20 Best AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2024

In this fast-paced world of marketing, staying ahead of the curve is now more important than ever before. The art of marketing has irrevocably changed due to the invention of AI.

Elements in marketing such as predictive analytics, intelligent automation, hyper-targeted advertising, and personalized customer experiences have all been simplified with AI.

In marketing, you need to know about competitors, market trends, and what customers and potential buyers are saying about your product. There’s a lot of data out there, but it’s hard to manually source.

This is where AI marketing tools come into play, where you can quickly source information at scale.

Whether you’re looking to enhance content optimization, brand alignment, market research, sentiment analysis, or create customer-facing bots, this article has you covered.

With that said, here are some of the best AI marketing tools that are shaping the industry and empowering businesses to reach new heights.

1. Jasper AI (for Copywriting)

Jasper AI is a comprehensive platform designed to assist marketers in designing, optimizing, and publishing content more efficiently.

With Jasper AI, all it takes to produce outstanding content is a straightforward input. Jasper streamlines the process of creating content, be it blog entries, product descriptions, or marketing copy.

Jasper can do more than just text, through the use of its Jasper Art feature, it also provides image generation. This enables content producers to overcome writer’s block, generate unique visuals, and repackage content in many languages and formats without compromising the brand voice.

In addition, Jasper AI leverages AI-driven insights to optimize content for enhanced marketing results. Besides that, Jasper provides an AI chatbot that can write in more than 30 languages, come up with ideas, and edit content.

Jasper - Content Creation Tools
Jasper – Content Creation Tools

2. Lexica Art (for Blog Thumbnails)

Lexica Art is a robust platform that you can use to swiftly and effortlessly generate striking blog thumbnails. Through the aid of computational intelligence, Lexica Art enables content creators to generate visually appealing and engaging blog thumbnails that grab the curiosity of readers and boost communication.

With Lexica Art, you can blend and merge different styles seamlessly, resulting in captivating artwork that defies categorization. Whether you want to create blog thumbnails or any other visual content, Lexica Art can help you achieve outstanding and unique results.

Lexica Art
Lexica Art

3. Surfer SEO (for SEO Content Writing)

Surfer SEO simplifies the process of enhancing rankings on search engines, visibility, and organic traffic. It is trusted by over 150,000 content creators, SEOs, agencies, and teams.

Surfer guarantees that your content reads correctly and ranks successfully by giving you instant feedback on on-page SEO with its content editor. The tool’s AI functions, including Surfer AI and Surfy, ease the workflow that creates content by assisting in generating relevant keywords and ready-to-rank articles.

In addition, this tool is versatile and vital for content creators due to its wide range of on-page SEO features, its ease of use with various platforms like WordPress and Google Docs, and its broad range of add-ons.

Surfer SEO
Surfer SEO

4. Notion AI (for Productivity)

For product development teams seeking ways of improving productivity and creating new ideas, Notion AI is a game-changer. Whether you want to brainstorm new product ideas or summarize long documents, Notion AI is your go-to buddy for enhancing productivity and creativity.

With Notion AI, you can boost efficiency, create with ease, and think more creatively all at the convenience of your workplace at home. You can use it to develop content, improve your language and writing skills, and even create takeaways and action items.

Change how you work with Notion AI to find endless possibilities.

Notion-AI - Daily Life Tools
Notion-AI – Daily Life Tools

5. Content at Scale (for Generating SEO Blog Posts)

Content at Scale is an AI-powered solution designed to simplify content production. It allows you to generate full blog posts using just a keyword. By leveraging AI, it substantially reduces the manual effort required for research, writing, and editing.

Content at Scale employs advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to generate humanlike content. You can input a keyword or topic, and the tool creates a complete blog post based on your input. The content produced is optimized for search engines, making it perfect for SEO purposes.

This tool also ensures that the generated content is of high quality and tailored to your target audience. Besides that, the tool places a strong emphasis on SEO-driven content, helping you rank higher in search engine results.

Whether you’re a marketer or blogger, this tool can help you increase your online presence and grow your content output.

Content at Scale - for Generating SEO Blog Post
Content at Scale – for Generating SEO Blog Posts

6. Originality AI (for AI Content Detection)

Originality AI is a comprehensive tool designed to ensure integrity in creating content. To fulfill the needs of website owners, content marketers, writers, and publishers, it offers an extensive set of features consisting of an AI plagiarism checker, fact checker, and readability checker.

Marketing entities can manage a vast amount of content, verify content, and improve their chances of creating content that performs highly for customers through the use of Originality AI.

It is a vital tool for ensuring the value and distinctiveness of published content, thanks to its user-friendly design and industry-leading AI detection capabilities.

Originality.ai - Accurate AI and Plagiarism Checker
Originality.ai – Accurate AI and Plagiarism Checker

7. Writer.com (Content Writing for Teams)

Writer.com offers entities with a full-stack generative AI solution that optimizes efficiency and precision while safeguarding data.

To increase the benefit gained from a range of data development activities, the platform offers users a link to a family of models known as Palmyra LLMs that have been designed for business writing and marketing data.

Writer’s platform abstracts complexity, allowing businesses to design distinctive AI apps for a range of different use cases, which include digital assistants, content generation, summarizing, or data analysis, with efficiency. It focuses on precision, safety, and specific industry adjustments.

Writer.com - Content Writing for Teams
Writer.com – Content Writing for Teams

8. Undetectable AI (for Writing AI Content)

Undetectable AI is a fantastic tool you can use to humanize AI content and by passing  AI detection. You can also create highly optimized, keyword-researched fragments faster than ever.

With the tool, you can create an array of article designs, like listicles, tutorials, comparisons, reviews, how-to guides, and simple instructions.

Undetectable AI’s SEO Content Writer is a game-changing resource for creating content and SEO, as it can bypass AI detection systems and create content that matches human writing quality.

Undetectable AI
Undetectable AI

9. FullStory (for digital experiences)

Among the leading technologies for digital experience intelligence is FullStory, which provides comprehensive information on user interactions and routines.

It offers entities an in-depth comprehension of the digital experience by acquiring data that is both quantitative and qualitative, enabling users to increase customer satisfaction and online exposure.

With features such as user classification, dissatisfaction signals, and session replay, FullStory enables companies to access the resources they require to assess, resolve, and boost their digital experiences.

The platform is a priceless asset for businesses seeking to offer exceptional digital experiences due to its ability to comprehend the “why” behind challenges and opportunities, in addition to its focus on data protection and privacy.

FullStory - Digital Experiences
FullStory – Digital Experiences

10. Hemingway (for Content Editing)

Hemingway App is another fantastic AI application for content editing that seeks to render your writing clear and strong. The simple interface offers color-coded suggestions for improvement by identifying lengthy, challenging sentences, common errors, and instances of passive voice and adverbs.

Hemingway’s AI tools can assist you in improving the clarity and impact of your writing by offering helpful feedback and pragmatic recommendations, whether you’re working on new content or modifying existing items.

Hemingway Editor
Hemingway Editor

11. Chatfuel (for Chatbots)

Chatfuel is a powerful AI tool that makes it possible to create chatbots across multiple platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, which in turn improves customer experiences. Businesses can automate support for clients, personalize interactions, and optimize marketing efforts with Chatfuel’s AI-powered capabilities.

Due to the platform’s interaction with among the best services such as Shopify, Calendly, Stripe, and more, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction and streamline their liaison workflows.

Businesses can smoothly handle processes of setting up meetings, replying to common inquiries, validating prospects, providing product recommendations, and more through the use of Chatfuel’s AI chatbot.

Chatfuel - AI Agents for Automated Sales
Chatfuel – AI Agents for Automated Sales

12. Grammarly (for Content Editing)

Grammarly is an easy-to-use content editing program that simplifies the ease of reading, precision, and impact of your writing. It carefully analyzes language details down to the character level by using natural language processing, ensuring flawless grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

The platform’s advanced artificial intelligence not only identifies problems but also provides useful guidance on ways to resolve them, saving users from demeaning mistakes and improving the quality of their writing overall.

In addition, Grammarly gives writers a chance to express themselves with confidence and clarity across any kind of writing platform, such as official documents, e-mails, creative pieces, and more. Experience the impact of Grammarly’s content editing innovation.

Grammarly - Free Writing AI Assistance
Grammarly – Free Writing AI Assistance

13. Albert.AI (for Digital Advertising)

Albert.AI is an AI-powered digital marketing platform that improves the efficacy of advertising across a range of digital platforms. It is your self-learning digital marketing ally. It also offers 24/7 optimization, which addresses the most pressing issues in digital advertising.

While Albert.ai takes care of campaign management, marketers can shift their attention back to the consumer experience. Albert.ai plans and executes campaigns on its own, always improving results. It provides an agile, all-encompassing cross-channel strategy and implementation.

Within current ad accounts, Albert.ai can be implemented in a matter of weeks rather than months. Programmatic, social, and paid search are the areas in which Albert.ai operates. It is a complete solution, covering 90% of the biddable universe.

Albert.ai can help you with campaign optimization, budget management, and creative optimization. It’s a valuable tool in your marketing toolbox.


14. Headlime (for Landing Pages)

Headlime is an AI-driven landing page builder that streamlines the process of designing custom landing pages without the need for manual writing, or coding.

Headlime’s AI-powered builder employs technologies such as GPT-3 and Tailwind to simplify landing page creation.

It removes the hassle of manually designing and writing copy for landing pages. With more than 100 components to choose from, you can create a customized landing page in a few minutes.

This innovative tool has taken off quickly, allowing marketers to achieve incredible outcomes with minimal effort. Visit the website to experience Headlime’s capability to change your marketing language.

Headlime - AI-powered Landing Page Builder
Headlime – AI-powered Landing Page Builder

15. Userbot.ai (Conversation Management)

Userbot.ai is an AI-powered chatbot designed to enhance and automate customer conversations. Through the aid of this advanced technology, entities can seamlessly blend artificial and human intelligence to provide outstanding customer service at all times.

Businesses can offer personalized and efficient assistance while generating responses, producing leads, and acquiring important knowledge about customer needs through the aid of Userbot.ai.

It simplifies customer relations with its mobile-friendly creation and an array of capacities, like lead development, marketing automation, and conversation management.

Userbot AI
Userbot AI

16. Browse AI (for Scraping Web Pages)

Browse AI is a comprehensive platform designed to make it simple for anyone to access information on the internet. Browse AI aims to empower individuals and small businesses by providing an easy, reliable, and cost-effective way of collecting and monitoring data from the web in enormous amounts.

The platform’s way, which started in 2020 with only two team members and culminated with a public launch in September 2021, shows an illustration of its commitment to rendering web data extraction simpler.

It is devoted to making internet collecting information efficient and readily available for everybody, with a focus on optimizing happiness, simplicity, minimal personnel, and data-driven decision-making.

Browse AI - Monitor and Automate Any Website
Browse AI – Monitor and Automate Any Website

17. Algolia (for Search and Recommendation APIs)

Algolia is the leading vendor of research and suggestion APIs powered by AI. It provides a comprehensive kit that can enhance user experiences and accelerate company growth.

Algolia’s AI Search, AI Browse, and AI Recommendations allow businesses to offer users relevant and customized content whilst prioritizing simplicity and efficiency.

Already built libraries, event tracking, and complex recommendation models are just some of the advanced features of the platform that allow for simple integration and optimization of recommendation experiences across all kinds of tech stacks and screens.

Businesses might improve client satisfaction, maximize conversions, and increase their search capabilities by using Algolia’s AI-powered technology. Have a look into Algolia’s transformative potential for search and recommendation APIs.

Algolia - AI Search That Understands
Algolia – AI Search That Understands

18. PhotoRoom(for Removing Image Background)

PhotoRoom is an innovative AI-powered photo editor that renders image background modification simpler. With its intuitive UI and advanced AI abilities, users quickly eliminate backgrounds and change them with fresh looks or colors.

Using this tool, you can quickly create appealing, professional-quality images for social media content, marketing materials, and e-commerce product photography.

In addition, PhotoRoom offers unparalleled adaptability and convenience to use for enhancing pictures using its AI Background Remover tool and a variety of free editing options. Explore PhotoRoom’s remarkable capacity to modify photos and eliminate backdrops.

Photoroom - Background Remover
Photoroom – Background Remover

19. Brand24 (for Media Monitoring)

Brand24 is the ultimate AI-powered social listening application designed to allow businesses of every type to effectively monitor and assess social media conversations. Brand24 offers comprehensive data to protect brand reputation, assess brand awareness, and analyze competitors.

Through the aid of the platform’s advanced abilities, users can remain relevant and make sound business choices. Some of these resources are sentiment analysis, real-time monitoring, and customer data analysis.

Over 4000 enterprises make use of Brand24 as it provides solid, dependable metrics for monitoring reach, assessing awareness, and simplifying reporting. Optimizing AI social listening’s potential for media monitoring.

Brand24 - AI Social Listening Tool
Brand24 – AI Social Listening Tool

20. Influencity (for Influencer Marketing)

Influencity is a leading influencer advertising platform powered by AI. It offers businesses the power to make data-driven choices at any stage in their campaigns.

This tool automates professional influencer marketing methods through its broad package, which includes Influencer Discover, Relationship Management, and Campaign Manager.

The platform’s past events, which started in Valencia, Spain, in 2014, show evidence of its commitment to helping organizations and firms of any size improve the standard of their influencer marketing strategies. Influencity, recognized as the broadest option accessible, ensures customers pay just for what they need thanks to its reasonable and adjustable pricing.

Influencity - Influencer Marketing Platform
Influencity – Influencer Marketing Platform

With this, we come to the end of our best AI marketing tools as of 2024. AI is capable of automating a variety of jobs and analyzing data to target the correct audience with the right message, which will ultimately result in satisfied customers.

Take into account that AI is an effective tool designed to assist marketers, not replace them. Imagine that AI is like having a fishing buddy. You’re the experienced angler who knows all the best fishing spots and bait.  AI steps in to help you cast the perfect line and catch remarkable results.

So, now is the time to employ AI in your workflow to create win-win marketing campaigns.

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