16 Best AI Tools for Every Amazon Seller in 2024

Anyone thinking of ecommerce will most likely think of Amazon marketplace as the first platform. It is a fierce marketplace with millions of products fighting for attention.

But this competition also means that you have to stay on top of the game to succeed in the platform. And this is where the best tools for Amazon sellers come in.

These tools are a game changer as they help to optimize your operations, boost sales, and put you above your competitors. Of course, at Amazon marketplace, the competition goes beyond against fellow sellers.

You will also be competing against algorithms and the ever-evolving trends.

How Can AI Tools Help Amazon Sellers

The following are some of the ways AI tools can help Amazon sellers.

  • AI tools can help with keyword research. Their intelligent algorithms can analyze market trends and historical data to provide you with a list of profitable niches.
  • Market conditions change and when they do, prices change. AI-powered pricing tools can adjust your prices in real-time based on various market conditions, demand fluctuations, and competitor prices.
  • AI-driven tools can perform predictive analysis to forecast demand for a particular item and help you prevent stockouts or overstock. Some tools have automated order alerts to ensure that you restock right on time.
  • Optimize product listings with these tools for better conversions. They can help you with keyword placement, enhanced images, and compelling descriptions to make your listings more appealing.
  • Also worth noting is that these tools can analyze customer behavior and feedback in real time.
  • They can also enhance route optimization and streamline logistics for more efficient order fulfillment.

Trends and Statistics on AI Tools for Amazon Sellers

The following trends are vital

  • AI tools use machine learning technology to analyze or study a lot of information and figure out things such as predicting trends, pinpointing profitable niches, the best area to make money, and how to make customers happy.
  • With the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI can read, understand, and respond to customer reviews and feedback. This helps sellers enhance product descriptions better, solve customer concerns, and craft more interesting ads.
  • By looking at information about sales, what other sellers are doing, and what’s popular, AI can guess what customers will want in the future. This helps sellers manage their stuff in the best way, decide on the right prices, and make ads that work well.
  • Around 34% of companies on the Amazon marketplace use these AI tools to improve their listings.
  • Experts think the global market for these AI tools in online shopping will be worth a huge $22.60 billion by 2032.
  • A notable 27% of Amazon sellers utilize AI for generating social media content and conducting keyword research.
  • A recent study reveals that 65% of respondents acknowledge an increase in conversion rates when employing AI tools.

Best AI Tools for Amazon Sellers

This blog post explores the top AI tools that empower you as an Amazon seller to optimize your listings, boost sales, and enhance customer experiences.

From intelligent product research to automated inventory management, these tools will reshape how you navigate the Amazon landscape.

1. Evolup

If you are looking to earn money by promoting Amazon products, it is still possible to do it without managing any inventories or fulfilling orders. Evolup offers a unique approach that ensures that you can conveniently build and manage an Amazon affiliate store successfully.

Evolup - Create Your Affiliate Stores
Evolup – Create Your Affiliate Stores

It is a complete solution that eliminates the complexities that come with running e-commerce traditionally.

Key Features of Evolup:

  • Build a professional-looking affiliate store in minutes
  • Benefit from 50 pre-configured SEO optimizations
  • Monitor key metrics like traffic, conversions, and earnings

The Evolup freemium plan comes with limited features. A paid version with more features starts at $10 per month.

2. Voc AI

Voice of Customer AI is another interesting AI tool for Amazon sellers. Like the name suggests, this tool focuses on providing accurate sentiment analysis.

It covers aspects such as customer reviews, feedback, and social media mentions to deduce accurate perceptions and pain points. These aspects come in handy in product research.

Voice of Customer AI
Voice of Customer AI

Key Features of Voice of Customer AI:

  • Provides positive and negative customer sentiments
  • Identify key themes and recurring topics discussed by customers
  • Benchmark your brand against competitors
  • Receive data-driven suggestions for product improvement and marketing strategies

Pricing details: You can tree Voc for free or subscribe to the paid plans from $99.00/Month.

3. Sellesta AI

If you are struggling with your Amazon marketplace listing optimization, Sellesta AI will come to your rescue. It stands out for its focus on optimizing listings and boosting sales.

But beyond improving your listings, Sellesta.ai will help you with keyword research and competitor analysis to ensure that you stay above the raging competition in the Amazon marketplace.

Sellesta AI
Sellesta AI

Key Features of Sellesta AI:

  • Generate comprehensive suggestions for improving product titles
  • Strategies and insights to boost sales performance.
  • Tools for analyzing competitors and market trends.
  • Algorithms for optimizing pricing strategies.
  • Receive a score indicating the effectiveness of your listing
  • Gain insights into advertising campaign performance
  • Analyze customer reviews to understand customer sentiment
  • Sellesta offers customized pricing plans.

4. AI Listing Architect

Still, on creating high-converting product listings, AI Listing Architect by SmartScout is another incredible tool that you may need to consider.

AI Listing Architect is popular for its versatile range of solution-oriented AI technologies. They do not disappoint with the Listing Architect.

AI Listing Architect
AI Listing Architect

This tool leverages Amazon algorithm data to generate high-quality descriptions and find the best keywords.

Key Features of AI Listing Architect:

  • Create and edit listings with a user-friendly interface
  • Evaluate brand performance and visibility
  • Seamlessly integrates with other SmartScout tools

AI Listing Architect tool offers a free 7-day trial with the basic plan starting at $25 per month.

5. Perci

While Perci is popular as a listing optimization tool, this amazing software goes beyond e-commerce listings. It comes with multilingual capabilities to ensure that you can translate your created listings into various languages.

Perci - Amazon Listing Optimization
Perci – Amazon Listing Optimization

Thus, it is a perfect tool for those looking to open doors beyond their local markets. If you are managing a large number of listings, Perci will easily generate your bulk listings and integrate them with spreadsheets.

Key Features of Perci:

  • Identify high-performing keywords to improve listing visibility
  • Optimize your listings for search engines
  • Generate persuasive product descriptions and titles
  • Create and translate listings into various languages
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art AI technology similar to ChatGPT

Perci offers various pricing plans starting from $24 – 6 listings/month.

6. Bezly

Unlike most tools that focus on keyword research or crafting listings and product descriptions, Bezly offers a unique approach that ensures you can read through Amazon customer reviews in no time.

Of course, the company markets this tool as an interesting product for shoppers who intend to make proper informed decisions. Bezly still comes in handy for sellers who feel that reading customer reviews is overwhelming.

Bezly - AI Summary for Amazon Reviews
Bezly – AI Summary for Amazon Reviews

Key Features of Bezly:

  • Uses AI to summarize Amazon reviews eliminating scrolling through tens or hundreds of reviews
  • Saves time in arriving at decisions on products to promote
  • Features an intuitive extension

Bezly’s free version has up to 20 credits per month while you can purchase more credits for $5 for every 100 credits.

7. ProductListing.ai

ProductListing.ai is another interesting addition to this review. It uses a set of algorithms and advanced machine-learning techniques to generate amazing product descriptions and ensure that your listings align with Amazon’s standards and best practices.

Even more, ProductListing.ai can help you to identify the right keywords for better product disability.


Key Features of ProductListing.ai:

  • Optimizes listings for search engines
  • Can control the level of automation to give your content a voice that matches your brand
  • Offers multilingual support for up to 5 major languages

ProductListing.ai offers custom pricing to meet the needs of various brands.

8. SoStocked

If you find Amazon inventory management overwhelming, you can bank on SoStocked to ease your hassle.

With over 1,000 happy clients since its inception, this platform uses an exciting range of features to centralize your inventory management, automate your inventory forecasting, and provide you with timely and accurate data-driven insights.

SoStocked - Amazon Inventory Management Software
SoStocked – Amazon Inventory Management Software

Key Features of SoStocked:

  • Analyze key metrics such as sales velocity and lead times
  • Automate key tasks like stock transfers and reordering to free up your time
  • Track inventory levels on marketplaces
  • Can effectively group products into various criteria

SoStocked offers various payment plans starting from $158 per month.

9. JungleScout

You cannot ignore the importance of Jungle Scout’s contribution in the e-commerce industry. It is an incredible tool for sellers looking for an all-in-one platform to streamline their e-commerce processes.

You can use the platform for product research, advertising management, and marketplace intelligence among others.

Jungle Scout - Amazon Seller Software
Jungle Scout – Amazon Seller Software

JungleScout goes beyond just AI-powered features, offering a broad spectrum of tools catering to various aspects of Amazon selling, making it a one-stop solution for many sellers.

Key Features of JungleScout:

  • Identify profitable product ideas
  • Track market trends, and competitor activity, and identify potential opportunities
  • Manage inventory levels, track supplier performance, and receive automated alerts
  • Create, manage, and optimize advertising campaigns
  • Monitor product ranking for targeted keywords
  • Utilize the Chrome extension for quick tasks

JungleScout offers 3 payment plans and a custom option for those with flexible needs.

10. RepricerExpress

If you are looking for an outright Amazon repricer, you should settle on RepricerExpress. This popular platform offers automated repricing solutions for both eBay and Amazon sellers.

It utilizes various top-notch techniques to adjust product prices in real-time. Thus, this performance-oriented AI tool will ensure that you remain competitive in the ever-changing marketplace while maximizing your profits.


Key Features of RepricerExpress:

  • Monitor competitor pricing and adjust your prices strategically
  • Set minimum and maximum price limits
  • Integrate with your inventory management system
  • Offers pre-made repricing templates and customizable strategies

RepricerExpress offers 3 payment plans and a custom option for those with flexible needs.

11. Helium 10

Helium 10 is a jack of all trades in the world of AI tools for Amazon sellers. The robust software takes pride in more than 30 web-based tools and a Chrome extension that can assist Walmart and Amazon sellers enhance various aspects of their businesses.

It leverages powerful data analysis to provide valuable insights into market trends, competitor activity, product profitability estimation, and keyword research.

Helium 10
Helium 10

Key Features of Helium 10:

  • Utilize tools like Black Box and Cerebro to identify profitable product ideas
  • Discover relevant keywords, estimate search volume, and identify competition
  • Optimize product listings with keyword suggestions
  • Track market trends, and competitor activity, and identify potential opportunities
  • Manage inventory levels and track supplier performance

Helium 10 Offers 3 pricing plans starting from $29/month when billed annually.

12. Pixmap

While Pixmap leverages machine learning techniques, it works differently from your average top AI tools for Amazon sellers. It focuses on optimizing product images for Amazon listings.

Besides, it is arguably the most mobile-friendly tool on this platform and is available as an app on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Key Features of Pixmap:

  • Create attention heatmaps to unveil areas of utmost visual interest
  • Leverages coloring to identify the most frequent products on the image
  • Uses text captures to draw attention where necessary
  • You can either use it as an API, web platform, or mobile app
  • Provides real-time reports with unmatched accuracy

13. SellerApp

SellerApp is one of the most popular 360-degree Amazon marketplace tools that comes with a comprehensive range of functionalities.

It focuses on various aspects of Amazon’s sales process optimization. Among the services that this tool offers include streamlining listings as well as optimizing general seller profile optimization.

SellerApp - Amazon All In One Seller Tool
SellerApp – Amazon All In One Seller Tool

Key Features of SellerApp:

  • Identify low-competition keywords with relatively high volume
  • Optimize listings with keyword suggestions
  • Analyze product profitability
  • Generate timely reports on various aspects of your business

SellerApp offers various subscription plans based on features and the number of managed ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers).

14. CopyMonkey

Anyone looking for speed and accuracy on Amazon listings will certainly consider CopyMonkey. This tool is designed to transform how you optimize your product listing.

Unlike some AI tools offering a broader range of functionalities, CopyMonkey is laser-focused on optimizing product listings, making it ideal for sellers who prioritize this aspect of their business.

CopyMonkey - Create Optimized Amazon Listing
CopyMonkey – Create Optimized Amazon Listing

Key Features of CopyMonkey:

  • Utilize CopyMonkey’s keyword suggestions to make your listings discoverable
  • Analyze competitor listings to identify their strengths
  • Seamlessly integrate CopyMonkey with your Seller Central account

CopyMonkey offers a free plan with other payable plans starting at $24/month.

15. eDesk

Customer satisfaction enhances the success of your business. However one of the challenges that most Amazon sellers go through is maintaining effective communication with their customers.

Incorporating eDesk into your seller profile helps to centralize and streamline all your communications to ensure that all customers are attended to promptly.

eDesk - Faster, Smarter Customer Support
eDesk – Faster, Smarter Customer Support

Key Features of eDesk:

  • Respond to messages from Amazon, other marketplaces, email, social media, and your website
  • Manage customer inquiries from various channels in one place.
  • Assign tickets to specific agents and prioritize inquiries
  • Set up automated responses and triggers
  • View detailed order information within customer tickets for better context
  • Track key metrics like response times and resolution rates

eDesk offers various subscription plans based on the number of support agents and message volume.

16. Quartile

We end this review with Quartile, a powerful AI tool that focuses on optimizing Amazon Pay-Per-Click advert campaigns.

It automates PPC tasks such as bid adjustment, keyword research, and campaign structures to ensure that your campaigns meet your goals. This is a pretty unique functionality as very few tools focus on this.

Quartile - AI Advertising Automation Platform
Quartile – AI Advertising Automation Platform

Key Features of Quartile:

  • Optimizes your campaigns for key metrics such as CTR and ROAS
  • Leverages both AI algorithms and human PPC experts
  • Identify campaign areas for improvements

Quartile requires a demo call to discuss specific needs and determine pricing.


The tools discussed in this article offer a range of features tailored to various aspects of Amazon selling, from listing optimization and keyword research to competitor analysis and sales enhancement strategies.

As the e-commerce industry continues to evolve, the adoption of AI tools will become increasingly crucial for sellers looking to succeed and grow their businesses.

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