Microsoft’s SQL Server Public Preview is Available for Linux

Microsoft’s recently announced public review of SQL Server is now available on Ubuntu and it is with special thanks to the blossoming love the Redmond giant has for Linux as Canonical’s technical lead for Microsoft, Dustin Kirkland, said,

“Microsoft and Canonical continue to build bridges between the Windows world and the Linux world. SQL Server on Ubuntu is another demonstration of that momentum”.

With Microsoft’s SQL Server on Linux, developers will be empowered to use a variety of languages and environments of their choosing to develop professionally structured applications with key security and performance levels on the Linux, Docker, MacOS (via Docker) and Windows platforms and then have them deployed on any of the aforementioned platforms, and also in the cloud – all without the need to add extra hardware, saving cost and at the same time, boosting efficiency and portability.

There are also native Linux installations available for APT and RPM packages for Ubuntu Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, so getting up and running should not be a problem.

The SQL Server image is available for download on Microsoft’s SQL Server site, Azure, and Docker Hub.

If you would like to get more resources and information on the SQL server on Linux or wanted to try preview of SQL Server today, check out the official tutorials that show you how to install SQL Server on RHEL and Ubuntu systems.

What’s your thoughts about SQL Server on Linux? do share via comments..

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