Glimpse – A Fork of the GIMP

Glimpse is a free and open-source image editor for easy-to-use expert level image manipulation. Its capabilities include transforming, cropping, and retouching photos, batch image processing, automated format conversions, and color balance correction.

Glimpse is based on the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) and built with the goal of experimenting with new ideas to expand the use of free software. A strong reason for the change in name from GIMP to Glimpse is to strip the software of all connotations that may be considered ableist and of its joke reference origin.

That notwithstanding, the Glimpse team has publicly expressed their interest in cooperating with the GNU Image Manipulation Program contributors and not competing with them. Even a portion of donations to Glimpse is passed on to the GIMP team to help facilitate progress.

Glimpse, therefore, features a major overhaul to GIMP with a new name and logo to complement a refurbished user interface. Other improvements in the latest version include the removal of unnecessary “fun” brushes, a rebranded “Gimpressionist” plug-in and text color picker, the credit of upstream contributors in the UI, a brand style overhaul and better non-English translations. Concerning customization, the ‘Gray’ UI theme and ‘Color’ icon pack are available.

Features in Glimpse

  • Rebranded free and open-source fork of GIMP.
  • Advanced options for image editing.
  • Advanced editor with copy, cut, paste, duplicate, shapes, texts, etc.
  • Customizable, modern user interface.
  • Light and dark themes.
  • Several theme packs e.g. the GIMP Shop pack for a Photoshop appearance.

When I took Glimpse for a drive I came across several questions like “do you intend to replace the GNU Image Manipulation Program?”, “Do you plan to sell Glimpse Image Editor?”, “can you make Glimpse look like Adobe Photoshop?”, and “What if I find the word ‘Glimpse’ offensive?”. Interestingly, they’ve got answers to those questions and more on their About/FAQ.

Glimpse is available to install on Linux using snapd and Flatpak as shown.

$ flatpak install flathub org.glimpse_editor.Glimpse
$ sudo snap install glimpse-editor

I’ve never thought of GIMP in a negative way because names can be different things. Apparently, the flexibility of things isn’t always considered when branding is involved so someone has made a move that we can consider relevant depending on the glasses we have on. What do you think? Drop your comments in the section below.

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1 thought on “Glimpse – A Fork of the GIMP”

  1. I have never thought of Gimp in any way other than the image editor program. I am from Australia.
    I had to look up Gimp and when I googled it, it only came up with the Image Editor definitions. I thought ok then I will google the derogatory meaning of gimp, and got a list of dictionary definitions.

    (Urban Dictionary) – a versatile slang term generally meant to insult an individual for a perceived lack of competence, style, panache, or the ability to perform the given task at hand.

    but then
    (Merriam-Webster) – an ornamental flat braid or round cord used as trimming.


    (Collins Dictionary) – a tapelike trimming of silk, wool, or cotton, often stiffened with wire | Meaning, pronunciation, translations, and examples.

    and so I could go on. Obviously, the word has many varied meanings, and of course, the GIMP abbreviation does not have anything derogatory behind it.

    It is sad times that we live in when we are all too frequently looking for something that just is not there.

    I too like you have not had a negative view of GIMP. I will download Glimpse though and see the “improvements” to the forked GIMP.

    Thank you.


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