Converseen – A Free Batch Image Processor for Linux

Do you work in a field that requires you to handle a lot of media files for editing, resizing, rotating, etc.? Whether you’re a social media manager, photo wall curator, etc., I’m happy to tell you about a batch image processor that recently got my attention. It’s called Converseen.

Converseen is a free and open-source application for batch image conversion for Linux and Windows computers. This means that you can use it to convert multiple images into over 100 different formats at once. It can also edit their size, change their aspect ratio, flip them, and rotate them at once.

Converseen is built using the Qt framework, enabling it to run natively on GNU/Linux, Windows, and virtually any Qt-supported operating system. In terms of functionality, it provides a GUI frontend to the powerful CLI tool ImageMagick – a robust tool for running all manner of commands on digital images. This gives Converseen users access to vital features in ImageMagick using a well-structured user interface.

Features in Converseen

  • Single and batch image conversion.
  • Resize, rotate, flip images.
  • Rename images in bulk using a prefix/suffix or a progressive number.
  • Supports 100+ image formats including JPEG, PNG, PhotoCD, SVG, GIF, and TIFF.
  • Change or remove background color.
  • Convert entire PDFs into images.
  • Extract an image from a Windows icon file (*ico).
  • 100% free software.
  • Open-source with GPL 3 code available on GitHub.
  • Available on Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD.

Converseen is easy to use for converting, flipping, rotating, and resizing images in batch in few mouse clicks. You can add and remove photos to your selection of images to be edited, maintain the aspect ratio when resizing images, choose the folder to save edited images to, set the quality of image compression, and change the background of converted images.

The ‘extra-mile‘ feature I like in Converseen is its PDF-to-Image conversion which allows you to convert entire PDFs into images (page by page). Some users have complained that it is buggy but it works fine for me. If you’re having this issue and insist on using Converseen, contact the dev team on GitHub releases.

Install Converseen on Linux

Converseen is already popular among users so it is available on all Linux platforms. All you need to install it is to launch your software center, search for it, and hit the install button.

If you’ll rather use the command line, pick the appropriate command for your operating system below:

$ sudo apt install converseen     [On Debian, Ubuntu & Mint]
$ sudo dnf install converseen     [On RHEL, CentOS, Fedora and Rocky Linux/AlmaLinux]
$ sudo pacman -Sy converseen      [On Arch Linux]
$ sudo zypper install converseen  [On OpenSUSE]

Converseen is a batch image processing tool that is simple to use. Nifty if you’re one to edit a lot of screenshots, rename several images, etc. While it might have a long way to go depending on what its developers have in mind for it, it works well so far.

Do you also use Converseen and what has your experience with it been like? If not, which batch image processor do you use and what for? Drop your comments in the section below.

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