7 AI Tools That Will Blow Your Mind in 2024

AI is rapidly growing in popularity and quietly (or not so quietly) impacting our lives in countless ways. From the way we shop online to the content we see on social media, AI algorithms are working behind the scenes to personalize experiences and optimize processes.

And without a doubt, AI tools are a game-changer. But AI isn’t just for big tech companies anymore. You can now experience the power of the best AI tools right in our daily lives and from as simple gadgets are our smartphones.

In fact, there are a growing number of user-friendly AI tools available that can boost your creativity, productivity, and even your fun factor.

This article will explore some of the mind-blowing AI tools that you can try today. We will look into what each tool does, how it can benefit you, and why it might just leave you saying “Wow, that’s amazing!”.

Let’s go!

1. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is an AI voice platform that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with synthetic speech. It’s not your average text-to-speech (TTS) tool. ElevenLabs boasts a massive voice library with a wide range of languages and accents.

Therefore, you can flawlessly generate ultra-realistic voices for various creative projects.

ElevenLabs - AI Voice Generator
ElevenLabs – AI Voice Generator

You can enjoy all voice tools from this platform. This is unbeatable for AI software in its category. With rates of up to 128 kbps, this software stands out amongst its competitors.

Also worth noting is that Elevenlabs takes pride in some of the most human-quality voices that you will find in the world of AI.

Key Features of Elevenlabs:

  • Generates lifelike voices that are indistinguishable from real recordings
  • Choose from pre-built voices or finetune aspects like emotion, pacing, and tone
  • You can clone a specific voice to replicate an audiobook or narration
  • Upload an audio and convert it to a different voice
  • Organize your audio projects with chapters and seamless switching between voices

2. Pika Art

Do you want to create stunning videos simply by describing your ideas? Pika, the “idea-to-video platform”, makes this a reality with its powerful AI engine.

You can make amazing videos by feeding Pika descriptions, scripts, or even keywords. The AI takes your vision and translates it into captivating visuals.

Pika Art
Pika Art

This AI tool is designed to revolutionize video creation by allowing users to generate cinematic videos simply by typing text descriptions.

Despite still being in beta, Pika Art shows immense potential to transform the way people create videos, catering to a wide range of content needs from educational videos to entertainment content like music videos and movies.

Key Features of Pika Art:

  • Create videos from text descriptions.
  • Generate videos from images.
  • Works on the web interface and Discord.
  • Accepts texts, images, and videos as inputs
  • Offers video upscaling and detailed manipulations
  • Produces detailed and pixel-perfect videos
  • Create sound effects to match your video’s mood and action

3. Leonardo AI

Do you like including images in your work or conversations but find it difficult to draw? Leonardo AI is here to take your artistic endeavors a notch higher.

With a growing community, Leonardo AI is attracting anyone looking to explore the potential of AI-assisted creativity. You can leverage this tool to create various art styles, from fantasy and sci-fi to lifelike portraits and buildings.

Leonardo AI - AI Art Generator
Leonardo AI – AI Art Generator

Among its top features is its ability to create and train custom models. The platform also includes editing tools to tweak images and an “image-to-image” feature that lets users take existing pictures and change them into something new.

Key Features of Leonardo AI:

  • Generates unique artwork and visual designs based on custom inputs and preferences
  • Applies artistic styles from famous artworks or user-selected references
  • Automatically enhances images and designs by optimizing colors or composition
  • Provides creative recommendations and insights to inspire and guide artistic decisions
  • Multiple users can work on projects simultaneously
  • Upload a reference picture and use it as a springboard
  • Fine-tune your creations with Leonardo’s built-in editing tools

4. Opus Pro

With over 3 million users worldwide, Opus Pro is a game-changer for content creators.

This AI-powered video repurposing tool helps you squeeze maximum value out of your existing long-form videos by transforming them into short, engaging clips perfect for platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels.

This video clipping tool uses AI to revolutionize content creation and storytelling. It utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze plot structures, character development, and narrative elements.

Opus Clip - AI-powered Video Repurposing
Opus Clip – AI-powered Video Repurposing

This capability ensures that you enjoy creative suggestions and enhancements to elevate storytelling experiences.

Notably, Opus Pro stands out for its ability to augment human creativity with AI-generated insights and suggestions. It will empower you to refine your ideas and craft compelling content with greater efficiency and impact.

Key Features of Opus Pro:

  • Provides feedback and suggestions on plot development
  • Generates ideas, dialogue suggestions, and scene descriptions based on your inputs
  • Offers customizable templates tailored to different storytelling genres
  • Facilitates visual storytelling with interactive storyboarding
  • Maintain brand consistency with Opus Pro’s customizable brand kit feature

5. ClipDrop

Unlike most tools already reviewed that come as single-feature software, ClipDrop isn’t just one tool.

Instead, it features a versatile combination of features designed to streamline your visual content creation workflow.

It combines AI and AR to enable users to capture images using their phone or any other devices, extract objects from these images, clean up the images, and seamlessly transfer them to other digital platforms or physical spaces.

Clipdrop byJasper
Clipdrop byJasper

And for the record, no more painstakingly erasing backgrounds! ClipDrop AI removes image backgrounds with impressive accuracy, saving you time and effort.

Moreover, you can effortlessly remove text from an image without any effect on the rest of the image.

Key Features of ClipDrop:

  • Captures images in real-time and extracts objects
  • Allows you to place extracted objects into real-world environments
  • Transfers edited images and extracted objects across devices
  • Provides intuitive tools for resizing, cropping, and enhancing captured images
  • Facilitates collaborative workflows by enabling you to share edited images
  • Offers a beta feature for AI image generation
  • ClipDrop’s upscaling feature uses AI to enhance image quality and resolution

6. KreadoAI

KreadoAI is an AI video creation platform that empowers you to produce professional-looking videos without needing a studio or even real-life actors.

It uses artificial intelligence to generate captivating oral presentations featuring digital characters or real people, all within a user-friendly interface.

KreadoAI - AI Video Generator
KreadoAI – AI Video Generator

This platform treats you to the convenience of choosing from a library of over 300 digital avatars, featuring diverse ethnicities, ages, and professions. You can even customize their appearance to match your brand or video concept.

Also worth noting is the software’s multilingual support. Can you imagine that you can use KreadoAI to create videos in a whopping 140 languages? That is what you stand to gain as this will open doors for reaching a global audience and creating localized content effortlessly.

Key Features of KreadoAI:

  • Multilingual video creation with real or virtual human characters
  • AI text dubbing for voice-over synthesis in various languages
  • Cost-effective solutions for marketing professionals
  • Simplified marketing creation processes
  • Enhanced advertising effectiveness and reduced costs

7. Magnific AI

Magnific AI excels at upscaling resolutions and enhancing details, transforming your photos and graphics into stunning, high-quality visuals perfect AI tool for anyone looking to enjoy professional-looking images.

Of course, that’s not all about Magnific AI, this intuitive tool goes beyond simple upscaling. It uses advanced AI to analyze and interpret your image, adding realistic details and textures to create a photorealistic or artistically enhanced look.

Magnific AI
Magnific AI

Magnific AI can reliably handle complex datasets and extract actionable intelligence, enabling users to uncover hidden patterns and optimize business processes effectively.

Key Features of Magnific AI:

  • Advanced AI upscale and enhancer
  • Customizable level of detail and creativity
  • “Creativity” slider to control AI-generated details
  • GPU processing for upscaling images

The AI industry is teeming with incredible tools that are reshaping industries and empowering individuals to achieve new levels of productivity and creativity.

As you’ve explored, AI is no longer a distant future concept. It’s here today, offering a horde of amazing tools.

From crafting hyper-realistic voices to generating captivating videos and breathing new life into your photos, these eight mind-blowing AI tools are just a glimpse into the vast potential of artificial intelligence.

So, why not dive in and experiment? Let AI be your creative partner, your productivity booster, and your gateway to a world of possibilities. You might be surprised by what you can achieve!

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