New Free Android Apps of May 2020

Are you on a hunt for some fresh yet engaging apps for your android phone? Want to spend your lockdown period constructively? Well, your search ends here as we bring you some of the recently launched apps for android phones.

So brace yourself and explore some enriching and entertaining applications induced with high designs and clever ideas.

This article will introduce you to some of the recently launched apps for May 2020 which can be downloaded from the play store at no cost!

All you need to do is to go to your android device’s play store and click on the app’s options followed by navigating to the May’s Pick option to explore all new and extremely entertaining apps!

1. Violin By Trala

If you are a music buff and love trying your hands on different music instruments then Violin by Trala app might be able to gauge your interest. Violin by Trala is an ultimate app for all those who want to learn the violin.

The app is designed to make you learn from scratch while from the comfort of your house. All you need is a real violin and a stable internet connection to learn to play the violin like a pro with the help of lessons given by the professional violinists, on the spot feedback and ways to fix your mistakes.

The classes cater for beginners and take you till intermediate level while also conveying about the song’s history, violin tuning, how to read music sheets and different kinds of techniques to play the instrument.

Violin By Trala - Android App Of May 2020
Violin By Trala – Android App Of May 2020

2. Microsoft Office

How incredible it would be to find all your pdf’s, spreadsheets, excels, presentations and documents etc at one single platform! The all-new Microsoft Office for android comes with this capability which makes life easier and convenient for you by letting you access all your important work from your mobile phone.

Through this app, you can also connect to your emails, contacts, and calendars from a single and dynamic inbox so that you can work on the go without any hassle. So go free and better organize your mailbox, meetings, schedules and tasks with just a single tap.

Microsoft Office - Android App Of May 2020
Microsoft Office – Android App Of May 2020

3. SnoreGym

Let’s just admit it that we all snore at one point in time and what’s surprising is that they now have an app to control/reduce your snoring! SnoreGym from SnoreLab is a workout app which provides some great exercises to control snoring by working over snoring muscles.

Snoring happens when there is a weakness in these muscles of the mouth area. This exercise app helps in toning the snoring muscles to reduce snoring with some great and clinically proven exercises for your cheeks, jaw, soft palate and tongue.

The app provides clear and easy to follow visuals with detailed instructions to cut down snoring and track snoring progress. Just include these exercises in your daily routine for 10 minutes for approx 8-9 weeks to get the best results and have a peaceful sleep.

SnoreGym - Android App Of May 2020
SnoreGym – Android App Of May 2020

4. MindPal

If you are a fan of challenges and situations that require memory, problem-solving skills and attention then MindPal a brain training app is for you! Loaded with more than 35 games and 1000 levels.

This game will be a daily personalized workout for your brain and to enhance your problem-solving skills. This app’s design includes 40 education-based games to train different cognitive areas like attention, memory, language, speed, flexibility, problem solving and math.

The app allows you to customise your goals, track your performance and compare your results with others using the same app. Besides, it also provides a provision to improve your writing skills and expand your vocabulary.

MindPal - Android App of May 2020
MindPal – Android App of May 2020

5. Boosted

Boosted is a grand video maker app that can help boost your business or brand impeccably. It works to create ads, tips, tutorials, events and deals etc with the help of different templates to meet various kinds of social media marketing goals.

The app includes a vast collection of top-notch video templates, formatting functions for social platforms and customization options such as music, fonts, filters and colours etc.

The app is very simple and easy to operate, just select a template, choose any default video either from the template or your own, customise the video as per your need, share and export!

Boosted - Android App Of May 2020
Boosted – Android App Of May 2020

This list of best and new free android apps for May 2020 brings you various kinds of apps which can help you with scores of purposes such as from managing your work/business/brand to get indulge in a hobby or to try something new.

So, don’t just wait, make a move and download the app which is best suitable for you without paying even a single dime from your pocket!

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