5 Best Open Source Android Email Clients

I used to navigate the realm of the Google PlayStore, where the landscape of email client applications seemed entrenched in closed-source systems, with the best options often requiring payment.

Curiosity led me to delve into the world of open-source email clients for Android devices. In no particular order, I’ve compiled a list that emphasizes transparency, community collaboration, and customization—qualities that set open-source Android email clients apart.

Recognizing the significance of managing emails on the go, especially for Android users, this guide aims to spotlight the top choices, each offering distinct features and a firm commitment to open-source principles

1. K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail is a lightweight community-developed app that has been known for its reliability and extensive features, it supports various email protocols including IMAP, POP3, and Exchange.

It includes all the features you want in any email client including multi-folder sync, BCC-self, flagging, IMAP push email, signatures, filing, and privacy.

All of its features are not self-explanatory so be sure to make use of its documentation to forge ahead.

Its user-friendly interface and customizable settings make it a favorite among users seeking a straightforward yet powerful solution.

Key Features of K-9 Mail:

  • Multiple account support
  • Encryption capabilities
  • Push notifications
  • Rich text email composition
K-9 Mail - Open Source Email Client
K-9 Mail – Open Source Email Client

2. InboxPager

InboxPager is a Java application that supports pop, SMTP, and IMAP protocols via SSL/TLS. It features a simple (however, dull) UI with smooth animation transitions, auto-conversion of texts from UTF-8, OpenPGP messages support, etc.

It is not available in the Google PlayStore so you will have to download it either directly from GitHub or F-droid app store.

Key Features of InboxPager:

  • Make things move smoothly when changing how they look.
  • Change texts to a format that computers understand without you having to do it.
  • Get all your email messages with everything attached. You can also get individual attachment from as email as well
  • See the server certificates used the last time you connected
  • Keep track of unread messages

3. FairEmail

FairEmail provides you with a distraction-free Material design UI for composing and replying to emails, a unified inbox, folder management, message threading, multiple accounts, etc.

Its pro features include a dark theme, account colors, and signatures, among other user options.

FairEmail is security conscious and works with only encrypted connections prioritizing user privacy. It uses a safe message view to prevent analytics and tracking.

The intuitive design and regular updates contribute to its growing popularity.

Key Features of InboxPager:

  • Unified inbox
  • PGP encryption support
  • Restructure messages to avoid phishing
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Customizable swipe actions
  • Two-factor authentication

4. p≡p

p≡p stands for Pretty Easy Privacy and this email client encrypts all communications in your email without the need for you to create new accounts.

It ensures that no one can intercept your messages by using authenticating your communication partner’s messages and it uses peer-to-peer instead of a central server.

p≡p - Pretty Easy Privacy
p≡p – Pretty Easy Privacy

5. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is among the world’s largest encrypted mail services with 5 million + downloads. It was founded by CERN scientists in 2013 and was even able to create the mobile app thanks to a record-breaking $550,000 donation campaign.

ProtonMail features a beautiful UI, end-to-end encryption, swiss privacy and neutrality, etc. If you want an open-source email client that is completely secure then ProtonMail is your best bet.

ProtonMail - Free Encrypted Email
ProtonMail – Free Encrypted Email

In the huge landscape of Android email clients, open-source options provide a unique avenue for users who value transparency and community-driven development. Whether you opt for the reliable K-9 Mail or the balanced FairEmail, the key is to align the features with your preferences and needs.

Have you got other open-source Android email clients we should know about? Drop your suggestions and comments in the section below.

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5 thoughts on “5 Best Open Source Android Email Clients”

  1. I used K9 for years until they changed design. Few years ago. I don’t like the new one, so I changed it for FairEmail.

  2. K-9 Mail, while having much to recommend it, has a serious bug that can manifest in certain situations in which it consumes multiple gigabytes of data for no reason. It has been a problem for a while and there appears to be no effort to track it down and fix it.


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