10 Best YouTube Technology Channels

Planning to buy a new gadget?”, “Let’s check out YouTube reviews”. “Bought a gadget, but how does it really work?”, “YouTube it”. “What is it in the gadget that is making it so popular?”, “Let’s check it out on YouTube”.

YouTube! YouTube! YouTube! After Google, YouTube has become the answer! Technology is constantly evolving and so is YouTube with Tech Videos! YouTube, which once started as a channel to watch general videos has now actually become a website to learn about almost everything under the Sun.

For some Tech Savvy it has become the bread and butter, while for the not-so Tech Savvy, it has become the source for even the minimum knowledge one needs to have for his/her personal use.

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Now here’s the conundrum – which Tech site to follow? Whose review or information looks the most correct or updated? Well, don’t worry! Here we have compiled a list of the Best YouTube Tech Channels that can give you the most updated Technical News, Gadget updates and reviews.

We hope you enjoy reading it and wait! The Bests are not in sequence, so don’t run away to watch a video. Read on to find your best!

1. Austin Evans

Top on the list alphabetically and also my personal favourite, Austin Evans keeps you updated with all kinds of gadgets in the market. His videos are really amazing to watch because of the fun element he puts in.

Austin Evans’s videos tell you about different gadgets from time to time and also points out products that are not worth their prices. He discusses the items really well and keeps it simple, yet lively.

  • Current Subscribers – 3,774,252
  • Number of Videos – 1,571
  • Video Views – 721,752,193
Austin Evans - YouTube Channel
Austin Evans – YouTube Channel


CNET is the best tech news channel that keeps you updated with all the Tech news around the world. It covers reviews of different tech products and also has quite a few tutorial videos and exclusive interviews to guide you through.

  • Current Subscribers – 2,224,562
  • Number of Videos – 19,123
  • Video Views – 1,031,145,882
CNET - YouTube Channel
CNET – YouTube Channel

3. Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan Morrison is a tech enthusiast and reviews the best mobile devices available in the market. His videos on his channel “tldtoday” are really interesting to watch and he also gives you tips to use your devices in the best way. Apart from mobile devices, he also focuses on Apple products – Mac PC, MacBook, and iPhones.

  • Current Subscribers – 2,633,111
  • Number of Videos – 1,137
  • Video Views – 384,187,804
Jonathan Morrison - YouTube Channel
Jonathan Morrison – YouTube Channel

4. Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips is one of the three YouTube channels run by Linus Gabriel Sebastian. The other two being Techquickie and Channel Super Fun.

This channel mainly focuses on PCs and can get you all the necessary details about motherboards, keyboards, computer hardware, and so on. His videos also give you information on smartphones and hack to handle your gadget’s routine problems.

  • Current Subscribers – 8,876,025
  • Number of Videos – 4,657
  • Video Views – 2,782,688,603
Linus- Tech Tips - YouTube Channel
Linus- Tech Tips – YouTube Channel

5. Make:

Different from the rest, Make: technology channel brings the “do-it-yourself” factor to all the technology you are surrounded by. It is loaded with a lot of projects for the tech lover in you.

If you wanted to be an engineer, then the little engineer in you would surely make “Make” his favorite YouTube channel. Apart from the DIY project videos, it also includes how-to videos and tech news.

  • Current Subscribers – 1,678,580
  • Number of Videos – 2,689
  • Video Views – 345,078,877
Make: YouTube Channel
Make: YouTube Channel

6. Marques Brownlee

Popularly known as MKBHD, Marques Brownlee channel focuses on a complete review of the products. If you are planning to buy a smartphone, do not forget his channel and watch his honest reviews on the same.

Although he doesn’t review all the products in the market but gives a thorough review of the products he chooses. He also features interviews with some of the famous personalities from the tech world.

  • Current Subscribers – 8,971,199
  • Number of Videos – 1,133
  • Video Views – 1,391,461,428
Marques Brownlee - YouTube Channel
Marques Brownlee – YouTube Channel

7. TechSmartt

If you are looking for a Tech + Entertainment channel, then probably you would like watching videos on TechSmartt. It is run by YouTuber Keaton Keller and also run another channel by his name. Keaton, in his videos, covers product reviews, little hacks and tips and tricks to improve your experiences with portable devices and with apps.

  • Current Subscribers – 3,515,374
  • Number of Videos – 1,062
  • Video Views – 585,893,639
TechSmartt - YouTube Channel
TechSmartt – YouTube Channel

8. The Verge

Dive into the future with The Verge YouTube channel run by a team of journalists. This channel would probably be the first to post any latest update on smartphones, PC, tablets or any other portable device. Their videos do not only cover gadgets, but they also cover any latest stories or updates on apps and social media networks.

  • Current Subscribers – 2,660,186
  • Number of Videos – 3,762
  • Video Views – 704,021,294
The Verge - YouTube channel
The Verge – YouTube channel

9. Unbox Therapy

Second last in this list, but certainly the top performer with the highest number of subscribers! Unbox Therapy literally covers every tech device under the sun. Reviews on gadgets, gaming consoles, PC hardware, etc, are all covered in this channel and in a very interesting way.

What is worth noting is these reviews are all honest and in no video would you see this YouTuber covering up the flaws of a gadget. So, if you are looking for an honest product review, this channel is sure to interest you.

  • Current Subscribers – 14,924,628
  • Number of Videos – 1,646
  • Video Views – 3,034,157,826
Unbox Therapy - Youtube Channel
Unbox Therapy – Youtube Channel

10. UrAvgConsumer

Run by YouTuber Judner Aura, UrAvgConsumer is a YouTube channel that has gained a lot of popularity in comparatively less time. Judner in his channel discusses gadgets and anything and everything related to gadgets like it’s accessories to enhance the functionality of the device. You can also check out his reviews on Video games and computers.

  • Current Subscribers – 2,471,022
  • Number of Videos – 770
  • Video Views – 284,152,615
UrAvgConsumer YouTube Channel
UrAvgConsumer YouTube Channel

This is all from us on the best YouTube Technology channels. There are a lot of other channels too, but we believe that the ones listed here are more than enough to answer all your tech queries and to satisfy your curiosity with regards to new tech developments happening around you.

Please do tell us your favourite YouTuber and what you like the most about it, by commenting below. Additionally, in case you believe some of the channels are not on the list, do write to us, so that we can include them on our list. Till then, Happy Tech Watching!

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