Linux on DeX: Turn Your Samsung into a Computer

When was the last time you heard of a computer-type experience on a mobile phone? Ubuntu Edge? If you haven’t heard about it yet, Samsung is masterminding housing the power of a whole computer on a mobile phone with Linux on DeX.

Linux on DeX offers you a portable development environment by enabling you to cast a Linux development environment onto a desktop environment complete with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor anywhere, anytime.

It requires a Galaxy Note9 or Galaxy Tab S4 running the Linux on DeX app and you can connect your device to a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse for the full desktop experience.

What can you do with Linux on DeX?

Linux on DeX is capable of running heavy-duty processes including:

  1. Running and maintaining Git code
  2. Creating C/C++/Java projects using any IDE
  3. Managing and monitoring your server via the CLI

Ultimately, your capabilities with Linux on DeX are limited by your phone’s hardware, your imagination, and the extent of tech support Samsung is building into the app.

At the moment, it supports only Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and there isn’t any information about when other distros will be available for use – or if they will be supported at all.

How to Setup Linux on DeX

You need at least 8GB secondary storage on your Note 9 or Tab S4 device.

  1. Sign up for the private Linux on DeX beta program.
  2. Follow the download link you were sent on acceptance.
  3. Launch the app and download Samsung DeX’s Ubuntu build (3.6GB).
  4. Allocate storage space and enter your newly installed Ubuntu distro.

You can purchase a Samsung DeX docking station, Samsung DeX Pad, and/or Samsung DeX cable from Amazon if you want.

How much of a plus is Linux on DeX to you? And do you welcome the idea behind it or would you rather stick to the conventional and (currently) more reliable personal computing setup? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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