15 AI Coding Tools for Developers to Write Better Code

As a developer, you may continuously look for methods to simplify your lives. Moreover, you may want to write more effective code in this dynamic world of coding and software development. Thankfully, artificial intelligence (AI) has come forward to assist you!

Now, developers can no longer imagine working without the insights, recommendations, and occasionally even a little bit of magic that AI coding tools provide. That’s the reason, we are here today to present to you the best AI coding tools.

1. Durable AI

Durable AI is a platform that utilizes the power of machine learning to improve code quality. This platform is specifically designed to generate a whole website with images and copy in a few seconds. Moreover, it also excels in identifying the potential issues in the code and then providing suggestions for improvement.

As a developer, you can also use Durable AI to reduce the debugging time and enhance the reliability of your applications. Additionally, it can help you automate code analysis.

Durable AI - Website Builder
Durable AI – Website Builder

2. 10Web

10Web is considered an all-in-one website-building platform having different types of advanced AI features. Its embedded AI-based website builder can be used for creating and customizing websites according to your preferences.

If you are a developer looking for an efficient and creative web development solution, then go for 10Web, which can assist you in automating design processes and also provides customizable templates.

10Web - Build Your Website with AI
10Web – Build Your Website with AI

3. Akkio

Akkio is a user-friendly no-code AI-based platform that can be used for integrating AI functionality into applications. It is used by developers to embed pre-built AI models into their projects. Consequently, this eliminates the requirements for extensive coding knowledge.

You can also use Akkio as your AI assistant for your data and can track and spend, analyze live data, forecast revenge, visualize survey sentiment, and predict customer lifetime value.

Akkio - Generative BI for Analysts Without Coding
Akkio – Generative BI for Analysts Without Coding

4. Replit

Replit is a dynamic online coding platform that is specifically designed to promote the collaborative coding experience. It provides real-time coding suggestions, code completion, and error detection.

This consequently makes it an excellent choice for developers who want to work in team environments. Replit platform enables developers to work more efficiently and generate high-quality code.

Replit - Browser Based IDE
Replit – Browser Based IDE

5. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is powered by GPT-3, which is a well-known AI coding assistant that can be easily integrated into Visual Studio Code editor.

You can use this tool to accelerate your coding experience with the help of features such as auto-completion, intelligent code suggestions, and code generation based on natural language comments.

Recently, this tool has gained popularity because it minimizes development time, improves the quality of the code, and also boosts productivity. More specifically, GitHub CoPilot is a must-have tool for developers who want to optimize their coding workflow.

GitHub Copilot - AI Pair Programmer
GitHub Copilot – AI Pair Programmer

6. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer is an AI-based code review tool that is supported by the Amazon Web Service (AWS). It automatically analyzes the code, identifies bugs in it, and then suggests improvements.

This whole process is done with the help of machine learning algorithms that can detect complex issues, performance bottlenecks, and security vulnerabilities.

You can also integrate it with popular web development platforms and create more efficient and robust software applications.

Amazon CodeWhisperer
Amazon CodeWhisperer

7. Tabnine

Tabine is an AI-based coding tool that is designed to boost the productivity of developers. This tool can be easily integrated with well-known code editors.

Additionally, Tabine offers real-time code suggestions as you type. At the backend, Tabine uses a deep learning model for understanding and predicting the code patterns which resultantly offers context-aware and highly accurate recommendations.

It supports multiple languages, which makes it a versatile tool for developing different types of projects.

Tabine - Keeps Code Safe
Tabine – Keeps Code Safe

8. Sourcegraph Cody

Soucegraph Cody is an AI-based code review and analysis tool that is specifically designed for teams and developers. It provides an extensive feature set that comprises intelligent code suggestions, documentation integration, and code navigation.

Moreover, with the help of Sourcegraph Cody, you can quickly identify and resolve code issues which ultimately improves the code readability. You can also integrate it with different code supports.

Soucegraph Cody - AI Coding Assistant
Soucegraph Cody – AI Coding Assistant

9. AskCodi

AskCodi is an AI coding assistant that permits you to ask natural language questions about your code. It then provides context-aware answers and code suggestions.

Additionally, AskCodi can assist with code completion, and debugging, and even offer best practices and coding style recommendations. It supports various programming languages and integrates with popular code editors.

AskCodi - Write Code Faster
AskCodi – Write Code Faster

10. Codiga

Codiga is an AI-based review platform that aims to maximize code quality and security. It automates the code review process by identifying vulnerabilities, potential issues, and compliance violations.

Codiga provides actionable recommendations for improvement, which help you to produce cleaner and more secure code. You can also integrate Codiga with popular version control systems and code repositories. This feature makes it an essential tool for both individual developers and development teams.

Codiga - Static Code Analysis
Codiga – Static Code Analysis

11. Bugasura

Bugasura is an AI-based code review and debugging tool designed to help you identify and fix bugs more efficiently. It automatically scans codebases, detects issues, and provides detailed reports with suggestions for resolution.

Bugasura’s intelligent algorithms can pinpoint complex bugs, code inconsistencies, and performance bottlenecks. This enables you to smooth out your debugging process.

Moreover, with its user-friendly interface and integrations with popular code repositories, Bugasura makes sure that software projects are free from critical errors and bugs.

Bugasura - AI Powered Bug Tracker
Bugasura – AI Powered Bug Tracker

12. CodeWP

CodeWP is an AI-based code editor that offers real-time code suggestions and improvements. It utilizes machine learning to provide context-aware code completions, error detection, and code optimization recommendations in real-time.

Additionally, CodeWP supports different programming languages and integrates with popular code editors. This makes it accessible to developers across different domains.

By improving code quality and productivity, CodeWP allows you to focus more on coding logic and less on syntactical correctness, which ultimately speeds up the development process.

CodeWP - WordPress Code Generator
CodeWP – WordPress Code Generator

13. AI Helper Bot

AI Helper Bot is an AI assistant designed to assist you with coding tasks. It offers multiple features that comprise code suggestions, code generation, and natural language interactions. Using this tool, you can ask questions about their code or request code snippets.

AI Helper Bot supports multiple programming languages and can be easily integrated with popular code editors. Moreover, its conversational interface makes it easy for developers to access AI-driven coding assistance and improve their coding skills.

AI Helper Bot - SQL Query Generator
AI Helper Bot – SQL Query Generator

14. Android Studio Bot

Android Studio Bot is a specialized AI coding tool specifically designed for Android app development. It can be directly integrated into the Android Studio IDE. Moreover, it provides intelligent code completion, code suggestions, and debugging assistance specific to Android development.

The embedded AI-based features smooth out the Android app development and make it easier for you to create high-quality apps efficiently. Additionally, it helps developers navigate the Android platform’s complexities and write code that adheres to best practices and guidelines.

Android Studio Bot
Android Studio Bot

15. SinCode

SinCode is an AI-based code optimization and enhancement tool that can be utilized to improve the performance and efficiency of code. It analyzes codebases, identifies areas for optimization, and provides recommendations for improving code quality and speed.

SinCode supports various programming languages and integrates with popular code repositories. More specifically, by optimizing code for performance and efficiency, SinCode helps you to create software that operates faster, consumes fewer resources, and delivers a smoother user experience.

SinCode - AI Copywriter
SinCode – AI Copywriter

One thing becomes obvious as we come to a close with our discussion of the top AI coding tools, artificial intelligence and coding are connected in the present and the future.

These tools make coding more approachable and exciting for developers everywhere as they include everything from code review and optimization to collaboration and creative support.

So, remember that possibilities are unlimited when AI is by your side as you set out on your next coding adventure!

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