download a movie, it will be available at your convenience, and not when you are connected. But downloading movies for watching locally comes with one huge challenge. Many sites are illegal and getting a legal platform can overwhelming.

We solve this problem for you by combing the internet and showcasing the best free movie download sites – all legal.

1. YouTube

While YouTube is popular as a streaming platform and not a source for downloading movies, you can still download YouTube content and watch it later.

Of course, you will not have the downloaded content on your device but you can watch your download at your convenience from the platform.

Yes, you got this right, and we aren’t referring to YouTube Premium! Downloaded YouTube content is accessible by clicking the Downloads section. The only limitation is that they disappear from Downloads in 30 days.


Key Features of YouTube:

  • Downloads resume accordingly
  • Supports multi-thread downloads
  • Offers integration with various browsers
  • Has batch download capabilities

YouTube is free for everyone. However, you can subscribe to YouTube Premium for an ad-less experience and more features.

2. Public Domain Movies

Unlike YouTube which is a source of many recent and copyrighted content, Public Domain Movies is a source of millions of movies that are no longer copyrighted and are in the public domain.

In other words, all the over 2,000 movies contained in this website have expired copyright and are now free for distribution. This website is your go-to platform for classic films, obscure gems, and an array of cult favorites that are hard to find.

Key Features of Public Domain Movies:

  • You can access the site in Spanish or English
  • The interface is pretty simple to use
  • Allows you to search for movies by titles or keywords
  • All movies are free to download
  • completely free to use, with no ads or hidden fees
Public Domain Movies
Public Domain Movies

3. Internet Archive

If you are looking for a platform that goes beyond hosting movies, Internet Archive is an incredible bet. This website stands out as one of the largest digital libraries with diverse digital media content including music, movies, software, and books, among others.

Despite holding a variety of digital media content, its movie collection still stands out for its unbeatable size of over 14,000 titles. You will also marvel at the website’s legal legitimacy and accessibility.

Each piece of content on the site is either in the public domain or uploaded with the right permissions. This explains why the Internet Archive takes pride in over 8.5 million monthly visits.

Key Features of Internet Archive

  • You can explore a diverse range of genres
  • You can stream movies directly from the site or download them for local watching
  • It has amazing community features
  • You can also enjoy interviews, articles, and other film-related content
Internet Archive
Internet Archive

4. AZ Movies

Another interesting site for public domain movies is Az Movies. You can leverage this site to watch and download thousands of movies or films whose copyrights have expired for free.

While the movies here may not be recent, Az Movies is a great option for anyone who is looking for a legal way to watch free movies. The website has a large collection of movies to choose from, and it is easy to find what you are looking for.

Key Features of AZ Movies:

  • Provides guides to more recent content on other streaming platforms
  • Offers a simple platform for exploring trending or highly ranked films
  • You can browse movies in various categories
  • You can create and share playlists
AZ Movies
AZ Movies

5. Turner Classic Movies (TCM)

While Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is an American pay TV channel with a reputation that has been out since 1994, you can also use it to access, watch, or download free movies.

This platform is a go-to site for those who love classic films produced between 1930 through to the 1980s.

It is known for three vital points; high-quality restoration of classic films, commitment to film preservation, and its array of knowledgeable hosts.

TCM’s programming consists mainly of feature films, but it also airs documentaries, short films, and specials.

Key Features of Turner Classic Movies (TCM):

  • Its schedule is organized by theme
  • You can enjoy amazing commentary from the hosts
  • Features a searchable film database
  • Strong social media presence for engagement
  • An intuitive mobile app enables watching when on the go.

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is available for a subscription fee on most American satellite and cable providers.

Turner Classic Movies (TCM)
Turner Classic Movies (TCM)

6. Netflix

Netflix is not an entirely free platform like most of the options already discussed as it requires a subscription to visit the platform.

However. It works more or less like YouTube by legally allowing you to save movies, films, and TV shows to a Downloads section within the app.

Interestingly, Netflix has both a desktop and a mobile app, both of which allow downloads. While dedicated streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube do not allow you to save the video locally on your device, you can still download your preferred content and watch it later from the platform.

Key Features of Netflix:

  • Personalized content recommendation system
  • Allows multi-platform support
  • Comes with parental controls to segregate age-appropriate content
  • Allows mobile downloads for offline viewing

There are three different subscription tires available on Netflix.


7. Open Culture

If you are in academia and looking for a versatile platform for your entertainment and academic needs, Open Culture is here for you. It is not your ordinary movie download site. Instead, it is a favorite destination for free and legal entertainment and educational materials.

It has an extensive collection of eBooks, audiobooks, language lessons, and movies, among others. This platform has been in existence since 2006, and boasts over 3 million and over 300,000 monthly site visits and new visitors, respectively.

Key Features of Open Culture:

  • You can easily browse movies based on various categories
  • Each listing comes with detailed information on its cast, synopses, and crew lists
  • You can either stream your preferred movie or download for later viewing
  • Each movie has a link to supplementary reading materials
  • Updated regularly with hidden gems and new finds

Open Culture imposes no charges except for nominal internet connectivity expenses.

Open Culture
Open Culture

8. Classic Cinema Online

Another interesting site that makes it to this review is Classic Cinema Online. This platform offers a nostalgic journey through a curated collection of public-domain movies.

Notably, this website focuses on golden age American cinema, ensuring that its global audience can enjoy these vintage treasures.

While it does not stand out as a traditional download site, it is popular for its extensive film library spanning over 3000 entries. It was founded in 2004 to act as an archive for classic Hollywood films from the silent era to the 1950s.

Key Features of Classic Cinema Online:

  • Features a clean interface
  • You can comment and share your thoughts about the movies on the platform
  • Availability of high-quality content
  • Streamlined presentation of films
  • Consistent addition of newfound films
Classic Cinema Online
Classic Cinema Online

9. Vudu

Founded in 2004, Vudu is home to thousands of movies and TV shows. The American video streaming service and store allows you to rent or purchase your preferred content.

Interestingly, Vudu is available on nearly all streaming devices. You can access it from mobile devices, game consoles, TVs, and computers.

While it may be restricted in certain regions, you can leverage a strong VPN to access and use it. It offers a wide variety of content.

Besides, it has features that make it a convenient and user-friendly service and the price varies from one movie or TV show to the other.

Key Features of Vudu:

  • Large library of movies and TV episodes
  • Adaptive bitrate technology adjusts stream quality automatically
  • Rewards users for renting or purchasing content
  • You can create a watchlist based on your preferences
  • Download videos purchased or rented
Vudu - Free Movies
Vudu – Free Movies

10. Hulu

Hulu remains one of the most popular subscription-based streaming services in the United States with over 82 million subscribers. It hosts over 40,000 movies and TV shows, including more recent and popular entries like The Handmaid’s Tail.

Ideally, Hulu is your kind of platform if you prefer on-demand content, including documentaries, TV shows, originals, and movies.

Key Features of Hulu:

  • The platform includes original and exclusive content
  • You can access sports and news items
  • Has a free ad-supported plan
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Free and paid options available

11. Disney+

Another subscription-based streaming platform that makes it to this review is Disney+. With over 150 million subscribers, it is undoubtedly a major player in the content streaming industry. It is home to a growing library of original series and movies.

With its family-friendly focus and a vast library of Disney-owned content, Disney+ caters to viewers of all ages. Disney+ presents a compelling offer for families and fans of Disney-owned franchises. This makes this site a popular choice for households worldwide.

Key Features of Disney+:

  • Has an extensive back catalog
  • Features content from across all genres
  • You can stream from multiple devices
  • Features classic animated films

You can access the Disney+ platform upon subscribing.


12. The Public Domain Review

The Public Domain Review is popular for celebrating public domain works from an array of mediums, and makes a perfect movie download site.

It focuses on curating and showcasing interesting and unique works of art, literature, and yes, film, that have entered the public domain.

What sets The Public Domain Review movie archive apart is its dedication to preserving cinematic history while making it easily accessible to everyone.

It focuses exclusively on public domain films, therefore, the archive ensures that these cultural treasures remain freely available for viewing and enjoyment without any legal restrictions.

Key Features of The Public Domain Review:

  • Has digitally restored versions of classic films
  • Access supplementary materials such as essays, articles, and commentary tracks
  • Navigate effortlessly through the archive with intuitive search and browsing features
  • Connect with fellow film enthusiasts through discussion forums

The Public Domain Review is a free platform that allows you access and download public domain content without any cost.

The Public Domain Review
The Public Domain Review

13. The Library of Congress

While The Library of Congress (LOC) isn’t actually a movie download site in the traditional sense, you can still access various films in the site for online viewing or download.

Drawing upon the Library’s extensive archives and expertise in archival preservation, it offers users access to a diverse range of films that have shaped the cultural landscape.

Every film in the archive is meticulously curated, ensuring that each viewing experience is both enriching and immersive.

Key Features of The Library of Congress:

  • Boasts the largest film and television archive in the world
  • Conserves these works for future generations
  • Offers public access to some films through screenings
  • Engage with the films through curated playlists

The Library of Congress has both free and paid plans.

The Library of Congress
The Library of Congress

14. Amazon Prime Video

Another interesting inclusion to this review is Amazon Prime Video, a platform with an interesting range of content. Notably, this platform hosts TV shows, films, and a hoard of exclusives and original content.

The diverse content library makes Amazon Prime Video is a strong contender in the world of movie downloads, but with a key distinction: it’s a streaming service with downloadable content, not a pure download site.

Key Features of Amazon Prime Video:

  • Downloads are integrated seamlessly within the Prime Video app
  • Enjoy your downloaded content offline
  • Downloads are typically available in high definition (HD)
  • Access Prime Video across a wide range of devices

Amazon Prime Video offers multiple pricing options.

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

15. iTunes

There is no better way to end this review than with iTunes. This multimedia store from Apple is ideal for those using iPhones, PCs, Macs, iPads, and Apple TVs.

It is a perfect platform for purchasing or renting movies, downloading them and storing your downloads in your iTunes library.

iTunes boasts a comprehensive library of movies, including new releases, classics, and exclusive content not available on other platforms.

With its reputation for security, iTunes remains a trusted destination for digital media consumption.

Key Features of iTunes:

  • Offers movies in HD and 4K resolution
  • Share your purchased movies with up to six family members
  • Receive personalized movie recommendations
  • The platform provides access to a wide range of movies
  • Movies on iTunes are typically priced individually.

Why You Should Consider Streaming Videos Rather Than Downloading

While downloading films comes with the convenience of watching them offline, it is still advisable to consider streaming movies rather than downloading them.

Some advantages of downloading films include;

  • Instant Access: With streaming services, you can start watching a movie right away, no waiting for downloads to complete.
  • No Storage Issues: You don’t need to worry about using up storage space on your devices. Downloaded movies can take up a significant amount of space, especially high-definition files.
  • No Rental Hassles: Unlike renting movies with downloads, you don’t have to worry about late fees or returning them by a deadline.
  • Curated Recommendations: Many streaming services offer recommendation algorithms that suggest movies and shows you might enjoy based on your viewing habits. Besides, more movies are available for streaming rather than those that are available for downloading.
  • Legal Access: Streaming ensures you’re accessing content legally, avoiding the risks associated with downloading movies from unauthorized sources.

This brings us to the end of our article on the best free movie download sites for 2024. Any of the reviewed platforms are a great way to enjoy your favorite movies online.

Legality remains a concern for enthusiasts of movie downloads. However, all the sites mentioned here offer legal ways of downloading movies to stream locally.

Your choice should be based on your budget and the kind of content you are looking for.

Good luck and enjoy your offline watching!

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