Hubstaff – Work Time Tracking Software for Productive Teams

Hubstaff is a modern time tracking software for growing businesses. Its features enable users to easily monitor work productivity, generate advanced reports that track progress, remotely track time using online time sheets, manage employee activities, etc. Its aim is to make users concentrate less on manually tracking projects and more on growing their business.

Hubstaff has several features that make it stand out from the time tracking software market including GPS tracking, automatic payrolls, screen recording, role management, etc.

Features in Hubstaff

Below are some highlights.

Advanced Monitoring

Advanced employee monitoring allows you to see work in progress and even take screenshots, track app and URL activity, capture activity levels based on mouse and keyboard usage, and export the data as timesheets and reports.

Advanced Reporting

Hubstaff helps you to document the activities of your business by automatically generating comprehensive-time reports of your productivity and the data can be exported external sources via electronic mail.

Centralized Management

Hubstaff features a minimalist style dashboard from which you can monitor all the activities of your business down to the activity status of your employees, the duration of project tasks, productivity rates, etc. It also has mobile apps that allow you to conveniently stay in contact with work even while on the move.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking enables you to easily monitor mobile time attendance and the time spent driving against the hours worked at the job site.

Team Scheduling

Team Scheduling involves using Hubstaff’s built-in employee scheduling software to manage your team members’ shift schedules and priorities without spreadsheets or papers.


Hubstaff offers a free 1 user plan with time tracking, activity levels, limited screenshots, and limited payments.

The subscription packages vary in cost depending on the size of your teams and also depending on whether you’re paying monthly or annually. A license for a team of 50 users costs $208/month.

The purpose of time tracking software is to save you the load of hours you would need to spend manually pursuing clients, following up development stages, etc. and an ideal application to shell out some cash on is Hubstaff.

It runs on all modern browsers and has official support for integration with over 30 project management tools including Quickbooks, Payoneer, and PayPal to mention a few.

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  1. I’ve used Hubstaff for a while but didn’t get used to it. A program that I got to like a lot more is . I think it’s great for tracking time, but also for managing projects and collaborating with colleagues.

  2. Great article!

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