React OS 0.5 in the Works, to Bring a Massive Visual Overhaul

Reach OS has been steadily making waves ever since its inception some two decades ago. The team recently released version 0.4.4 that brought about massive improvements over the older version 0.4.3.

React OS 0.4.4 brings many improvements under the hood that would allow better rendering of applications together with printing support as seen in the video below.

Other significant improvements include over 340 bug fixes and improved driver support. you can find the full changelog here.

It’s only been a week since version 0.4.4 was announced, however, the development team behind the open-source operating system have already given us a teaser for what would be a major improvement in version 0.5 which is a massive visual overhaul.

The acclaimed new look of the yet-to-be-released version of the open-source windows compatible platform will introduce a Windows Vista-esque look in React OS 0.5. So basically, the team will be using an improved msstyles (Microsoft Windows styles) for the anticipated visually appealing interface coming to React OS 0.5.

React OS has made this known through their Twitter handle (@reactos) that the contributor by the name Giannis would be mainly in charge of the visual transition of the open source operating system.

“Meanwhile Giannis is fixing and polishing our msstyles support as part of the #ReactOS Community effort.”

While the very much Windows-looking interface is a little dated, it’s a much needed and appreciable improvement over the current look of React OS 0.4.4.

It is noteworthy that while the much hyped and improved interface would be a distinct feature of the upcoming version of the OS, there will be many more improvements under the hood to make for a more deserving and improved upgrade over the current version.

In retrospect of our previous coverage on React OS Version 0.4 of the operating system, we’re very much faithful in the React OS and their ability to drastically improve the usability and overall user experience of the platform.

To find out more about React OS, you can visit their official website –

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