10 Reasons to Buy Google Pixelbook Over a MacBook

With a touchscreen display, cornered Gorilla glass, backlit keyboard, 4 in 1 design that enables a more convenient use, 7th Gen Intel Core processor, fast charging battery that lasts 10 hours, and a premium aluminium build, the Google Pixelbook is the slickest and thinnest Chromebook yet.

Just recently, I had the opportunity to purchase either the Google Pixelbook or a MacBook and I went for the Google Pixelbook.

Google Pixelbook Laptop
Google Pixelbook Laptop

Here are my reasons why.

1. Google Pixelbook Looks Slicker

Have you seen the latest Google Pixelbook? It is the perfect machine for modern-day minimalists and that’s why it appeals to me. The desktop, icons, wallpapers, animations, and overall performance is based on the beautiful Material Design and also consistent with the UI/UX of my Android device.

2. Google Pixelbook is Reasonably Priced

The Google Pixelbook’s starting price is $999 and with the features it offers, it is the better choice for me to make.

3. Google Pixelbook offers Better Specs

The Google Pixelbook comes with a 7th Gen Intel Core processor with 512GB of internal storage and 16GB of RAM. It also offers quick charging and a battery that lasts up to 9 hours when fully charged.

4. Chrome OS is Based on Linux

I’m a Linux enthusiast and a supporter of various open-source projects and my interest for ChromeOS, being based on the Linux kernel, comes naturally.

5. Google Pixelbook Run Android Apps

The Google Pixelbook is capable of running Android applications in both laptop and tablet mode and it’s like I’m using a super-charged Android device.

6. The Google Pixelbook is Touchscreen

Many MacBook fans that I know said they didn’t want a touchscreen laptop whenever I teased them about the line of laptops being so expensive without offering a touchscreen. Guess what, MacBooks came out with “touchpads” in 2016 and they all jumped on that bandwagon.

The Google Pixelbook gives me the convenience of interacting with the PC in a smarter way and it comes bundled with a beautiful, responsive, and pressure-sensitive smartpen in the form of the Pixelbook Pen.

7. Pixelbook is Tablet-Convertible

I enjoy taking how I use the Google Pixelbook’s touchscreen to the next level by transforming it to use as a tablet. That is way more convenient than even the thinnest MacBook.

7. Google Pixelbook Feels Familiar

I don’t feel like I am using a strange device when working with the Google Pixelbook. No, it doesn’t feel like using a Windows PC but it does feel like using a cooler Android tablet with a keyboard.

For this reason, I can boldly claim that the Google Pixelbook has a little to no learning curve, especially for those conversant with Android OS and Google Chrome.

8. Chromebooks are Application Flexible

Apart from being able to use Android applications natively, I have access to both the Google PlayStore and Chrome apps in their millions.

9. Okay Google > Siri

I find using the Okay Google feature a lot more efficient to use than Siri on a Mac because most of my UX is tied to Google e.g. my email, maps, wallet, etc. so it is easier to continue working with it.

Plus, Google has access to a lot more info than Siri so it returns more relevant results to the inquiries that I make.

10. Google is Awesome

Google is a company that loves the open-source community and has worked hard to gain users’ interest. Apple has also worked hard to gain their users’ interest but their relationship with the open-source community is barely visible, if in existence at all.

Also, over time, I have grown accustomed to using services by Google and so I am more trusting of them to deliver a device that will enable me to be productive and yet, give me the freedom that I paid for.

Those are the reasons why I got the Google Pixelbook instead of a MacBook.

Would you have done otherwise? Drop your comments in the discussion section below.

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