Best Websites to Learn Free Basic HTML Online

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the first topic thought to beginner web developers because everything that is done during web development makes sense when there is a .html document. This is because HTML is the standard language for creating documents designed to be displayed in a web browser.

HTML is used to ‘markup‘ the content of web pages using semantic tags which double as a consistent way to structure texts, images, audio & video media, etc. Thanks to the popularity of web development and several individuals with commendable initiatives, learning HTML neither has to be scary nor expensive.

We’ve recently covered several programming tutorials like Best Udemy Courses for Ethical Hacking, Best Udemy Java Courses for Beginners, and Best Machine Learning Courses so I figure it is time we act friendly to the complete newbies.

Today’s article, therefore, focuses on the best websites for beginners to learn the basics of HTML from any location. They offer comprehensive explanations of fundamental HTML concepts with examples that can be practiced online and they are completely free of charge.

1. W3Schools

W3Schools is the world’s largest free web developer site hosting thousands of tutorials, references, examples, and exercises for learning web development technologies with over 25 million users. Its name, W3 stands for ‘World Wide Web’ and it was originally created in 1998 with a focus on simplicity, practice-easy straight forward learning.


W3Schools offer tutorials that follow the latest HTML5 standard with an easy-to-follow structure and a responsive editor for hands-on exercises. The tutorials start from the basic to advanced topics and each section has different examples that you can simply copy and paste to test fo yourself. If you are willing, you can get a certificate to prove that you’ve successfully completed the course for a one-time fee of $95.

2. Interneting is Hard

Interneting is Hard is a website with friendly web development tutorials for web beginners. The website is developed by a team who believe that learning to code should not be difficult and have gone ahead to create a comprehensive curriculum that teaches web development with HTML and CSS in a visual way. Featuring over 250 diagrams that explain even the most difficult to grasp concepts, Interneting is Hard is a complete course in HTML and CSS for completely free.

Friendly web development tutorials for complete beginners
Friendly web development tutorials for complete beginners

For anyone looking to get up and running with HTML and CSS, this is my favourite recommendation because it skips the technical jargon and virtually walks you through the basics of how web pages work, to setting up a coding environment all the way to creating advanced web pages using CSS grids and flexbox. There isn’t a certificate to show completion but my bet is you wouldn’t need one anyway because you will be so excited about how much you’ve learned in such a little time.

3. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is an interactive learning web platform built with the aim of making web development education accessible to everyone. It was created by a non-profit organization to include an online community forum, compartmentalized chat rooms, online publications, and job listings from non-profits across the globe.

Learn to code at home
Learn to code at home

FreeCodeCamp’s curriculum starts with HTML basics after which it goes on to teach CSS, JavaScript, and the more industry-centric technologies all thought in an interactive code playground. The curriculum is designed to enable students to build projects from the comfort of their homes, collaborate with teams based on their location, and earn certifications with which they can apply for jobs.

As you probably know already, you can find free HTML tutorials on Udemy and LinkedIn learning (the new There are also efficient Bootcamp alternatives such as Treehouse and Codeacademy, to name a few, but they aren’t free.

Personally, I don’t think you need more than the above-listed platforms to get up and running with HTML. With FreeCodeCamp + determination, you might as well be able to fly!

That notwithstanding, the floor is open to more recommendations and you are welcome to share details of your experiences with any of the aforementioned or to-be-mentioned platforms. Good luck on your learning path.

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