KDE Kube – A Modern Mail Communication & Collaboration Client

KDE Kube is a modern mail and collaboration client that provides both online and offline access to contacts, calendars, to-dos, notes, emails, and other personal informational features with a focus on beauty and ease of work.

Based on QtQuick and AkonadiNext, it uses Sink for both synchronization and data access and leverages the KDE PIM codebase where possible.

According to the dev team, the aim of the project is to,

create a stable, understandable and effective communication and collaboration platform for end users and project managers alike…

and the keystone feature of the application is the email client.

Features in KDE Kube

  • FOSS – free to use and contribute to. You can contribute to its source code on GitHub.
  • Beautiful UI – Kube has a UI that was designed from the ground up to not get in your way and provide you with only the tools needed when you need them.
  • Offline Access – access your emails, contacts, notes, e.t.c. even when you’re offline.
  • Resource Friendly – Kube was developed to optimize your system’s resources and be CPU-friendly.

The same way Kube provides features for easy communication and collaboration within large groups including ones spread over several time zones, it provides working solutions for developers. They include:

  • A small but concise codebase that is easy to manage and develop.
  • Support for quick prototyping because it is written completely in QtQuick.
  • Support for integration with 3rd party apps

Kube is still undergoing heavy development and even the developers advise users to be cautious of how they go about using the latest release.

To quote them:

You can try the latest development version using one of the following methods. Warning!: There is currently no official release and Kube is under heavy development.

While it shouldn’t delete all your data, it’s entirely possible it will, so beware. We also do not offer any kind of upgrade path, so you may well have to delete all your local data from one update to another. However, you’re very welcome to follow the development process this way if you like to do so.

Nevertheless, if you want to go on with testing Kube you can follow the instructions on its join page.

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