NethServer 7 RC2 “Gnocchi” Released

The feature-rich, simple, and CentOS/RHEL-based NethServer OS, primarily administered by means of a web interface, just made its second release candidate codenamed, “Gnocchi“.

The developers chose this codename as a special tribute to their best contributors from the RC1 release whose favorite dish is this:

“thick, soft dough dumplings that may be made from semolina, ordinary wheat flour, egg, cheese, potato, breadcrumbs, cornmeal, or similar ingredients, with or without flavourings of herbs, vegetables, cocoa, or prunes”, drawing the analogy that like the newly released 7 RC2, Gnocchi is “eaten as a first course (primo piatto) as an alternative to soups (minestre) or pasta.”

Although this release comes with no new features, it does come with a ton of bug fixes from its previous releases and general performance improvements.

Here are the major highlights in NethServer 7 RC2:

  • SMB filesystem ACLs are not applied
  • Guest cannot write to shared folder
  • SambaAudit: “Reload” button doesn’t work
  • Virtual host inline help does not include plugins
  • Missing home dir on RSAT-created accounts
  • Useless Password policy page
  • Missing inline help in Password policy page

Other changes available in 7 RC2 comes in the form of miniature enhancements and bug fixes. You can see a full Issues list on GitHub.

How To Download and Test the NethServer 7 RC2

If you are already running the RC1 then you can upgrade directly from the Software center.

For a clean installation, you can download NethServer as an ISO image or as a torrent and install it on a virtual machine or on a bare-metal server using a DVD or USB stick.

You can contribute to the project by reporting any bugs you find by replying to this topic.

Check out some screenshots below:

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