26 Best AI Chatbot Software for 2024

In this advanced technological world, AI chatbots have become more than just cool gadgets. They can act like your friendly, 24/7 digital sidekicks. These AI tools are changing the way businesses connect with customers, get work done, and make sense of data.

So, this guide will discuss the best AI chatbots that can assist you and do wonders.

1. YatterPlus

YatterPlus is an AI chatbot tool known for its versatility. You can integrate this tool into different platforms, such as messaging applications, social media, and websites.

YatterPlus boasts advanced natural language processing functions for analyzing and resolving your queries in a highly context-aware manner.

One of the unique features of YatterPlus is the functionality of generating dynamic responses with respect to real-time data. This makes it suitable for customer support, e-commerce, and content recommendation.

YatterPlus - Chatbots Tools
YatterPlus – Chatbots Tools

2. Typewise

Typewise is another popular AI chatbot tool designed to improve typing accuracy and efficiency. It handles predictive text input supported by machine learning. This tool minimizes the typographical errors and also improves the typing speed.

Typewise’s standout feature is its personalized dictionary, which adapts to your typing habits, which makes it ideal for mobile devices and keyboards. This chatbot tool aims to refine text input across various digital platforms.

Typewise - AI Communication Assistant
Typewise – AI Communication Assistant

3. Quickchat

Quickchat stands out for its rapid deployment functionalities. It offers pre-built chatbot templates for several industries, which allow you to set up AI-powered chatbots quickly.

One of its unique features is a user-friendly interface that permits non-technical users to create, customize, and organize chatbots easily.

Quickchat is designed to enhance customer interactions and automate frequently asked questions (FAQs), saving both time and resources.

Quickchat - Technology to Build AI Assistants
Quickchat – Technology to Build AI Assistants

4. Cohere

Cohere is a chatbot tool that specializes in multilingual AI communication. More specifically, language agnosticism is one of its unique features which means it can easily switch between languages in a single conversation.

This makes Cohere a valuable tool for global businesses that want to engage with an extensive customer base. It utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to provide natural and contextually relevant responses, ultimately improving user experiences across language barriers.

Cohere - Building the Future of AI
Cohere – Building the Future of AI

5. Kaizan

Kaizan is an AI chatbot tool aimed at enhancing project management and team collaboration. Its standout feature is its integration with project management tools like Asana, Trello, and Jira, which enable you to interact with these platforms via natural language commands.

Kaizan handles task assignments, progress tracking, and project updates, which makes it a valuable asset for teams seeking to improve productivity and project management efficiency.

Kaizan - Client Intelligence Platform
Kaizan – Client Intelligence Platform

6. ChatSpot

ChatSpot is an AI chatbot tool that is popular for its advanced sentiment analysis functionalities. One of its fantastic features is to detect and respond to the emotional tone of your messages.

This makes it an ideal choice for organizations looking to provide empathetic and personalized customer support. You can also customize ChatSpot’s sentiment analysis for triggering specific actions or responses based on user emotions, which consequently improves user satisfaction.

ChatSpot - Tool For Marketing and Sales
ChatSpot – Tool For Marketing and Sales

7. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a product of OpenAI and is known for its natural language understanding and generation features. It can engage you in dynamic and contextually relevant conversations across an extensive range of topics.

One of its commendable standout features is its adaptability, which permits you to fine-tune chatbot behavior for specific applications, such as customer support and content generation.

Additionally, ChatGPT utilizes OpenAI’s GPT architecture, which makes it a robust choice for different conversational AI needs.

ChatGPT OpenAI
ChatGPT OpenAI

8. Bing Chat

Bing Chat is Microsoft’s AI chatbot tool designed for integration with Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 products.

Its unique feature is its smooth integration with Microsoft’s productivity suite. This allows you to schedule meetings, access documents, and perform tasks without leaving the chat interface.

Bing Chat uses Microsoft’s powerful cloud infrastructure for reliability and scalability, which makes it an excellent choice for businesses deeply embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Bing Chat - Microsoft Bing and Open AI
Bing Chat – Microsoft Bing and Open AI

9. Bard

Bard is an AI chatbot tool that specializes in creating high-quality written content, such as articles, marketing copy, and blog posts based on user prompts and preferences, is its most popular feature.

Bard utilizes state-of-the-art language models for producing coherent and contextually relevant content, which can save businesses time and resources in content creation.

Bard - Google's Collaborative AI
Bard – Google’s Collaborative AI

10. Jasper

Jasper is an AI chatbot tool designed to focus on data analytics and insights. One of its standout features is to process and examine large data sets quickly. Therefore, it is considered a valuable asset for data-driven businesses.

Jasper can generate charts, reports, and insights in response to user queries to help organizations to make informed decisions. Its integration with popular data analysis tools improves its use for data professionals and analysts.

Jasper - AI Marketing Co Pilot
Jasper – AI Marketing Co Pilot

11. Perplexity

Perplexity is an AI chatbot tool known for its deep conversational features that excel at engaging you in lengthy and context-rich conversations. Moreover, one of its standout features is to maintain coherence and context over extended interactions.

Perplexity is a valuable asset for applications where sustained and meaningful conversations are considered crucial, such as educational tools and therapy chatbots.

Perplexity - AI Tool
Perplexity – AI Tool

12. Tidio

Tidio is a cutting-edge customer engagement and communication solution that revolutionizes online interactions. This versatile platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance user experience and streamline business operations.

Tidio’s AI-powered chatbots offer instant, personalized responses to customer inquiries, ensuring round-the-clock support and improving customer satisfaction.

Tidio - Improve Customer Service
Tidio – Improve Customer Service

13. Kommunicate

Kommunicate is an AI chatbot tool that specializes in omnichannel communication. It centralizes conversations from various channels like mobile apps, websites, and social media into a unified dashboard.

This streamlines customer support and engagement, enabling businesses to deliver consistent and efficient communication across all platforms.

Kommunicate - Customer Service Automation
Kommunicate – Customer Service Automation

14. Intercom

Intercom is a popular AI chatbot tool used for customer support and marketing. Proactive engagement is one of its amazing features which include tasks, such as sending targeted messages and emails based on user behavior.

Intercom also offers a unified inbox that combines chat, email, and social media interactions.

Intercom - AI chatbot Tool
Intercom – AI chatbot Tool

15. Drift

Drift is an AI chatbot tool specializing in lead generation and sales conversion. It can be used to qualify leads in real-time through conversational interactions.

Drift can route qualified leads to sales representatives, improving the efficiency of sales teams. Its integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems makes it a valuable tool for sales-driven businesses.

Drift - Everything Starts With a Conversation
Drift – Everything Starts With a Conversation

16. Claude

Claude, developed by Anthropic, is a strong contender in the AI chatbot arena. You will fall in love with this tool for its remarkably human-like conversational style.

Unlike some chatbots that rely on pre-programmed responses, Claude excels at understanding the nuances of language and generating thoughtful, well-reasoned replies.

Generating responses with Claude is pretty natural. It fosters engaging, back-and-forth exchanges that feel mutual and not machine-generated.

Cloude - AI Chatbot Tool
Cloude – AI Chatbot Tool

Besides, it can follow complex topics, ask clarifying questions, and even adapt its tone to suit the conversation. And as you will find out, Claude isn’t limited to answering questions.

It can brainstorm ideas, explore hypothetical scenarios, and even engage in creative writing prompts. This makes it a platform that you can trust for several tasks.

Key Features of Claude:

  • Can read and analyze uploaded files
  • Has the ability to summarize long-form content and come up with pointers
  • Can write accurate code for various tasks
  • Able to handle extended exchanges without losing context or coherence
  • Allows you to customize your prompts to achieve your objectives
  • Leverages NLP for accuracy

17. Meta Llama 2

Anyone looking for a tool that focuses on open-source accessibility and a strong emphasis on safety and helpfulness will find Meta Llama 2 a preferred AI chatbot.

Meta Llama 2 is not your ordinary commercial chatbot. Therefore, you can be sure to find the Llama 2 code freely for use and modification, hence unbeatable transparency.

Ideally, with Llama 2, Meta prioritizes creating a helpful and informative chatbot experience. The platform strives to understand user intent and provide comprehensive answers, even erring on the side of caution if unsure.

Meta Llama 2
Meta Llama 2

Finally, this intuitive AI tool values safety as Meta incorporates rigorous safety measures to ensure responsible AI interaction. Llama 2 will, therefore, most often avoid generating harmful or biased content.

Key Features of Meta Llama 2:

  • Text and code generation in response to prompts
  • Has two model versions: Llama 2 and Llama 2-Chat
  • Context-aware responses that improve over time
  • Integration with popular messaging platforms
  • Multi-language support for global accessibility
  • Training on two trillion tokens

18. Grok

Elon Musk’s Grok also makes it to this review. It stands out for its robust AI engine, which enables it to handle complex inquiries with precision and adaptability.

Notably, you will like this chatbot for its universal large language model that reflects diverse cultures, backgrounds, and political views.

Grok isn’t afraid of adding humor and sarcasm to its responses. This can be refreshing for users seeking a more informal and engaging conversation style, but may not suit everyone’s taste.

xAI Grok
xAI Grok

It boasts real-time access to information from the X (formerly Twitter) platform. While Grok is currently only available through a paid subscription tier of the X platform (X Premium+), it is still a perfect place for finding real-time information and humorous interactions.

Key Features of xAI Grok:

  • Features a regular mode for factual responses
  • Has a Fun Mode for sarcastic interactions
  • It is a work in progress
  • Real-time AI chatbot with a personality
  • Designed to be a human assistant for accessing information, processing data, and creating new ideas

19. HuggingChat

Another open-source AI chatbot that you may consider is HuggingChat. We bet you have heard of HuggingFace, the natural language processing guru.

Well, HuggingChat is one of the company’s products. It can reliably deliver intelligent and engaging conversations that guarantee a seamless virtual assistant experience.


Notably, HuggingChat distinguishes itself through its advanced NLP capabilities and access to cutting-edge language models developed by HuggingFace.

The chatbot excels in understanding context and providing customized and accurate responses. HuggingChat offers a range of pricing options, including free tiers for individual users and subscription plans tailored for businesses with enhanced features and support.

Key Features of HuggingChat:

  • Contextual understanding for more complex interactions
  • Multi-platform integration, including web-based and messaging app support
  • Support for custom chatbot training and fine-tuning
  • Seamless integration with HuggingFace’s extensive model repository

20. Chat by Copy.ai

While Chat by Copy.ai isn’t a general-purpose chatbot for casual conversation, it is a perfect tool when it comes to assisting marketing and sales teams with content creation and communication.

It can help marketing and sales professionals with tasks like writing emails, generating ad copies, and crafting social media posts.

Chat Copy.ai
Chat Copy.ai

Chat by Copy.ai stands out for its focus on generating high-quality conversational content using AI. It excels in producing text that is both persuasive and contextually relevant.

Key Features of Chat by Copy.ai:

  • AI-powered tool utilizing advanced NLP algorithms
  • Content Editor for easy editing and formatting
  • Info Base for adding company information
  • Brand Voice and Tone of Voice settings
  • Tools & Templates for efficient content creation
  • Workflows for streamlined processes

21. Chatsonic

You cannot review the best AI chatbots in 2024 without mentioning Chatsonic. This tool throws its hat into the AI chatbot ring with a focus on versatility, ease of use, and a surprising dash of artistic flair.

Chatsonic can access and process information from the web in real time, keeping responses relevant and up-to-date. While it is limited to specific tasks, you will marvel at the platform’s productivity in handling casual conversations, generating creative text formats, and even helping with brainstorming ideas.


Besides, it comes with a bonus feature for generating art for your content. With this capability, you can generate images directly into your chat interface to add a visual appeal to your creative writing.

Of course, Chatsonic is not the most advanced AI art generator but this inclusion is a handy bonus for a chat-based platform.

Key Features of Chatsonic:

  • Advanced generative AI conversation platform
  • Combines capabilities of ChatGPT with natural language processing
  • Powered by Google Search for real-time conversations
  • Mobile app version available

22. ZenoChat

ZenoChat is one of the few AI chatbots in this list that focuses on personalizing your chat experience.

Contrary to what you will find with static models, ZenoChat learns from your interactions and adapts its responses to your writing style and preferences. The more you interact, the more Zeno adapts to your style.

Besides engaging with Zezo via the web, you’ll admire its intuitive browser extension. It brings ZenoChat’s AI assistance to platforms like Gmail and Google Docs


Key Features of ZenoChat:

  • AI coach for English pronunciation improvement
  • Real-time speech recognition feedback
  • Educational resources for Science, literature, Math, social studies, and more
  • Visual lessons for essential concepts in every subject
  • Seamless deployment on websites and mobile apps
  • Customizable chatbot workflows for different use cases

23. GitHub Copilot

While GitHub Copilot offers some chat-like functionalities, it’s primarily designed as an in-code AI assistant for programmers, not a general-purpose chatbot.

This AI-driven tool offers intelligent code completion and a chatbot capable of answering developers’ questions.

Notably, Copilot is an essential resource for programming efficiency. It integrates directly into your development environment, suggesting code completions, providing context-specific help, and generating different coding options based on your project and coding style.

GitHub Copilot
GitHub Copilot

Copilot aims to streamline the coding process as it automates repetitive processes. Copilot supports a wide range of programming languages and will ensure that you focus on problem-solving and other core functionalities of your code development.

Key Features of Copilot:

  • Chatbot for answering developers’ questions
  • Ability to generate entire functions, classes, and methods
  • Real-time suggestions and recommendations
  • Built-in code documentation and inline comments
  • Adaptability to individual coding styles

24. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Just like GitHub Copilot, Amazon CodeWhisperer is not a general-purpose AI chatbot despite exhibiting remarkable conversational elements.

It excels as an AI-powered co-pilot for programmers, designed to streamline coding tasks and boost productivity. CodeWhisperer integrates with your development environment, suggesting code completions, generating entire functions, and offering security scans – all in real time.

Amazon CodeWhisperer
Amazon CodeWhisperer

It focuses on improving coding efficiency by shortening turnaround times and minimizing errors. If you’re building applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS), CodeWhisperer will be an invaluable tool. It understands AWS functionalities and generates code that adheres to AWS best practices.

Key Features of CodeWhisperer:

  • Real-time code recommendations in the IDE
  • Code scanning for security vulnerabilities
  • Integration with Amazon Q
  • Support for 15 programming languages

25. Tabnine

Any software developer looking for a dedicated code completion tool for software development will find Tabnine a reliable companion.

Tabnine excels at suggesting relevant code snippets and function calls based on your current code context and coding style. It learns from your coding patterns and improves its suggestions over time.


Similar to other AI coding assistants, Tabnine aims to streamline workflow by automating repetitive tasks and suggesting code completions that reduce time spent typing.

It stands out for its focus on training its models on open-source code with permissive licenses. This ensures ethical and secure code generation.

Key Features of Tabnine:

  • Analyze your code before suggesting relevant completions
  • Supports multiple programming languages
  • Context-aware suggestions that adapt to the current project and coding style
  • Real-time feedback and continuous learning to improve suggestions over time
  • Efficient handling of complex coding scenarios and libraries
  • You can train Tabnine models on your organization’s private codebase

26. Codeium

Codeium stands out as a free AI-powered toolkit specifically designed to assist programmers. While it doesn’t compete with chatbots for casual conversation, it excels in providing real-time help and boosting developer productivity.

Unlike many AI coding assistants, Codeium offers a robust free tier with features like code completion, search, and chat functionality. This makes it a perfect chatbot for developers on a budget or those new to AI coding assistance.

Codeium - AI Code Completion and Chat
Codeium – AI Code Completion and Chat

Moreover, Codeium boasts a user-friendly interface and integrates seamlessly with various popular IDEs to allow you to quickly adopt Codeium and leverage its features without a steep learning curve.

Key Features of Codeium:

  • Adaptive code suggestions that learn from individual coding styles
  • Intelligent search for files and code snippets with ease
  • Support for over 70 programming languages
  • The free version allows unlimited suggestions and edits
  • Prioritizes data security with the integrated end-to-end encryption

Whether you are looking to chat with customers, create content, or have a friendly conversation, these top 15 AI chatbots have got you covered.

As technology keeps advancing, these chatbots will only get smarter and more helpful. So, stay tuned, because the future of AI chatbots is all about making your life easier and more connected.

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