KRename – A Powerful Batch File Renamer for Linux

Previously, we wrote on Metamorphose 2, a Linux app with a handful of options for batch renaming files. Today we bring you an arguably more efficient and reliable batch file renamer and it goes by the name of KRename.

KRename is a powerful batch renamer for KDE with which you can easily rename 100+ files and directories at once! The filenames can be created by parts of the original filename, numbering the files or accessing pieces of information about the file, e.g. creation date or Exif information of an image.

You can use KRename to either copy/move the files to another directory or rename the input files. You can also perform a ton of conversion operations including replacing parts of filenames, making filenames lowercase/uppercase, adding numbers to filenames, e.t.c. KRename can also rename Mp3/Ogg Vorbis files based on their ID3 tags’ metadata; change permissions, file ownership, and modification dates.

Many Linux distros that ship with KDE Plasma as their default desktop environment include the KRename software; another reason KDE is one of the most awesome desktop environments till date.

Features in KRename

  • Recursively rename files and directories.
  • Option to ignore hidden files when renaming.
  • Case change: to UPPERCASE, to lowercase, or Capitalize.
  • Add prefix or postfix to filenames.
  • Support for regular expressions to search and replace parts of filenames.
  • Add ordered numbers to filenames (start, steps, skips definable).
  • Edit file ownership, access & permission details, and modification date & time.
  • Deliver the renamed files to newly created directories. (files per directory, numbering format of directories definable).
  • Option to extract ID3 info from MP3/ogg files and Exif info from image files.
  • Supports integration with Krusader, Konqueror, and Dolphin.
  • Support for scripting with JavaScript.
  • Use JavaScript scripting.
  • Support for Transliteration.

Of course, you can decide to manually rename specific files, change file extensions and undo renaming, but enough about these features. Just grab a copy for yourself and enjoy it all the way!

$ sudo apt install krename
$ sudo dnf install krename

Do you know any other batch file renamers? Feel free to enter your suggestions into the comment section below.

Special thanks to Fritigern Gothly for mentioning KRename in our article on Meamorhpose 2.

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