18 Best AI-Powered Tools for HR Professionals in 2024

Just like with the rest of several other industries, artificial intelligence has remarkable footprints in the human resource industry.

These intuitive AI tools are indispensable for HR professionals as they will help you streamline various processes and improve overall efficiency.

Notably, the best AI tools for human resource professionals are transformative tools that will help you reshape traditional approaches and revolutionize manage your professional tasks.

From the complexities of asset acquisition to the intrigues of employee engagement, and challenges that come with workforce optimization, AI tools guarantee efficiency, strategic insight, and accuracy.

The workforce remains the most valuable asset for every business. This blog post provides you with the best AI tools for human resource professionals.

What is a Human Resource AI Tool

AI tools for HR are a range of applications or programs that aim to streamline and enhance various aspects of your human resource management systems. They leverage AI and machine learning (ML) to automate and enhance HR functions.

Besides providing basic automation, these tools can also analyze data, identify patterns, and provide predictive insights for proper decision-making and strategic planning.

In a nutshell, AI tools provide HR professionals with valuable force multipliers. This allows HR teams to work smarter and achieve better outcomes.

You can use them to enhance your recruitment and talent acquisition, employee onboarding, performance management, employee engagement, and employee retention.

Why Should You Consider AI Tools In HR

Undoubtedly, using HR AI tools is a necessity, and integrating it into your system comes with an exciting range of advantages.

Notable advantages include.

  • AI automates repetitive tasks in HR, such as screening resumes and freeing up HR professionals for strategic work. This enhancement in efficiency allows HR professionals to save valuable time.
  • It helps analyze vast amounts of data to swiftly and accurately identify the best candidates for open positions.
  • Advanced data analytics tools in AI offer insights into workforce trends, employee performance, and organizational health.
  • AI reduces costs associated with repetitive tasks and efficiently scales up to meet growing HR demands.
  • Leverage AI, including chatbots and virtual assistants, for personalized support. This enhances employee experiences from onboarding to learning and development, fostering engaging interactions and reducing chaos.

Trends and Statistics on AI Tools for HR Professionals

The following trends and stats will define the future of AI in HR.

  • According to a report by Gardner, at least 60% of large organizations will adopt AI for talent acquisition by 2026.
  • AI can reduce administrative work in the HR industry by up to 50%.
  • Using AI tools will boost your chances of finding qualified candidates by up to 55%.
  • Up to 84% of HR professionals are confident that these tools increase productivity.
  • According to Oracle, over 73% of employees are willing to welcome AI into their workplaces.
  • Approximately 78% of Human Resources (HR) departments incorporate AI for the management of employee records.
  • According to research conducted by IDC, it is projected that by 2024, 80% of large enterprises will utilize AI for making decisions related to hiring, firing, and training.
  • Currently, around 25% of organizations employ AI for various HR functions. Studies indicate a noteworthy increase in the adoption of AI for HR-related tasks.

Best AI Tools for Human Resource Professionals

Now to our countdown of the best AI tools for HR professionals in 2024 and beyond, the following options will come in handy.

1. JuiceBox

If you are looking for an outright AI tool for AI professionals, JuiceBox is an incredible option. This cutting-edge search engine focuses on streamlining and enhancing recruitment processes.

It differentiates itself from competitors by utilizing natural language processing to understand the nuances of job descriptions and candidate profiles, leading to more efficient and targeted searches.

Juicebox - AI Powered People Search
Juicebox – AI Powered People Search

Notably, this search engine helps to automate tedious tasks like searching and filtering. It can also analyze profiles to identify relevant skills and experiences.

Moreover, you can use it to personalize email templates without changing your tone.

Key Features of JuiceBox:

  • Real-time search result updates
  • Candidate contact information retrieval
  • Integration with popular recruiting platforms
  • Reduced risk of human error
  • Time-saving capabilities

Apart from the free plan, JuiceBox offers various pricing options starting from $79.0.

2. VanillaHR

Another dedicated HR tool that you may consider is VanillaHR. Also known as the Simple Hiring Platform, this tool is a masterstroke in recruitment technology.

It is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that offers an all-encompassing solution to common recruitment challenges.

VanillaHR - AI Hiring Platform
VanillaHR – AI Hiring Platform

Using advanced machine learning capabilities, vanilla promises to handle an interesting range of HR tasks, and it lives up to the promise.

You can rely on this platform to handle your payroll management, employee onboarding, and applicant tracking among other tasks.

Key Features of VanillaHR

  • Intuitive job posting and application management
  • AI-powered resume parsing and candidate screening
  • Collaboration tools for team communication
  • Integrated video interviewing (VanillaHR Meet)
  • Customization options for workflows and branding
  • Advanced reporting and analytics

VanillaHR offers a single pricing plan at $79 per user per month.

3. Arclight HR

And if you are into software development, the best AI tool that you may be looking for is Arclight HR. This platform focuses on helping IT companies find and onboard software developers who can be deployed remotely.

Leveraging OpenAI’s GPT-4 and its intuitive HireAI, you can trust Arclight HR to automate various tasks like candidate outreach and resume screening to provide a shortlist of the best candidates for your job description.


This tool perfectly aligns with the current trend for remote work models and aims to meet the growing demand for skilled and reliable remote talent.

Key Features of Arclight HR:

  • Automation of tasks like writing job descriptions
  • AI-powered candidate matching and ranking
  • Enhancing efficiency in recruitment processes
  • Focus on accuracy and reducing bias in hiring practices
  • Offers various skills assessment tools
  • A global network of remote developers

Arclight HR offers a free job posting option for unvetted positions or a pricing structure of 15%-20% of the first-year base salary for more advanced features.

4. HollyHires

HollyHires is another incredible option that makes it to this review. This virtual recruitment assistant aims to help startups streamline their talent acquisition process.

It efficiently automates your tasks and allows you to acquire talent on autopilot, making it a cost-effective tool for HR professionals.


Notably, HollyHires stands out as a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for early-stage companies that are looking to streamline their recruitment process.

Key Features of HollyHires:

  • Automated candidate sourcing and outreach
  • Job description creation and optimization
  • Candidate screening and ranking based on skills
  • Scheduling and interview management tools
  • Chrome Extension for guiding candidates to book interviews
  • Ability to engage with users in a human-like manner

HollyHires offers a pricing plan starting at $100 per month, providing access to its AI-powered recruitment features.

5. Attract.ai

Attract.ai stands out for two vital HR functions. Firstly, it helps HR professionals like you to expand their talent pool. Attract.ai also helps to improve candidate engagement throughout the often-tedious recruitment process.


This tool will help you source, engage, and nurture potential candidates to ensure that you attract top talent and build a strong brand as an employer.

You can search millions of candidate profiles in seconds across almost 50 social media platforms.

Key Features of Attract.ai:

  • Engagement tools for personalized outreach and messaging
  • Candidate relationship management (CRM) functionalities
  • Team collaboration features for shared talent pools and communication
  • Integrations with popular applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  • Employer branding tools to showcase company culture and attract talent

Attract.ai’s pricing structure is not readily available on their website.

6. ChatGPT

While ChatGPT is popular as a language generation model and not a dedicated HR tool, you can adapt it to help you with a range of HR functions.

ChatGPT OpenAI
ChatGPT OpenAI

It does not have HR-specific functions, however, you can use it to schedule interviews, generate draft outreach emails, create a list of career-specific questions, and answer frequently asked questions from potential candidates.

Key Features of ChatGPT:

  • Can automate routine and repetitive tasks in HR
  • Improving the onboarding experience
  • Ensuring compliance with HR policies and regulations
  • Enhancing employee engagement

ChatGPT offers a free basic access option, with a paid version called ChatGPT-4.

7. ClickUp AI

Another multipurpose tool that you can use for HR functions is ClickUp AI a subsidiary of the popular ClickUp project management platform.

While it does not stand out as a dedicated HR platform, this smart assistant works perfectly if you want to automate tasks, generate documents, or summarize information.

ClickUp AI
ClickUp AI

The automation capabilities make it a perfect platform for various industries including engineering, sales, and HR.

For HR professionals, you can use ClickUp AI to consolidate vital functions like communication, goal tracking, document storage, and task management, among others on a single hub.

Key Features of ClickUp AI

  • Role-specific AI tools tailored for different departments
  • Integration within the app for easy access
  • Pre-built prompts for quick use without needing AI prompting skills
  • Customizable prompts for various job roles
  • Real-time support and assistance for employees
  • Enhancing workflow efficiency and productivity

ClickUp AI is available as an add-on feature for all paid plans at an additional cost of $5 per user.

8. Workable

Workable stands out as a leading hiring and recruitment software. It leverages AI to streamline talent acquisition and management.

Unlike your traditional applicant tracking systems, this platform offers a comprehensive suite of automated tools that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your hiring processes.

Workable Recruiting Software
Workable Recruiting Software

Workable offers a comprehensive solution that covers the entire recruitment funnel. Thus, you can rely on it to handle anything from job posting and candidate screening to interview scheduling, onboarding, and performance management.

Key Features of Workable:

  • AI-powered candidate recommendations
  • Saves time by automatically filtering resumes
  • Streamlines scheduling, communication, and note-taking during the interview process
  • Offers features to track employee performance and goal-setting
  • Provides insights into your recruitment process
  • Candidate profile creation based on public information

Workable offers a freemium version but with limited features. You can go for paid plans from as low as $149 per month for more features.

9. Toptal

Anyone looking to hire the cream from the freelancing world will consider Toptal. Among the fields where you may find the best candidates using this platform include AI, blockchain development, and machine learning.

While this platform doesn’t fall within the category of dedicated AI tools, it stands out as a top freelance marketplace that will connect your business with skilled, pre-vetted professionals.

Toptal - Remote Freelance Jobs
Toptal – Remote Freelance Jobs

Key Features of Toptal:

  • The intensive screening process for talent selection
  • A global network of remote freelancers
  • Customized talent selection based on company needs
  • Options for hourly, part-time, or full-time contracts
  • Helps identify missing skills within your team and suggests relevant talent
  • Monitors freelancer performance and provides feedback mechanisms

Toptal does not have a set pricing structure. Instead, businesses pay an hourly rate directly to the chosen freelancer.

10. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit remains one of the best cloud-based applicant tracking systems that you may consider. It features an AI assistant that streamlines and optimizes the hiring process in an unbeatable manner.

Zoho Recruit
Zoho Recruit

Of course, many companies are wary about the pricing of most AI tools for human resource pros. But compared to its competitors, Zoho Recruit offers a competitive price point. This makes it an incredible choice for startups with budget constraints.

Key Features of Zoho Recruit:

  • AI recruitment involving predictive analysis
  • Automation of tasks like job posting and candidate sourcing
  • Pre-defined workflows and recruitment hierarchies
  • Analytics for cutting time to hire in half
  • Integration with other Zoho products

Zoho Recruit offers a free plan with limited features.

11. Fetcher

While the market has several top AI tools for HR professionals, finding a top-notch all-in-one platform is often a tedious undertaking. This is where Fetcher comes in.

This comprehensive talent intelligence platform is the kind of tool that you need if you intend to streamline both the outsourcing and outreach processes.

Fetcher: AI Candidate Sourcing Tools for Recruiters
Fetcher: AI Candidate Sourcing Tools for Recruiters

Notably, it automates the sourcing process by scouring vast databases and proactively identifying potential candidates based on your specific criteria. You will in turn save some valuable time for other tasks.

Key Features of Fetcher:

  • Automation of candidate searches and pipeline management
  • Customizable search criteria for tailored results
  • Sends personalized email outreach messages to potential candidates
  • Monitors candidate engagement with job postings and outreach messages

Fetcher offers a freemium plan with Limited to 50 profiles per month, allowing you to test its functionalities before committing.

12. Paradox.ai

Paradox is a recruitment assistant that utilizes software to help HR professionals accomplish various recruitment tasks. This AI-powered tool functions like a typical virtual assistant by leveraging NLP and automation to make complex presses in hiring a breeze.

Thus, unlike other traditional ATSs, Paradox uses a conversational interface to interact with candidates in a manner that mimics human communication.


This personal approach is more engaging for both HR professionals and prospective recruits.

Key Features of Paradox.ai:

  • Helps candidates schedule interviews with available time slots
  • Uses chatbots to pre-screen candidates and answer basic questions
  • Provides AI-powered tools to assess basic skills and knowledge
  • Automates onboarding tasks like sending welcome emails and collecting necessary documents
  • Offers AI-powered tools to provide feedback to candidates after the interview stage

Paradox offers a pricing plan tailored to the specific needs of each organization.

13. Recrooit

Unlike most tools in this review that focus on matching the best candidates with job descriptions, Recrooit works very differently.

It is not your typical AI powered tool but a referral-based recruitment software that capitalizes on social networks to allow you to refer candidates to job postings.

Recrooit - Referral Job Network
Recrooit – Referral Job Network

Besides referring candidates, you can also find jobs using AI tools. More interestingly, this innovative model allows gamifies this process for both prospective employers and those looking to refer qualified candidates to job postings.

Key Features of Recrooit:

  • You can conveniently share job openings with your networks
  • Provides an overview of the referral progress
  • Offers financial rewards to users whose referrals result in successful hires
  • Innovative referral system for recruiting

Recrooit offers a freemium plan with limited features, allowing individuals and small companies to test the platform.

14. Zavvy

Of course, most of the tools that we have reviewed in this series focus more on hiring and onboarding. Zavvy is pretty different because it aims to assist human resource professionals and managers on various aspects of the employee performance review process.

Zavvy - The People Enablement Platform
Zavvy – The People Enablement Platform

It offers tools to create personalized career development plans, track performance goals, and provide feedback to employees.

This comprehensive approach aimed to empower and motivate employees to grow and develop.

Key Features of Zavvy:

  • Conducting 360° performance reviews with ease.
  • Tools for fair and comprehensive employee assessments.
  • Streamlined feedback mechanisms for employees and managers.
  • Provided suggestions for writing feedback and finding learning resources

Zavvy offers custom pricing for each organization depending on your needs.

15. Effy AI

Another performance management software worth including in this list of best AI tools for human resource professionals is Effy AI.

Like Zavvy, Effy AI streamlines the entire review process for HR employees and professionals.

Effy AI - Performance Management Software
Effy AI – Performance Management Software

Besides, this tool can effectively generate accurate and up-to-date reports to help improve your performance reviews. It takes pride in its user-friendly interface, making it a perfect bet for anyone without any technical know-how.

Key Features of Effy AI:

  • Uses AI to analyze feedback text and generate key insights and summaries
  • Provides pre-built templates and customizable options
  • Helps employees and managers set SMART goals
  • Generates comprehensive reports with key metrics

Effy has a premium plan that comes with limited features.

16. Leena AI

It is impossible to review the best AI tools without mentioning Leena AI. This conventional AI platform comes in handy for HR, Finance, and IT professionals for supporting employee experience in an unbeatable manner.

Leena AI - Employee Experience Platform
Leena AI – Employee Experience Platform

Thus, the enterprise virtual assistant allows employees and accomplish tasks within a chat interface. Leena AI centralizes knowledge within your organization and streamlines access to information to ensure that teams can succeed faster.

Key Features of Leena AI:

  • Integration with various knowledge base systems
  • Tailored responses based on employee roles, teams, and access levels.
  • Facilitates submission and tracking of employee inquiries
  • Assists with HR tasks like leave requests, benefits information, and policy inquiries

Leena AI does not publicly disclose its pricing structure. They offer custom quotes based on various factors.

17. Entelo

We end this review with another interesting tool, Entelo. This cloud-based platform leverages AI and machine learning to assist HR professionals source and engaging top talent.

Don’t get this twisted. Entelo isn’t your ordinary job board. Instead, it sources candidates from a diverse range of public databases, social media, and professional networks.

Key Features of Entelo:

  • Utilizes machine learning to find qualified candidates
  • Source-to-hire automation technology for efficient recruitment processes.
  • Best-in-class managed services to support HR teams
  • Focus on delivering tangible results through AI-driven solutions.
  • Integration with various platforms for seamless recruitment management.

Entelo does not offer a publicly available pricing structure. They provide custom quotes based on an array of factors.

18. SkillPool

Just like the name suggests, you can use SkillPool to streamline and simplify talent acquisition. It uses modern AI resume screening technology to match candidates against the desired criteria.

This intuitive process evaluates both hard and soft skills as long as the previous work experience of each candidate.


Therefore, SkillPool stands out for its ability to streamline hiring processes, identify exclusive talent, and minimize errors during recruitment.

Key Features of SkillPool:

  • Resume parsing and automatic skill extraction
  • Job description optimization suggestions
  • Collaboration features for team hiring decisions
  • Integrations with popular applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  • It assesses both technical skills and interpersonal abilities.

You can get started without any cost. However, two subscription-based plans are available if you are looking for more credits.


Integrating AI tools in human resources undoubtedly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of HR processes. These tools, ranging from HR software to automation platforms, play a crucial role in streamlining recruitment, performance management, and employee engagement.

You can enhance decision-making, optimize workflows, and ultimately improve the overall employee experience using these intuitive tools. As organizations continue to adopt AI tools like Leena AI, Effy, and others, the future of HR management is poised for further transformation toward greater productivity and success.

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