10 Best Live Chat Tools to Transform Your Customer Experience

Technology has affected our lives in every way possible, affecting even the way we communicate with each other. The mode and the time, everything! This makes it important for businesses to keep incorporating such improvements in their business models to sustain themselves.

Live Chat is one such feature. Earlier having a live chat feature on your website would fall under “exceeds expectations”, but now it has very much become a part of meeting “expectations”.

Live Chat is the need of every business now, irrespective of its size. Be it for ordering food or looking for a salon service, being able to live chat with a Customer support executive, helps potential customers to develop trust.

Well, by now we all can say that live chat software can increase customer conversion rates. This leaves us with one question – Which is the best Live Chat Software Solution available in the market? And this article is your answer.

Here, we have curated a list of the Best Live Chat Software Solutions available for businesses. Join us as we explore each one, dissecting their features and capabilities to help you make an informed decision for your business

1. Intercom

Intercom is the leading live chat software for those seeking enhance sales capabilities. It can convert potential customers to paying ones, engaging users more effectively. This software not only captures user data but also categorizes them seamlessly, simplifying targeted messaging for businesses.

Intercom is an exclusive solution that combines an AI chatbot, help desk, and proactive support, that helps you to maintain low costs, keep support teams happy, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Intercom - All-In-One Live Chat Platform
Intercom – All-In-One Live Chat Platform

2. LiveChat

With LiveChat, you can deliver real-time support to customers and visitors. LiveChat boasts numerous features, including user friendly interface, multi-lingual chats, advanced reporting, file sharing, chat transcripts, and multiple branding options.

Its versatility extends further through extensive integrations with various applications, enabling businesses to enhance the software’s capabilities with CRM, analytics, and accounting functionalities.

Its real-time monitoring capabilities empower businesses to understand and respond to customer needs promptly. With customization options that ensure a professional and brand-aligned appearance, LiveChat transcends expectations.

LiveChat stands out as a comprehensive solution, empowering businesses to provide efficient and tailored support while seamlessly integrating with other essential tools, fostering a holistic approach to customer service and management.

LiveChat - Live Chat and Help Desk Solution
LiveChat – Live Chat and Help Desk Solution

3. Drift

The best in terms of automation an AI-powered buyer engagement platform, Drift can save a lot of time for your sales team. Its unique feature – “LeadBot” can filter out visitors who can be converted to customers.

This lets the sales team focus on only those potential customers and saves the time they would have spent on normal visitors. Thus, I would recommend Drift for a business that doesn’t want to spend much on a sales team.

Drift - Everything Starts With a Conversation
Drift – Everything Starts With a Conversation

4. Olark

Olark is a customer engagement software plaftform which facilitates real time comunication between businesses and visitora. Its features are not just restricted to chat conversations, but it also includes automated messages, targeted chat, and visitor insights, monitoring customer activity, managing customer relationships, and generating reports.

This software solution can be customized as per your requirement and you can easily design it to match the look and feel of your website.

Olark’s customization options and integration capabilities make it adaptable to various industries, providing a personalized approach to live chat. The platform prioritizes simplicity and efficiency, making it a valuable for businesses seeking to boost customer satisfaction and conversion rates through effective online communication.

Olark - Live Chat Software for Sales and Customer Support
Olark – Live Chat Software for Sales and Customer Support

5. PureChat

This is one of the very few live chat software solutions that offer a free plan. Unlike other software we spoke about, PureChat’s main focus is Live Chat!

PureChat can save live Chat conversations which can be used to monitor the work of the sales team and thus can be used for improvement.

PureChat can easily be set-up and can be customized, giving flexibility to the developers. It also allows canned responses which can save time for the team.


6. SnapEngage

The best part about SnapEngage Live Software is its Social Discovery option. When a customer provides his/her email address in the live chat conversation, this Social Discovery option can search for that email address on the various social networking platforms.

The database then can be used for Customer Relationship Management.SnapEngage is also highly customizable, thus making it easier for the businesses to match it up with their website designs.

It is also HIPPA and PCI compliant, thus opening its doors for medical fields.


7. Bold360

Bold360 live chat software solution uses AI allowing marketers deliver personalized assistance and resolve customers queries efficientl and understand them better.

Bold360 also gives an option of screen sharing and remote use of the client’s system thus making it a good choice for businesses that require demonstrations to be made.

Bold360 stands as a versatile and indispensable tool for businesses seeking to optimize their online customer interactions. Some of their clients include – RBS, Thomas Cook, and The North Face.


8. SmartSupp

SmartSupp a live chat and AI chatbot software help bussinesses connect to customers queries and easily answer in real-time without having to make the customers wait and help resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

Users get a notification as soon as a customer raises a query on the website. Its mobile support also enables the users to be available on their smartphones as and when needed.

SmartSupp also gives you the provision to video record the live chats which can be used to study customer behavior.


9. ClickDesk

With ClickDesk, customers can have both Video and Voice chats, making it unique from the rest and gives it a position on our list.

ClickDesk is a trusted solution utilized by 185,429+ websites across 120 countries. Its advanced reports, analytics, and metrics empower businesses to make efficient decisions.

Easily install ClickDesk on your mobile device to start managing chats and helpdesk tickets on the go. Stay connected and responsive, whether you’re using a smartphone or tablet.

ClickDesk enables seamless communication and support, enhancing your ability to engage with customers wherever you are.

It also integrates with popular platforms like Magento, and WordPress. Social media buttons can also be incorporated in the chat boxes to increase the traffic. This makes it easier for the customer to visit the company’s page on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.


10. Zendesk Chat

Last, but certainly not the least! ZenDesk Chat is a great option for start-ups and small businesses. Its interface is clean with all the important commands easily available to its users.

One of its unique features includes screencasting which can be used by businesses to monitor errors and work on the same. Its chat tool is customizable and it integrates directly with ZenDesk.


That is all from our side. Please do let us know your thoughts on the same and tell us which Live Chat Software solution you chose for your business.

In case you feel that we have missed out any name which according to you should have been on the list, please do fill up the form below.

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