10 Best Job Search Engines to Find Your Dream Job

Are you in need of a job but don’t know how to go about searching for one? Figuring out which job search websites are legitimate especially when one is new to using the internet to search for different job positions.

Today, we bring you a list of the most reliable job search engines that you can access from the comfort of your home and they are listed in no particular order.

1. AngelList

AngelList is a popular platform where you can find tech jobs in companies across the world. According to its report, 26,810 of the world’s best tech companies and startups are hiring on AngelList!

AngelList enables you to apply for jobs privately and directly (no middlemen required) and to see the salary up-front. It has a nifty tool that allows you to compare job salaries given factors like benefits, etc.

It has positions for designers, product analysts, software engineers, etc. If you want to work in any of the most popular tech companies, AngelList is a good place to start searching.

2. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a popular platform for searching for jobs with over eight million job listings. Given the large database of available jobs on the site, it features advanced filters to help you narrow your job search to your preference and it gives you the option to apply for jobs straight away.

It also features a free account and well-organized job position details.

3. Indeed

Indeed is an easy-to-use tool for searching for jobs. Create a free account and you can choose to apply for jobs immediately or save them to apply later. Jobs are listed on Indeed together with relevant information like type, location, experience level required, etc.

With a free account, you can upload your resume to speed up the job application process and you can choose to receive email updates on jobs you are interested in.

4. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow made a name for itself for creating a community where developers can post questions and get solutions to the problems they experience from other developers.

In the same spirit of community, Stack Overflow has a section for developer jobs where you can find lists for front-end, back-end, game, and mobile development. You can choose to browse using the available filters or search by using the entry field.

Stack Overflow is completely free and what’s even better is their comparative list of developer jobs every year.

5. Job.com

Job.com is an agency that uses blockchain technology to curate a list of jobs from companies anywhere in the world.

They enable you to deal with employers directly and offer 5% of your annual salary paid to you in job tokens which as a signing bonus. You can convert your tokens into cash, leave them as tokens, or invest with them.

When you register as a candidate looking for a job you will be asked to upload your resume after which their A.I tools will do its best to match you with the most compatible positions available.

6. Monster

Monster is a reliable job-searching platform due to the fact that it has successfully connected people with their future jobs for 20 years and counting!

On its website, you can browse its list by category, posted date, entry requirements, etc to search for jobs you like or be as specific as you can with the search query that you type into its search field.

Its free account allows you to manage resumes, cover letters, monitor job postings, etc.

7. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is a popular networking platform that is also interested in boosting careers by connecting users with potential recruiters. LinkedIn Jobs is a “branch” of LinkedIn dedicated to helping you find jobs and meet recruiters.

Coupled with its job search filters, you can make use of resume writers, career and interview coaches, etc.

8. SkipTheDrive

SkipTheDrive makes the process of finding remote jobs a lot easier by using filters to display its list of relevant job results. You can choose to find jobs on the website via keywords a browse by its category list of jobs.

SkiptheDrive requires no registration and it completely free for job seekers. It also has a database of remote part-time jobs from reliable companies so be sure to check it out.

9. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a service with job listings for programmers, copywriters, designers, and marketers who fancy working remotely and it has a reported number of 2,500,000 visitors every month!

We Work Remotely allows you to search for jobs by browsing its organized job lists on the homepage or typing keywords into its search field.

It also features a newsletter that can update you on the latest job postings relevant to your search coupled with a number of useful content links to help you on your job hunt.

10. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is another job searching platform that will help you bag your dream job. Like with the other sites, you can subscribe to a newsletter for job list updates, browser jobs by categories, and search using keywords and locations.

What is unique about CareerBuilder is that it allows you to choose up to 3 categories. That way, you can see how the numbers stack up against each other and make a better job choice.

That wraps up our list for job searching websites but there are other jobs searching websites worthy of mention like Robert Half, The Ladders, Glassdoor, and Dice.

We hope that you get the job you need and feel free to tell us about your experience with any of the websites listed here or elsewhere in the comments section below.

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