Top 5 English Language Courses from Udemy [2024]

The English language is an Indo-European language originally belonging to the West Germanic branch. It is the official language of Britain, the United States of America, and most of the commonwealth countries – facts that have been instrumental in making it the world’s most spoken language by a huge margin.

If you are not a native English speaker and are maybe preparing to study/ work in any International setting, then you will need to brush up on your speaking, listening, and writing skills. Will you be starting from scratch? We’ve got you covered too!

Udemy has at least 3.3 million students learning the English language so you’re sure to be spending your time on the content that matters the most.

All the courses contain several English listening and speaking practices and all you need is a computer or tablet with good speakers (if you wouldn’t be using headphones) and a positive attitude.

1. English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course

This English for Beginners speaking course is set up for beginner English speakers with an intensive syllabus containing 77 hours of language speaking and 1000 english language words.

By the end of this course, you should have reached the intermediate level with the ability to understand TV shows in English, expressions, and idioms, spell new words intuitively.

Last but not the least, you can start preparing for International English tests such as IELTS, GMAT, and TOEFL. With a total of 9 sections, 76h 59m total length and 63 lectures, this English for Beginners course costs $37.35.

English for Beginners - Intensive Spoken English Course
English for Beginners – Intensive Spoken English Course

2. Complete English Course: Learn English Language Beginners

This Complete English Course course is set up for students to learn from A1 to A2+ level – speaking, grammar, and pronunciation covered. By the end of the course, students should have been able to start speaking grammatically correct English with confidence, comprehend the English language in discussions, movies, news, and print media.

With a total of 2 sections and 45 lectures 9h 11m long in total, this English for Beginners course costs $33.73.

Complete English Course
Complete English Course

3. Master Native English Speaking Skills, Grammar, and More

The Master Native English course is designed to enable you to achieve English mastery in fluency by following a syllabus put together in a fun way. The lessons will enable you to easily handle a wide range of common situations, learn how to use English in advanced situations e.g. presentations, and how to sound natural as well as avoid common mistakes.

With a total of 30 sections and 170 lectures that last up to 15.24 hours in total, this discounted English course is going for only $37.35.

Master Native English
Master Native English

4. Speak English With Confidence: English Speaking Course

The Speak English With Confidence speaking course is designed to enable you to learn new vocabulary and start speaking about common, conversational topics confidently. By the end of the lessons, you should be able to sound more natural when speaking English, know how to improve yourself by listening to real-time conversations and learning from online activities.

Unlike most of the courses in this list, this Speak English With Confidence requires students to be at a pre-intermediate level of English i.e. (A2). With a total of 18 sections and 131 lectures lasting a total of 7h 8m hours, this course costs only $39.76.

Speak English With Confidence
Speak English With Confidence

5. Building Your English Brain

The Building Your English Brain course is a tutorial series designed to enable students to start thinking in English. This basically means that you would not have to make translations in your head before speaking – an ability that will enable you to become more fluent.

The course teaches how to form thoughts in English, follow a routine to build excellent habits, use new English vocabulary and phrases with confidence, connect and speak about abstract ideas. With a total of 4 sections and 3h 7m long 15 lectures, this Building Your English Brain course costs $32.53.


These courses are the most popular in Udemy’s collection. They have excellent ratings, active forums that you can contribute to and learn from, and they are all on discount for a limited period.

As you choose any one of them based on what your English language target is, you can rest assured knowing that it will be time well spent.

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