Yarock Player – A Modern and Elegant Music Player for Linux

Yarock is an open-source resource-friendly music player with a focus on minimal design-inspired beauty, and intuitive controls that help make listening to music an interesting experience.

Its main style of browsing through music collection is using cover arts with a well thought-out layout which will allow you to scan through your music files and favorite playlists while always getting a pictorial representation of the events as you view your Albums, tracks, Folders and Files, and Radios.

Features in Yarock

  • FOSS – Use Yarock for free and feel free to contribute to its source code on its Launchpad page.
  • Audio Playback – Enjoy Yarock’s support for playing multiple audio formats.
  • User Interface – Yarock has a minimal window mode, media shortcut support, Mpris 2 interface, and a simple play queue with cover and rating.
  • Customizability – Style Yarock with any of the several system themes available for free to allow for a consistent generalized desktop look and feel.
  • Web Radio Streaming – Stream and save your favorite music directly from online web services and radios (TuneIn, SHoutCast, Dirble).
  • Context View – See useful information on Artists’ biography, similar artists, song lyrics, and Album contents and cover thanks to integrated Lyrics services and other services including Echonest, DiscoGs, and LastFM.
  • Desktop Notifications – Get notifications of now playing tracks and radio stations natively on your desktop.
  • CLI Integration – Operate Yarock from your terminal if you don’t want to bother with buttons and trackballs.

Yarock has other features like music scrobbling to Last.fm, fetching information like artist bio, lyrics from the web, and a minimal player mode with a responsive window.

Install Yarock on Ubuntu and Linux Mint via the terminal to always receive automatic updates:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install yarock

Check here for installation instructions if you are running a different Linux distro.

Have you used Yarock Player before? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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