LyX – A Powerful Open Source Document Processor for Linux

LyX is a GUI document processor with a focus on writing and it allows you to create virtually any type of document based on structure. In short, it is more of a WYSIWYM app than WYSIWYG app. Meaning that what you see in the editor is an approximation of what the finished document will look like.

Its initial release was 23 years ago and given that it is still an active project, it is easy to see how LyX has managed to stay relevant to this day.

It features a well-thought-out layout with toolbars and functionality icons for document creation and editing and quick navigation across the app window.

LyX has an excellent support for TeX/LaTeX. Using its fully integrated equation editor, you can easily create mathematical content to include in your thesis, publications, academic papers, etc. You can also use LyX to create reference lists and indexes.

Let you think LyX is for only mathematicians and scientists, it comes with several free templates with which you can create letters theater plays, novels, film scripts, etc. free of charge!

Ultimately, LyX has been designed and developed in a way for writers to launch the app and get straight to creating content.

Features in LyX

  • Freeware: Free to download and use anywhere and anytime.
  • Cross-Platform: Available for use on GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows.
  • Open Source: Contribute to the source code on its website’s download page.
  • TeX/LaTeX Integratiopn: For creating even the most complex academic documents.
  • Free document templates: You don’t have to waste any more time thinking about how to structure your documents.
  • Multilingual: Experience optimum productivity by using LyX in your native language.
  • A comprehensive wiki-style documentation where you can find all the details about LyX.

LyX also uses special characters, math toolbars, LaTeX commands, edit menu options, fullscreen mode,  cropping and rotating images, tables, MS Word, HTML, and a plethora of other handy functions that allow it compete for the title of an author’s best friend.

The above-listed features are clearly not all that LyX has to offer and if you want to get its best qualities you should check the rest of its features here.

LyX will make your document look great without any hassle and the same way its UI resembles that of any other decent word editor, its printed output is neat and professional.

The easiest way to install LyX is via PPA on Ubuntu and its derirvatives using the following commands.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lyx-devel/release
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install lyx

Directions to download LyX on other distros are available on the official website.

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3 thoughts on “LyX – A Powerful Open Source Document Processor for Linux”

  1. If anyone is having trouble with getting APA format, ‘texlive-publishers’ package is what you need. Make sure to ‘Reconfigure’ LyX when you install new tex and latex packages. Tools –> Reconfigure

  2. I’ve used LaTex for my master & PHD. thesis around 199x ~ 2001, at that time Lyx wasn’t really good for me to produce document.

    It’s great to see it’s still there and grow-up to a really mature FOSS project. I’ll give it a try!

  3. LyX and TeXmacs are great but I would recommend keeping the copies of your files exported to LaTeX (*.tex) format. It is more stable. (I could not install TeXmacs on new Ubuntu and also the version of LyX that I was able to install on Ubuntu could not read the files made with LyX on Manjaro.)


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