Ubuntu’s Snap Arrives on Arch’s Community Repo

Ubuntu’s Snap package management system which was recently presented as a potential replacement for all the packages across all GNU/Linux systems sparked excitement as well as disapproval amongst Linux enthusiasts towards Canonical and their push of their Snappy format.

As much as Ubuntu’s new package management system poses a variety of advantages, it’s not the only package manager looking to unify the Linux ecosystem. In fact, there are two other noteworthy competitors to Ubuntu’s Snap namely Flatpak and Appimage.

The first which has a similar concept to Snap – runs an application is a sandbox with all its required libraries disallowing it to alter the core system in any possible way. While the other Appimage also has quite the same characteristics as the two except that it’s a little less secure.

The Snappy system you hate or love so much has landed on the Arch Community repo where it will be accessible to any Arch user that embraces the ideology of Snaps.

Zygmunt Krynicki of Canonical made it known via a blog post that, “I’d like to announce something that you may have noticed during the last update of snapd to version 2.0.10. The AUR package is no longer there. Instead, you can now get and update snappy on Arch…”

Arch Snappers can update or install snappy on their system with the entry below.

$ pacman -S snapd

He further added that “That’s right, snapd and snap-confine have now moved to the official community repository. This means that the barrier to entry is now significantly lower, and that installation is even faster than before. You still want to read the snapd wiki page to know the details about various post-install activities”.

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