10 Reasons Why Your Business Is Better Off With A Linux Server

When choosing a server for your business several considerations come into play especially cost and security. But the most important consideration of all, at least in my opinion, is your business. You should always bear in mind that there is no point cutting corners on getting a server when your business depends on it.

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I’m of the notion that a Linux server is the best choice to make when picking a server, especially when it is for business, and here are 10 reasons why:

1. Better Compatibility

Linux servers dominate the server space. This means that the servers you will be communicating with are probably Linux servers as well and your operations will be smoother since it is virtually the same server language you will be using.

2. Less Security Vulnerability

It goes without saying that because of its smaller user base, Linux has not been a target of vulnerability attacks as much as Windows, or even macOS has. Even when its programs have bugs they are quickly treated because of the relatively high computer literacy of its user base.

3. Does Not Require Defragmenting

Linux users do not have to go through periods of inactivity due to storage device defrag processes thanks to its better implementation of memory management. This means a higher uptime for Linux servers.

4. Requires Fewer Hardware Upgrades

Linux servers do not require hardware upgrades to work better with increasingly resource hungry apps the way Windows does. Thus, they are the most compatible with the most computer systems.

5. Updates without System Reboots

Until Windows developers find a way around this flaw, it will always be a point in favor of Linux servers. No matter how big the update package is, you will not have to halt your work in order to shut down your server.

6. Cooler Administrative Rights

Dedicated Linux Servers offer customers brilliant control. Users can keep up individual control on both connections and data complete with flexible tools working in synchrony.

7. Better Stability

In my experience, Windows servers are more prone to crashes. Their case might be improving these days but Linux servers have already established trust in the hearts of system administrators thus it is wiser to go with the critically acclaimed product.

8. Better Customizability

Linux servers are a lot more customizable and can be tailored to your specific business needs. Any components that are not needed can be left out and this, in turn, improves the performance of your system.

9. Less Expenditure, Excellent Production

A Linux server is better for your pocket, especially since the software is mostly free – which makes a business version with a corporate package significantly cheaper than the Windows alternative

10. Freedom of Product Choice

One of the most important reasons using a Linux server is a better choice is the fact that you are free to use any application of your choice. This gives you the opportunity to choose the programs that are best suited for your business.

Can you think of any more reasons why a business is better off using a Linux server? Contribute to the discussion by adding any queries, questions, or comments that you have in the comments section below!

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