App Folders Manager – Create App Folders in GNOME Shell

Quickly organizing apps into folders is a feature that may seems to be a long run away from being native to the GNOME shell but the good news is that every now and then developers come up with a means around this problem.

My last preferred method was to use GNOME Dash Fix but now there is a new and better method – GNOME App Folders Manager.

GNOME App Folders Manager is an open-source tool with which you can easily create, organise and edit app folders directly from GNOME’s application overview menu.

You can add the same apps to multiple folders depending on how you want them organized by right-clicking on an app and selecting ‘Add to‘ and the folder name or selecting +New AppFolder to add the app to a new folder.

Features in GNOME App Folders Manager

  • Add the same applications to multiple folders.
  • Choose the maximum and minimum number columns.
  • Delete folders without uninstalling the containing apps.
  • Available in English, French, Greek, Italian, and Polish.

To install GNOME App Folders Manager on your workstation, download the extension from Gnome extension page and apply it using GNOME Tweak Tool.

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To install manually, Download the .zip package from its GitHub page and extract files in ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/[email protected].

Next, restart Gnome Shell and activate the extension.

It would be nice if users could drag and drop app icons to add them to folders; and to hold and drag app icons together to form new folders. Hopefully, this feature will come sooner than never. Besides, how hard could it really be to implement a drag and drop function?

What do you think about GNOME App Folders Manager? I’m open to suggestions if you know of any alternatives.

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