Peppermint OS – A Cloud-Centric Linux OS Based on Lubuntu

Recently, I was on distro hunt for my old rig and happened to come across Peppermint OS. I installed it on the test partition of my PC and was I impressed?

Is it Unique?

Peppermint OS is for today. There has been a huge growth in cloud computing and We all know how Chrome OS is capturing the market out there. Even Microsoft has heavily concentrated on Cloud computing with Windows 10. But sometimes I think it’s hybrid state that operating systems must concentrate.

Peppermint OS strikes the middle ground here. With great orientation towards cloud and very good offline capabilities.

Stable and reliable

The latest release of Peppermint OS, that is Peppermint OS 7 is based on Ubuntu 16.04. The thing about distros based on Ubuntu is, they have got a huge responsibility. Ubuntu is an exceptional distro in itself. It would be appropriate to say it changed the game for Desktop Linux. And when you are choosing Ubuntu as the base, you got a responsibility to make something colossal out of it.

Linux Mint, Deepin OS, Elementary OS are some such distros which stood out. Peppermint OS definitely joins this list. The Peppermint OS developers have focused on long term stability and really have made a no non-sense OS. The OS itself is extremely stable on a wide range of hardware and in non-invasive in nature.

The Feel

Although, Peppermint OS is based on Lubuntu, You’ll find the Lxde customized extensively to provide a well decorated and attractive desktop. Peppermint OS developers know very well what free and open source means. They have taken some cool stuff from other desktop environments and distros and put them together with their own innovation to make something beautiful.

Peppermint OS Desktop
Peppermint OS Desktop

It’s no news that Lxde is one of the fastest Desktop Environments out there, But comprehensive emphasis has been given to make it more aesthetic while still maintaining its speed.

Result? A snappy, gorgeous, responsive system.

Cloud Centric

Google itself has brought out enough Webapps to make our lives easier and, well, more portable. With webapps like Canva, Trello, Evernote, Hopper (A long and growing list) appealing to Users, Desktop platform is becoming irrelevant as long as it is stable and provides convenient access to the web. Chrome OS is growing right?

Peppermint OS Apps
Peppermint OS Apps

Well, I’d suggest Peppermint OS to anyone wishing to experience something like that on their PC.

Ice is a minimal, innovative tool that comes pre-installed on Peppermint OS. See, what it does is takes Your favorite website and browser (Chrome, Chromium and Firefox) and puts them together as a desktop app on Your PC, with Google Drive, Google Calendar already set up on Peppermint OS.

Peppermint OS - Ice Tool
Peppermint OS – Ice Tool

Trust me, It does feel like Chrome OS except for you have a bonus of installing the awesome Linux local applications.

The Run

One thing you’ll love about Peppermint OS is it’s so minimal. I’m not complaining about other distros, but I really don’t need Mahjongg. As I said, Peppermint OS does not come with a lot of pre installed stuff, But you can get any package you want from the software center and also why not try a Webapp with Ice this time?

This minimal nature coupled with a light desktop does make working on Peppermint a delight. I also tried stressing the OS by running some resource hungry applications and I must admit, Peppermint handled it well.

Peppermint OS Applications
Peppermint OS Applications

Peppermint OS comes with a great settings Panel which makes customization so easy. Actually, everything is organized in the Xfce-4 panel pretty handily. It’s just easy.


There have been some major releases recently. Ubuntu 16.04.1, Linux Mint 18 KDE, Elementary OS Loki to name some some big players. And while You might be checking out a few, I’d suggest you do check out the cool Peppermint OS. It’s fast, beautiful and it’s also something that is designed for today.

The Cloud centric, still equally offline abled Peppermint OS will definitely make You fall in love with itself.

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Do share Your thoughts on Peppermint OS with Us in the comments below.

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