Tracktion 7 – A Full Featured Digital Audio Workstation for Music Creators

FossMint has covered software for audio creation and manipulation in the past (e.g. Ardour and Audacity) and we even covered Operating Systems created with media creation in focus (e.g Ubuntu Studio and AV Linux).

Today, we bring you an amazing tool for professional use that anybody with an interest in music creation and time can easily make use of. It goes by the name of Tracktion 7.

Tracktion 7 is a free, cross-platform, DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for music creators of all classes. It features an equalizer, input, waveform, level, pan, and plugins which are all displayed left-to-right in an intuitive single-screen interface.

Its users have access to an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks coupled with tools to facilitate easier music composing, recording, mixing, and sharing processes.

Tracktion 7 features a beautiful “Blue Steel” User Interface that makes the work environment user-friendly. All its tools open in the same window, however, in a designated area, and this makes it easier to keep track of all the tools in use at any point in time.

Features in Tracktion 7

  • Free to download and use for commercial purposes.
  • Cross-platform: available for Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux users.
  • Supports VST/AU/Linux plugins.
  • Step Sequencer.
  • Work with unlimited MIDI and audio tracks.
  • Warp time.
  • Drag-and-drop support.
  • Clip layer effects.
  • Freeze Point Technology.
  • LFO generators
  • Synchronize videos with audio.
  • Latency management.
  • Pitch Fades
  • A user manual and several tutorials on the website.
  • A user forum for the community experience.

Tracktion 7 is one of its kind in the sense that it is completely free and places no track, plugin, etc limitations on its users, unlike alternative low-cost DAW offers.

The reason for this is because they think you

will enjoy using the app so much, you will discover the value in investing in our latest versions and the expanded features we are voraciously adding.

The Tracktion 7 team is driven by innovation and this is visible in how well-organized the DAW is. It requires modest CPU specs and is ideal for beginner and professional creators alike.

It is free so just register an account with them to collect a download link.

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Do you have a lot of experience with Digital Audio Workstations? Are you happy about Tracktion’s decision to release this full version for free? Tracktion 7 is my favourite free DAW till further notice. It is not open-source, though. That’s a bummer for some.

Share your opinions with us as you drop your comments in the section below.

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