Bodhi Linux 4.0 Using Enlightenment’s EFL 1.18 to be Based on Ubuntu 16.04

One of the most amazing things about the open-source Linux community is the abundance of distributions that are interrelated to each with which adding significant improvements to what has been provided by the version it is based on.

There are Linux-based operating systems for almost every specific need that are designed to incorporate multiple tasks in one perfectly built platform.
Bodhi Linux is one of those distributions that is based on Ubuntu LTS but tries to offer users with a viable alternative to what is being given on the base OS.

Built to be lightweight, Bodhi Linux uses the Moksha Desktop environment as its default session and the idea is to create an Ubuntu derivative that provides a minimal base system allowing users to be able to populate it with the software they feel they really want.

Bodhi Linux

Therefore, the operating system supports only a few essential software out of the box that includes a file browser, web browser, and terminal emulator and doesn’t include by default, software that the developers deem unnecessary.

The developers went further to create a database that features only lightweight software which can be installed with a “one click” system via Apturi allowing users to easily populate their operating system without much hassle.

The development team has been extensively working on the next release of the Ubuntu-based Lightweight operating system and according to the brainchild behind the entire project Jeff Hoogland, things are moving really well for version 4.0.0 of the OS due to be released in the month of August.

Bodhi Linux

“Last month I hinted at the first Bodhi 4.0.0 pre-release happening soon, but then June came and went with no more news. One of my goals for the 4.0.0 release is to realign our core Enlightenment Foundation Libraries with the latest upstream release. Their 1.18 release has been pushed back for several weeks due to the number of things it is integrating and ideally I would like to include this release by default in Bodhi 4.0.0.” stated Jeff Hoogland.

Despite the delay from Enlightenment EFL 1.18 Alpha build, Bodhi 4.0.0 Alpha will be released to the public next week with the current 1.17.x versions of the EFL and Elementary packages for the Enlightenment desktop environment, on which Bodhi’s Moksha interface is based.

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