Random Wallpaper – Randomly Set Wallpapers for GNOME 3

Just a few days ago we dropped an article on Bing Wallpaper Changer; a GNOME extension which automatically sets your desktop background to Bing’s image of the day.

That wallpaper solution seemed to work for everyone but certainly not everyone. And so today, we bring you yet another extension that does a similar thing but with more extensibility; it’s called Random Wallpapers.

Random Wallpapers is an open source extension developed for Gnome 3 to fetches an unlimited number of random wallpapers from multiple online sources and sets them as your desktop background.

The extension features a themeable window with a host of options with which you can customize your user experience. You can set wallpapers source to be desktopper.co and experimental versions of wallheaven.cc and unplash(.)com.

You can also set keywords that the extension will use to fetch photos. For example, entering “landscape” as a keyword will make Random Wallpapers search for only pictures that have the landscape tag added to their metadata. You can also filter the images by their width and height!

The extension automatically saves the wallpapers to a folder and you can limit the maximum number of pictures the folder will contain. You can also set the extension to change the background of your GNOME lock screen as well as set an automatic fetch period (intervals after which the extension will search for a new wallpaper to set).

If you have used Bing Wallpaper Changer then you must have noticed by now that Random Wallpapers is a lot more efficient at randomizing your desktop background. If setting Bing’s image of the day as your desktop background isn’t your cup of tea then maybe this one will satisfy your thirst.

[mks_button size=”medium” title=”Random Wallpapers 1-Click Install” style=”squared” url=”https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1040/random-wallpaper/” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” bg_color=”#46698E” txt_color=”#fff” icon=”fa-download” icon_type=”fa” nofollow=”1″]

Do you know of any other wallpaper changers or even wallpaper managers for Linux that you can share with us? Feel free to add your suggestions and comments in the section below.

As usual, you can always contribute to Random Wallpaper’s source code on GitHub.

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