Indicator Bulletin – A Clipboard Manager for Searching and Formatting Text

Yes, yes – there are already many clipboard managers in the Linux community but how many of them are posses a slick UI and are searchable? Today we bring you one such app to add to the number in your head.

Indicator Bulletin is a clipboard manager applet through which you can intelligently search for (using regular expressions) and edit text you have saved to its clipboard.

It was built for Ubuntu by Serg, who already has a handful of clipboard manager apps under his belt.

It was written in Python to not only log text to its clipboard and allow you search through it for specific paste-worthy snippets, but to also reformat text to lowercase, uppercase, and completely strip it of white space.

Serg, explaining how the app works on AskUbuntu writes that,

Search functionality, in particular, makes use of Python’s re module, which means you can use regex expressions for more fine-grained search. Each text entry has 4 options in its sub-menu: insert text into clipboard, append text to the end of what’s currently in clipboard, append text to the beginning of current contents, and remove it from history.

Features in Indicator Bulletin

  • Unity Desktop integration.
  • Searchable clipboard management.
  • Support for searching with regex (regular expressions).
  • Editing options which allow you to: trim text from begining and/end; and transform tex to uppercase or lowercase, among other options
  • A ‘Pin’ feature to make your most common copied & pasted text snippets readily available.

Interestingly, Serg says more features will be coming to Indicator Bulletin soon, so stay tuned.

Install Indicator Bulletin on Ubuntu

Install the applet from SergKolo’s PPA using the command below:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:1047481448-2/sergkolo
$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install indicator-bulletin

Which clipboard manager do you use and how does it compare to Indicator Bulletin? Share your opinion with us in the comments section.

Feel free to report bug cases and/or submit feature suggestions on the project’s GitHub page. And don’t forget to share your experience with the searchable clipboard manager app with us after you use it. My guess is it will replace your current favorite clipboard app.

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